11.5 Crore Kurbaan at Saif-Kareena

As reported yesterday, Kurbaan can be termed as biggest let-down of year considering heavy budget (40 Crore Reportedly), Big Banner, Good star-cast and most important – Good content. Movie Draw only 11.5 Crore over weekend (12.5 Crore including Paid Previews collection of 1 crore). Audience in large was not interested  in Basic setup of movie(terrorism and 9/11 connect) which had beaten to death in past. Also Saif-Kareena chemistry on screen is not exact replica of real life one.

Weather world will end in 2012 or not, But this prediction results in fetching outstanding collections at box-office. Movie is hot favorite of all moviegoers and rocking even in second week with 8 Crore weekend collections. These are outstanding collections in foreign category. Life time share is hard to predict now because second weekend was as strong as first one (fall in collections is due to lesser screens).

Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani making Gazab waves at multiplexes with 4.5 Crore in third weekend, 17 Days total now stands at 56.5 Crore. Movie is heading for 65 Crore life time Nett.


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~ by Yakuza on November 23, 2009.

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  1. http://india-forums.com/bollywood/article.asp?id=11667 to all salman khan fans, Main Aur Mrs Khanna is a super hit movie now. All thanks to DTH tv. It collected a massive 21 C from DTH. More info hit the link.

    • 21cr DTh collections is gross. so wen u minus d entertainment tax and Dth share it comes to around 8cr nett… dunno hw u ppl say movie s a superhit based on DTH collections… Doubt yakuza….??? pls solve this..

    • MAMK is super hit at DTH, but failed at Ticket Window.

      DTH revenue will definitely lower the Distribution price and improve the overall verdict.

      MAMK was bought by UTV @25 Crore. 10 crore come from Satellite and Music rights. DTH revenue sharing is not clear yet. However on rough note we can assume it 8 Crore (u r right aqua). This makes it 18 Crore total, yield to 7 Crore DP. Movie can be consider as breakeven at this cost.

      But again you can’t consider 7 Crore DS as breakeven looking at occupancy rate (20-30%), This entitled to huge losses for multiplexes.

      Let’s examine a simple case :
      Radio touted to recover its cost even before its release, Still even @zero cost, movie can be flop. because if occupancy level is much lower, then sometimes revenue generated cannot even breakeven the rental of multiplexes.

      • okie so u still call MAMK a flop & not hit based on DTH collections rt..?

        if a movie gets released on DTH say after 2 weeks of its run at theater den it can recover al its cost i guess.. eg – if blue or LD gets released on DTH it can recover na..?

        • it may also be a false news just for promoting DTH;) so tat more movies get released on DTH soon after its release.. wat u say..;)

        • On surface level, MAMK recover cost (7 Crore), But this 7 Crore if would have been recovered from 200 – 250 prints, MAMK will definitely be consider as Success. But recovery of 7 Crore from 600 prints is total loss. As DTH revenue is consolation for Corporate pockets, but for theatrical investment, this 7 crore is highly negligible.

          You can easily guess, which is more proitable – Rs. 100 from 1 sale or Rs. 100 from 10 sales ?

  2. Thanks for info.So kurbaan is a flop now and worried for MNIK..

    • don’t worry RJARYAN, MNIK is a love story in it’s core, that’s the main feature of all KJO movies. so hyper success is assured

  3. […] Read the rest from here […]

  4. Hello yakuza.
    can u tell me what is the budget of de dana dan? And how much it will need to collect at box office to be a hit?
    also please update your box office predictions.

    • Baba Arts limited for the first time acquires all India theatrical rights of “De Dana Dan” from producers Venus for around 30 crore. This includes satellites and home video rights too (exclude music), With print and publicity costs its price would set at 35 Crore. De Dana Dan need 40 Crore to Recover costs. and need to do 55+ Crore business for clean HIT status.

  5. Hi Yakuza!! I wanted to know which is the biggest hit of the year–Wanted,Love Aaj Kal,APKGK or Kaminey??

    • Wanted and LAK are close calls, LAK is bigger multiplex HIT while Wanted was storm at Single screens. Distribution share of wanted is more. APKGK is still running and doing rocking business.
      however its early, but i can safely say that APKGK(if touch 65 crore) is biggest HIT among all, because LAK was huge release (1000+ prints) , same for Wanted, while APKGK was moderate release (800 prints), Occupancy rate is much better for APKGK, it yields that Multiplex owners and Distributors of Ajab enjoy better profit margins.

  6. Biggest Hit Of 2009

    1) Wanted
    2)Love Aj Kal
    3) Ajab Gazab

    I think.

  7. hey sachin the budget of DDD is aprox 28 crore and it should
    recover it costs by the first week , cause looking at the hype it will shatter the box office

  8. this is a big let down imo. esp. for Saif who had a gr8 success in LAK…this would have been the icing on the cake. Why did this movie flop?? personally i think there have too many movies in the last 2/3 months…..and some big/quality movies have hit the dust – LD/Kurban….these are BIG movies and should have been released with a 2week gap either side of the date. The producers were too quick to release. Imo Kurban should have been released on Eid friday…..why? well how many movies can the common man watch?? its not financially feasible to watch a movie every friday. also Kurban music was not blockbuster material imo… it was too tame. some nice songs but they could not elevate the movie like APKGK’s music did. Also the Ranbir factor played a big part as did 2012.

