Kurbaan – Box-office Sacrifice Continues

Kurbaan spells negativity from first day itself, refuse to pick up on Saturday and heading for 10-11 Crore NETT weekend. Business dips on Saturday, however Sunday is better occupied and should fare better. But weekdays steep fall is inevitable and first week should finish at 15 Crore range.

2012 saw another spellbinding weekend(Approx. 5 Crore [ excluding sunday]) and no wonder if this movie find its place over biggest hits of 2009.

Ajab prem Ki Gazab Kahani is rock steady with quite lesser screenings. Third weekend should be in 3-4 Crore range.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 22, 2009.

21 Responses to “Kurbaan – Box-office Sacrifice Continues”

  1. wow! a 15 cr first week?? that means it will fold up within 20C.. that will be a colossal flop for KJO.. doesn’t augur too well for MNIK as well!

  2. Yakuza, what is your prediction for APKGK over all weeks. Will it beat Wanted?

  3. ya movie was average.. DDD coming next week sure flop.
    wat a yr for saif- love aaj kal a blockbuster and kurbaan a flop. extremes…;)

    kareena has really a bad yr with katrina occupying d top spot this yr..:)

  4. Ultimately Kurbaan is turning out to be a DISASTER, isnt it looking Yak ? I think this film was more than an average budget film. Are audience tired of watching the real life couples on screen romance on reel life ? I think so & I heard the climax has turned out to exactly how a Karan Johar Movie climax 😛 Happy ending which is not at all suitable for a hardcore thriller based on terrorism

    • movie isnt a happy ending… it s not tat der s a romantic song and dey live happily ever after ha ha..;) its a emotional ending just like new york..

  5. kurban will be a big flop movie 2009

  6. kareena jinx continue,i fear 3 Idiot will underperform because of her

  7. ROSH@
    wanted beat APKGK

  8. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  9. Flop for Saif, theme has been over done to death!

  10. Seriously, they need to stop making films on terriosm and how the 9/11 interlinks with it. Really, although you know it will call for good quality cinema, but they really need to stop about it.

    Reasons why Kurbaan will flop:
    1) The whole terriosm concept associated with 9/11
    2) The whole backdrop with the US, shades of New York were noticed
    3) Saif-Kareena. Seriously, their couple association is not liked from the public. LOC Kargil, Tashan, and now Kurbaan.
    4) Love-making scene. Seriously, the one thing great about KANK promos is that it never showed a glimpse of the love-making scene between SRK and Rani. Here, alomst every promo had glimpse of it or a kissing scene between Saif-Kareena, really WHO CARES. Do they want to portray them as a Angelina Jolie-Bradd Pitt wannabes?
    5) BUDGET & SELLING PRICES. Again, Karan Johar is known to spend his money to give a quality product, which is not a problem. But at the same time, it sometimes isn’t a good thing especially when it could be heading for a flop as you will lose a alot of money. Its not the film that fails, its the price.

  11. wow, just 15 crore for first week, i hope DDD does well next week.

  12. Kurbaan as a movie and its entire marketing was riding off the backs of Saif-Kareena’s real life romance which was not kosher. It was bloody overkill. Added in for the movie was an overwrought terrorism angle. I’m not too surprised that Kurbaan is so far not faring well.

    Karan Johar should have made Kurbaan on a low-medium budget just like YRF did for New York. I concur that mainly its the vastly high budgets and prices that fails movies. In this dire time of bad world economies the audience does not have much money to burn on their entertainment. So producers need to make movies on low-medium budgets to ensure their movies are profitable successes to aid the industry.

    • Agree on budget issue, PAA, DDD are upcoming movies with high profile stars and medium cost of 15 and 30 crore respectively.

  13. Kurbaan is almost like Newyork (Both of them loosely based on Arlingon Road). Bad thing is Adi Chopra stole idea from Karan Johar, got a hit and KJo is getting a flop. That essentially is the reason why Dharma movies r not being distributed by Yashraj anymore.

  14. KURBAN first weekend 15cr and expect 18-19 cr first week

  15. looks like this has flopped. from BOI:
    “Kurbaan grossed around 14 crore nett including 1 crore plus business from paid previews. The weekdays are likely to show a big drop going by Sunday figures and the week should close in the 18-19 crore nett region”

  16. i m just waiting for veer trailer which will be shown with movie DDD.

  17. I dont think this anti-akshay guys.
    If DDD did business like KI or Blue then also it will be hit due to 40-50 % less costs than these 2 films.
    sorry after flop of kurbaan MNIK is next bakra of the Bollywood.

  18. agree that the whole real life Saifeena jodi is overkill – the same happened with Tashan. Saif needs to work with different actresses. the chemistry and pairing with deepika was what dragged ppl to cinemas. if this movie had been made at a cheaper budget ten it would have done well in the long run.

    Also this has put vivek another step back…bechara was expecting big things from this movie. i feel his days are numbered. sad because he’s a very talented actor. more natural & spontaneous than hrithik – this is a big statement i know but it’d be interesting to know what u guys think.

  19. why does kareena make so many flop/below average movies! The only REAL hit to HER name is jab we met! this is a shame. she is raj kapoor’s granddaughter and has worked for a decade! she hasnt even proved her self.
    so tell me why she is considered a top ACTRESS today?
    she may get the critics award next year for this movie but i think best actress is out of reach!

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