SANCHIT SHOTS : Bachchan Rape – Victim Of Circumstances.

There was time when Amitabh was surrounded by allegations :

  • bofors Fairfax
  • Fera violations
  • Parveen Babi Scandel
  • Declared Finish after Toofan and Jadugar.

At this time of stress and pressure from all possible departments, this humorous statement from Amitabh defined his larger than life personality :

“When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” …. 🙂


~ by axaptaword on November 23, 2009.

10 Responses to “SANCHIT SHOTS : Bachchan Rape – Victim Of Circumstances.”

  1. Wow, another commendable memorabilia from Sanchit … 🙂
    Well Sanchit, one thing i like about you is that you are only contributor of this site who openly introduced himself as BigB FAN … 🙂

    Definitely No offense in this, and we will welcome all of your articles here .. even if all those related to Mr. Bachchan .. 🙂

    So now there is


    Excellent Team … 🙂

  2. would like to know these scandals in detail…

  3. He actually got away with such a comment! .. Say that to some rape victim and lets see if they agree.

    I don’t find anything humorous in this comment. Its disgusting that someone of his stature would say something like this.

  4. i will say that still amitabh is on top.he is superb actor.amitabh ko finish karna mushkel nahi namumken hi.amitabh is ever green actor.PAA will be blockbuster movie.

  5. i don’t see anything funny in this quote. only a man could say such a thing about this disgusting thing that’s rape… horrible

  6. The meaning was he was raped by media and he cannot protest about it (so it is inevitable).And the meaning of next sentence how much time media raped him his izzat will not go haywire.
    C’mon boys at least understand some humour about phrase.

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