    • Well agree on too many releases since past few weeks, this is quite often that after a big opener, next few releases doesn’t strike chord at box-office. Ajab was huge success, Kurban fails. Now if De Dana Dan managed to open big, Chances of Paa will be Dim.

  9. if this movie had been a hit, Saif would have been among the nominees for best actor imo. If LD and ATB had hit the bullseye u can bet ur money that Ajay would have been a very strong contender for the best actor award – but my tips so far are Ranbir (WUS) —-> Shahid (kaminey) If kaminey had been a bigger hit and if DBH had the hit bullseye too then Shahid would be neck on neck with Ranbir but atm it looks like Ranbir will steal it because he’s got Rocket Singh coming.

  10. @yakuza
    u said that APKGK has moderate release of 800 prints but boxofficeindia shows it around 967 prints…so i think it is also a big release…as far as biggest hit is concern WANTED is the biggest hit with distributor share of 37-38 cr…APKGK is having 28 till now and it will be difficult to add another 9-10 cr with de dhana dhan striking next week..and LAK has 32-33 cr distributor share…

    • faizan, Prints and cinemas are different count (3 screens in a multiplex counted as 3 cinemas, sharing single print. Screenings/Prints/Cinamas all are different terms). And apart from distribution share, profitability of multiplexes is very important factor. Guess what if exhibitor didn’t recover their minimum investment ? 100 tickets from 2 cinemas is much better than 120 tickets from 10 cinemas( Loss of exhibitor).

  11. @Yakuza

    Please tell me tha hype of Veer???

    • At the moment Salman fans are holding their breath (including me .. 🙂 )for first Promo which is coming out next week !! Let’s see how first look turn out to be, It need to strike the chord with general audience (apart from fans) as well for big opening at box-office.

  12. The US figues for Kurbaan around 400K for the first weekend on 85 prints (per boxofficemojo) which is average or below average compared to LAK. This film has really taken a beating in its first week around globe. I think the audience is smart and knew that this film offered nothing new. All the surprise elements were shown in the promos and it just looked like another New York. I also think people generally dont like Saif/Kareena pairing. They are all over in the media and in your face trying to be this cool couple unlike John/Bipasha or Salman/Kat. Hence, people detest their off-screen behaviour which affects their on-screen pairing. Too much exposure. Furthermore, the film had this morbid look in the trailers.

  13. Thanks Yakuza:)

  14. What are the expecatations from DDD in overseas??
    any idea??

  15. Veer has no hyoe other than from Salman’s fans. This film will tank big time in 2010. It will be the first disaster of 2010 like Aladin. The writing is written all over just from the pictures. You have to be crazy and totally out of your mind to watch a period flick with Salman.

    • Veer has a lot of hype, but it bcoming a hit s somethin to think of.. mostly such epic movies `ve not worked. except jodha akbar. it has a big budget too.. 65-70cr. hmmm so doubtful..

      if it s somethin like telugu movie Maghadeera may be it `ll or else it may be a disaster..

  16. i hope veer movie big hit

  17. @kuku

    i think u are out of your mind .
    Veer has lots of hype.
    So Please dont write wrong

  18. @km
    I think its not important the movie was big hit its important how they act in the movie. For example Titanic is biggest blockbuster movie till date but leonardo and kate didnt won the best actor/actress award.
    i think they should follow the oscars.

  19. @Yakuza , I BOW your indepth knowledge and analysis of boxoffice, Exhibitor loss never ever considered by BOI,but this should be equally considered. because they are also investors. You are absolutely right on this point.

  20. i dont think so ranbir delivered a award winning performance in ajab prem and wakup sid.

  21. looking at the current situation KURBAAN falls the same league as LONDON DREAMS fall…but LONDON DREAM got better reviews from critics…..

    why havent u given your review for LONDON DREAMS….???

  22. who thnks that veer has nt created hype need to go 4 mental checkup….jst sreach on net”most awaited movie”…or jst see no of views of veer”s trailer on youtube or bollywood hungama in jst 1 day….

  23. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna released on this Diwali i.e 16th Oct. 2009 and flop on box office and within four to five days people can see this movie on DTH services. This firts movie viewer can see movie at through on DTH srvices then after has become a hit, as the film has raked in Rs 21 crores on DTH (Direct to Home), creating a record of maximum number of viewership in this space.

    Debut director Prem Soni, who was very disappointed about the film’s performance at the Box Office, is extremely glad about the movie’s record viewership amongst home audiences. I am told that the revenue generated is around 21 crores. I am happy that my film has scored such high figures.”

    An insider reveals that MAMK’s success on DTH may be a good idea which some Bollywood duds can perhaps take up!. In this idea film industry make more money and people can stop watching piracy cd movie.

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