SANCHIT SHOTS : DON Ko Finish karna Mushkil Hi Nahi Namumkin Hai

How many times Amitabh bachchan declared finished ?

* After 13 flops in a row in his early career (1969 – 1972).

* After Lawaaris (where movie was blockbuster HIT but some journalist write him off of being much repetitive).

* When his biggies Mahaan and Pukaar flops in row (1983).

* When he join politics in 1984 after death of Indira gandhi.

* After Ganga Jamuna Saraswati (First flop is Amitabh – Manmohan combo).

* After Toofan – Jadugar flops in a Row.

* When he anounced his retirement in 1992.

* After debacles of his second innings disasters in 1997 (MrityuData, Lal badshah).

* And now almost every day in this decade there is news that he is FINISH [There are so many well wishers of him..:) ]

But all and all … DON ko FINISH karna mushkil hi nahi NAMUMKIN hai …. 🙂 

Well GUYS .. Let me introdue myself to you all. I am SANCHIT .. New contributor to bollybusiness. Basically i am IT professional, but DAMN MAD about bollywood, Thanks Yakuza for giving me this platform, This is my first post (However this OLD stuff is Yakuza’s franchise, but i love to join this). I do want to tell you in advance that i am BIGB fan (should be no offense in that). I used to visit at bollybusiness and love the way it is shaping up in few months of time. Feeling LUCKY to be part of this DOMAIN … THANKS.


~ by axaptaword on November 21, 2009.

14 Responses to “SANCHIT SHOTS : DON Ko Finish karna Mushkil Hi Nahi Namumkin Hai”

  1. Welcome to bollybusiness Sanchit … 🙂

  2. What were the classifications of Big B films in the 80s like:
    Ram Balram
    Do Aur Do Paanch
    Barsaat Ki Ek Raat
    Namak Halaal
    Satte Pe Satta
    Desh Premee
    Andhaa Kanoon
    Aakhree Raasta


  3. Just wondering, how is the list of top hits of the year so far coming along bollybusiness?

    • didn’t get you ?

      • Remember you did a write-up for Khilona, and you mentioned that Kati Patang was the biggest hit of 1970. And then all of a sudden, I asked if you can post on your website, the biggest hit of each year in Bollywood? I’m just wondering what is the status on that?

  4. nobody is finished after proving his might times and times, you see jealous people are always after the one who is at the top for the longesttime because he irritate them
    juste like SRK now, and they wish every turn when one of his movies underperform that his is finished, even when these are semi hits (KANK) or Blockbusters (RNBDJ)

  5. Awesome poster..posted on MP!

  6. Good start Sanchit…..Best of luck.

  7. for all salman fans according to main aur mrs khanna has emerged as hit it has got a record viewership in DTH with 22 crs till now

  8. A warm welcome to dear Sanchit.and thanks for bringing mind blowing topic on Amitabh.still amitabh is rocking and will make more records through film PAA.

  9. Amitabh is the DON of bollywood.

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