Claustrophobic Thoughts : Qurbaan (2009)

Just watched ‘Kurbaan’ and though i am not absolutely pleased with the movie, i am not utterly disappointed either. My feelings are mixed. Kurbaan is a fast paced thriller and it does keep you engaged for a greater part. The best thing about the movie is that it avoids the usual cliches, most of them if not all. There are a few surprises but there are also certain things that are very predictable. The performances are good. If one is to pick the best, my vote goes to Om Puri without a doubt. Vivek has given a great performance too and i hope that the industry takes note and offers him more roles with substance. I am sure he will go a long way. Saif was good. Kareena has been wasted in the movie. She has a limited role and though she does it pretty well but it’s nothing path-breaking as put by some critics. The director could have utilized her better. I didn’t like the way the director has narrated the story and it looks more like assortment of scenes affecting the flow of the movie esp in the first half. And also in order to up the tempo of the movie, the director has compromised on the proper development of the characters. So you never really connect with them or feel for them. The movie is on Islamic fundamentalists and terrorism but fails to include the moderate view point. The dialogues are good but they are not as impactful as they could have been because the director only concentrates on presenting one side of the story. There are mere statements made in the movie but no discussions. And you have already heard most of these so they don’t provoke any thinking or influence you in any way. Regarding comparison with New York, yes the movie has quite a few similarities. Won’t go into the details. But even though New York itself is not without flaws, it worked better for me mainly because you feel for the characters. And also because of its awesome background score. Also after watching the movie one will have a few questions like why didn’t she do that?? How could that happen?? etc etc but i guess sometimes you just can’t help it. In short, Kurbaan is a well made thriller good for one time watch but its not thought provoking or anything. Don’t go with too many expectations.


~ by Yakuza on November 20, 2009.

15 Responses to “Claustrophobic Thoughts : Qurbaan (2009)”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts dude.

  2. how is the opening of qurbaan?

  3. Well, This is only site where one’s opinion values so much .. that good comments can putup on saparate threads .. Never mind Yakuza, but this is claver strategy to attract more and more audience .. i know your site is going great GUNS (as i have seen its traffic ranking at, i guess this is numer one blog in india, becase i compare your traffic with all Top blogs and you are top most .. well done ), Yakuza.. if you promise me to publish here .. i wanna write something crazy stuff .. should i ?

    • MAN, come up with nice write-up, I will be please to post.

      “but this is claver strategy to attract more and more audience”
      Finding hard how to take it ? is it compliment ??

      And yes, thanks for ranking this blog at TOP among all .. 🙂
      (However i am sure there are many higher traffic Pullers) !!

  4. Good review Claustrophobic.

    I normally tend to agree with NDTV’s(Anupama Chopra) reviews all the time. She has given a 2.5 rating

    • Thanks Jai. I usually tend to agree with Baradwaj Rangan, Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra but there are exceptions.

    • nikhat kazmi (TOI) was very fair till some recent blunders. This was only source which i used to trust and still find it best among all though falling standards in recent past is alarming.

      • Thats true. Nikhat seems to be very lenient these days. No idea what happened to her all of a sudden.

        On a different note, her reviews does carry a lot of weightage esp in metropolitan cities, where TOI has the largest circulation among dailies.

      • Agree, Khalid Mohammad(HT) got same rapo as IBOS .. while TOI is highest selling news paper and Nikhat is respectable name. I remember few years back all multiplexes broacher’s start giving Star rating of movie given by Nikhat, but they get it back after seeing audience back from ticket window itself while looking at ratings published in their own broachers.. 🙂

  5. This just reaffirms my faith that most of the reviews that usually come out before Friday are biased. Critics who are invited to special screenings of a movie tend to give lenient reviews because they don’t want to spoil their equation with the big production houses. Thats what i like about Rangan and Masand. Masand gives his verdict by Friday evening while Rangan on Sunday. You will never find the reviews by these critics come out before the Friday release of the movie. Thats why i trust them. In this case TOI and Taran both gave it 3.5 and 4 on Wednesday itself.

  6. @YAZUKA

    Its my personal feeling that u have stopped updating on the business of the movies as u had done earlier, may be at the time of blue n ATB…..its nice to see other articles but many guys like me would like to see what the business a particular movie has generated in its start and hows its faring in the weeks to come till its out of theaters……i personally feel that these sort of news articles have declined over the period…..

    just wanted to let u know….i may be wrong though

    • You are right Max-i, However it happened this week only because of some personal engagements and not so happenings on box-office front (However i gave some updates on comments section), I am Just preparing box-office data sheet for latest updates. This is just a few hours away … 🙂

      Thanks for concern.

  7. I am also looking forward for the updates of Qurbaan and last weeks Tum Mile and 2012. 🙂

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