HUM was released in 1991, However Movie was ready to release in 1990 and music was out at same time, but due to Many riots at that time (Reservation, Ayodhya etc) , It was not able to release for 1.5 Years, Music of HUM was at number one spot for 1.5 years (1990 – 1991), When movie released in 1991 (which was much delayed) , Euphoria of music calm down to some extent, Still HUM opened to 100% response all over India. HUM was houseful at every center for almost three consecutive weeks. Even Filmfare declared it biggest HIT of decade after 3 weeks, There was 4 pages article in magazine about HUM and its monster success. However fourth week drops with 75% collections, This was all of sudden massive drop and from 4th week onwards HUM steady with 60% + collections for next few weeks. HUM was clean HIT and can also be considered as Big HIT keeping in mind it was Much-Much delayed movie at the highly recession time(1.5 years after music release). Now you can easily judge what the hysteria would have been if somehow HUM managed to release timely.



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  2. hey yakuza i got some news…publish this if u lik it thanks..

  3. haha..those were the days when heroes used to wear trousers so much up their their waist 🙂

    I think there was a major controversy regarding the chartbuster song ‘Jumma Chumma de de’ because there was another song around the same time ‘Thamma Thamma Loge’ from Thanedhar which had similar tunes. However, in the end Thanedhar just fizzled out whereas Hum turned out to be a bumper hit.

    nice flashback though, thanks Sanchit for posting this.

  4. HUM released in early 1991 was only a moderate success.It did HIT business only in Mumbai territory,elsewhere it did fair.Its distributor’s share was around 2crores in Mumbai.The recordbreaking initial could’nt sustain after 5 to 7 days.Overall it was SEMI-HIT at best.THANEDAAR,released in December 1990 was also a SEMI-HIT ,though without as great an initial as HUM.

    • Are u sure Hum is just a semi-hit? it was among the top earners in 91 along with Saajan.. Probably, the high price had to have a say in the final BO verdict of HUM?

  5. Yeah, I’m wondering if Hum was a clean Hit. If that’s the case which was the biggest of 1991? Hum? Sadak? Sanam Bewafa? Saajan? Saudagar? Phool Aur Kaante?

    There is no doubt Hum had a record-breaking initial. I remember the euphoria it had created, because it was the first Hindi film to strike gold in the US market by grossing $500,000. Plus, it was a Hit in Mumbai, but I don’t know if it was a Hit elsewhere?

  6. Gross collections of HUM were definitely on par with SAAJAN,SAUDAGAR & PHOOL AUR KAANTE but the shares were less due to high cost:Rs. 1crore(inclusive of prints&publicity)per major territory.The distributor’s share was around 1.25 to 1.50 cr.except in Mumbai where it was a GENUINE HIT.In centres like Rourkela(ORISSA) IT HAD A 3-WEEK RUN whereas SAAJAN(5WEEKS),PAK(7WEEKS) and other hits had a better run.In KOLKATA ,HUM lost its steam after a great start ceasing its run after 5-7weeks,whereas SAAJAN ran for 15weeks.Even in MUMBAI, HUM DROPPED IN ITS 3RD WEEK.It is definitely not a BIG HIT though the hysteria generated made it seem a BLOCKBUSTER

    • dbk, Box-office verdicts become more and more lenient with time (Just like movie reviews ratings where 3 stars was given to only very good movies and 4 stars was rare occasion, but now every tom,dick and harry got 4 stars), If you go by 90’s standard of box-office when expectations from Amitabh movies was humongous, HUM was little underperformer in that sense (However still movie did exceptional business in metros and mini metros, but interiors was just ok), But if take current box-office verdict system where little profits make movie HIT by many traders, HUM would easily be termed as Super Hit at-least. HUM did 9.5 Crore NETT business in 91 which if adjusted today will come close to 60-65 Crore(By taking into account all adjustment parameters) This is HIT business by any means (also movie was delayed as reported by Sanchit) in current scenario.

      • yakuza,the 9.5cr.figure itself is misleading-what about the dist.cost?The all-India dist. cost was over5cr.and the share being 6.5 to7cr.only.FILM INFORMATION termed it under’COMMISSION-OVERFLOW’category.The adjustment parameters need’nt be taken seriously-60%marks got 5yrs.ago can’t become 85%now.Only the Mumbai excellent returns.The figures given in IBOS ARE MOSTLY WRONG-I’ve cross-checked with many dist.EXAMPLE-PRATIKAAR-1.80cr.,SHIKARI-1.70cr.,’LOVE-2.10cr.-all being bigger grossers than KURBAAN-JUST RIDICULOUS.KURBAAN(1991)was a big success up North.FINALLY,’PERCEPTION HITS’DIFFERS WITH REAL HITS-YOU CAN’T TELL DISTRIBUTORS WHO MADE LESS PROFITS-IN 1991-THAT THE SAME MOVIES ARE SUPER-HITS NOW.Does it make any sense?Does it show in their accounts book?SO, ‘ADJUSTMENT PARAMETERS’ IS JUST OF ACADEMIC VALUE.IF POSSIBLE ,CROSS-CHECK WITH DISTRIBUTORS TO KNOW THE REAL COLLECTIONS.

