TOPAZ BOL : Kurbaan (2009) – My Thoughts

There have been many movies which had terrorism as a theme. Movies like Fanaa, New York, Khuda Ke Liye etc have tried to address this burning issue at their level and tried to justify that taking weapons in your hand is not a solution. Kurbaan extends that philosophy and succeeds to a certain level. Kurbaan has some very fine executed scenes and brilliant performances from almost the entire cast. Every movie has its share of flaws and kurban is no exception.I am summarizing below what all worked for me and what not

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~ by topazbol on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “TOPAZ BOL : Kurbaan (2009) – My Thoughts”

  1. Nice review topaz, IMO movie would have worked big time if released before Newyork (you are right on childish logics and under-research part, but Newyork was not exceptional in that sense either). Winning part of this movie is that it worked despite of similarities with Newyork.

    • Absolutely….Infact i liked kurbaan much more than New York..See the catch with New york was that it positioned itself very particularly…It targeted youth by emphasising on campus parts in promos and some peppy numbers….It never projected that it will be heavy on mind…Once it got the opening ,its content impressed one and all and which actually propelled very positive WOM…

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