        • Can you put up here Filinformation scan ? My source of information is “BoxOffice magazine” from 1991, Yearly issue of this magazine put 9.8 crore for HUM with status HIT.
          It would be great if you put here Filminformation scans. However i never blindly follow IBOS, But their Old data base percentage matched with Box-office history at magazines that time ( i do have many copies of Mayapuri, Boxoffice, filminformation, Sushma etc ). These sources published percentage of occupancy at that time and i must say movies past 1995 are correctly displayed by IBOS(at-least percentage wise). But i always prefer these magazine for Number verification (Even these magazines sometimes varies in verdicts and numbers, in that case i use some midpoint strategy, just like HUM as these are two distinct numbers available for HUM .. 9.8 from 2 sources and 9.2 from one source, so i use 9.5 as midpoint).

    • In kolkata hum released in double no of theatres in compare to other releases like llike it released simultaneously in Orient/Paradise/majestic/Tiger/Basushree/Priya/menoka/malancha – standar released like Saajan basically confined to only Orient/Priya/malancha. Next Hum celebrated 50 days in Basusree later it celebrated 100 days in Opera/Bhaani cinema hall.

  7. omg! what are those guys wearing! 🙂 lmao

  8. “Music of HUM was at number one spot for 1.5 years (1990 – 1991)”

    Okay, not to be a little mean or anything, but how is Hum music #1 in 1990 and 1991? Aashiqui was the #1 music selling album in 1990, no doubt. Each and every song for Aashiqui were not Hits, but Super-Hit+ songs. How can you say that Hum was a better seller than Aashiqui in the music stands considering the craze Aashiqui music was. Aashiqui is still considered the best album in the 90s, amongst the best albums ever in Bollywood, and its still considered the best selling album of all-times, where it sold over a crore in the music stands.

    Now for 1991, albums like Saajan, Sadak, Phool Aur Kaante and Sanam Bewafa were also a craze on the music stands. Hum was nowhere close to those albums in terms of quality and music sales.

    Seriously, you need to re-word that.

    • Randy, however i am not much in music sales/records, but Sanchit has some Filmfare magazines of 90’s, As par him, “Jumma Chumma” song was number one in 90’s and 91 magazine issues (Top ten charts). You might be right saying that Aashiqui and others(Saajan, sadak etc) are bigger sales, but in that particular one year of time, Jumma Chumma was number one. Aashiqui became evergreen thereafter and there was no decline in sale of album for years.

  9. Thanks SANCHIT to bring good topic,we hope more from u now.thanks for writing on amitabh film.great.HUM is blockbuster movie of 1991.and highest grosser of 1991.superb movie.HUM is superb and I love the HUM songs too much,still people likes this film songs.

  10. BOI is really biased towards bachchan movies, HUM is declared Semi-hit while saudagar HIT (do i need to say any more?), Saudagar was well known letdown from subhash ghai and it was not clear HIT, If saudagar termed as HIT then HUM was clear Super hit .. BOI is bullshit …

    • Yup, Saudagar was way below HUM.

      • Yakuza, i guess adjustment of HUM is more than 65 crore, RKRCKR in 93 was 9 crore biggest budget which was above 90 crore BLUE, In that sense 9.5 crore at 91 should be more than 100 crore today, what you say ??

        • Shruti,All this adjustment parameters do’nt make much sense.A producer/distributor who made 2 lakhs profit in 1999 can’t be told that his movie is worth 20lakhs now.Does it show any difference in his balance-sheet?WILL HE SHOUT WITH JOY,NOW THAT HIS FILM IS PERCEIVED A BETTER(MONETARILY) SUCCESS?By the way,according to you which trade magazines/websites give the most authentic figures?

        • @dbk, Adjustment always makes sense in terms of relative analysis. To compare the success of movie in Two different periods we need currency adjustments. otherwise scale of sholay success can never be judged by mere 15 crore Nett in 1975(If we adjust this figure it comes to 350 crore) Yes we can do investment V/S Share analysis, but that is good for self understanding. To display the real scale of success to layman audience, only adjustment can help. Without adjustment one never would have been able to know that Sholay is much bigger success than DDLJ or HAHK. And again if we adjust figures, everything gets adjusted from investment to Share. So it fully makes sense.

          • yakuza,THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS. I just wanted to emphasise that it made no difference monetary wise .The balance-sheet shows only the real facts not adjustment-based figures.BY SUCH YARDSYICK,IT WON’T BE SURPRISING IF BLUE & KAMB.ISHQ ARE TERMED SUPER-HITS AFTER 15YEARS.THERE ARE 1 OR 2 TRADE MAG.THAT TERM A MOVIE A HIT EVEN IF IT DOES GOOD BUSINESS IN 1 OR 2 TERRITORIES.

  11. @yakuza, Thanks for clearing Music sales issue arouse here, you are right, Jumma chumma was number one for long time, Aashiqui and Sadak may be better selling albums in long time but HUM was number one in 1990 only .. correct .. Agree ..

    well sir, i genrally post your articles at indiaFM forum, issue was creeping in there too, now i have made saparate post about this clearance .. thanks.

  12. HUM is blockbuster movie not hit movie.

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