Boxoffice : Kurbaan – Another Victim Of 2012

Kurbaan opened to poor houses all over this morning with 30%+ response, Released on huge prints (1000+), movie may be able to do decent business collection wise. Screening of movie is approx. 40% higher than Ajab prem Ki Gazab Kahani . APKGK was 70%+ on first day and overall 75% weekend (21 crore) , Comparing to APKGK if Kurbaan able to do 50% average weekend , Collections will be almost same as APKGK i.e. around 20-21 crore.  Afternoon shows of kurbaan hardly saw any improvement and movie is carrying Mixed reports. Terrorism theme is beaten to death in recent times with movies like Khuda Ke liye, Newyork etc. . Carrying with similar setup, Kurbaan will be having hard time finding enough audience.

Tum Mile as reported earlier falls heavily on weekdays, It collected 11 Crore in first week and second week is non starter. Should finish its run under 15-16 Crore.

2012 did extra ordinary business of 23 Crore in first week, this is eye opener collections which is bumper even for any Bollywood biggie. This business excludes collection of Regional language versions. Movie opened to good response today with better occupancy than new release Kurbaan

Ajab prem ki Gazab Kahani is least affected by 2012 wave last week and did good business of 15 Crore (However this is little less than expected, but movie was strongest among all other victims of 2012 ). Now two weeks business stands at 52 crore.

London dreams Wrapped up under 31 Crore. FLOP.


 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 20, 2009.

63 Responses to “Boxoffice : Kurbaan – Another Victim Of 2012”

  1. Its 52 crores(37+15) You have put it at 42 by mistake

  2. For Tum Mile to be a hit or even a success, how much business will it need to do?

    • its Below average now!! 25 crore was required for success.

    • IBOS:

      Box Office: Tum Mile, Kurbaan flop; D3 advancing
      Friday, November 20, 2009

      The controversial muslim actor Emraan Hashmi who is busy denying his family’s links in support to Lashkar and other terrorist groups and who had earlier made controversial statements about Hindus, has found out that may have been a bad idea as there is not much of an audience or a grosser without the Hindus in India. Infact the majority of people of India have this time punctuated that point by preferring the American disaster-themed film 2012, which too has some Indian characters, over Bollywood’s Bhatt- Hashmi disaster flick Tum Mile releasing on the same day. The box office collection gap between 2012 and Tum Mile is over 4:1. In other words, it’s not even close. It appears Emran Hashmee’s boat has sunk again. The opening last Friday was just a dismal 20% on low volumes and it simply has been going downhill from there.

      A similar problem is facing Kareena and Saif Ali Khan’s Kurbaan, which was earlier said to be named Jihad. Despite much hype over the Karan Johar backed flick about a Delhi punjabi woman Avantika Ahuja and her muslim terrorist lover Ehsaan Khan, featuring flaunted sex scenes between Kareena and Saif Ali Khan, this film isn’t exactly doing a number on the box office, as evidenced through its weak screenings early on Thursday and Friday. From the advance itself it was clear Bombay opening records were not in jeopardy. But Friday actual box office is painting a worse prognosis for the film. That this Karan Johar film could actually be heading to be a box office flop, making it the first flop of the filmmaker’s career. Though discerning box office observers are aware his directorial KANK in 2006 too witnessed a massive crash after opening.

      Qurbaan has been allocated lots of screenings because of the banner. Wake Up Sid earlier in the year had been a mild success at the multiplexes. However Karan Johar name too is going to take a beating after this. The Friday opening in the multiplexes where it was expected to fare best, was only about 35-40%. Of course that’s better than Tum Mile, but far below expectations and much below what’s necessary for this expensively shot overseas film which is said to have cost between 50-60 crores. Speaking of overseas, overseas the film may fare better with the India, Pakistan, former East Pakistan ie Banglades diaspora which may be more eager for these topics and castings about Islam and Global Terrorism. In India however, despite sex scenes being flaunted, with 26/11 being near, people are more concerend and angry about their own national security breach last year, if anything else. The single screen response to Kurbaan has been dismal with opening collections as low as 10% in centers like Bharuch, while being just about ok to poor in the multiplex centers. So in short, unless all India collections show a big turnaround, this Karan Johar fare on terrorism with the cast of Saif Khan and real life partner Kareena is about to be a major box office failure of the year. The failure of Qurbaan would be further bad news for Karan Johar’s next Shahrukh Khan venture on roughly similar setup, My Name is Khan, which too is set in America along similar themes.

      The one Khan actor who has been able to pull it off by playing it down the middle politically and on more nationalistic themes to his box office advantage has been Aamir Khan, whose Ghajini is a bigger hit than any Saif Al Khan-Shah Rukh Khan-Karan Johar-Aditya Chopra hit of the decade and whose next 3 Idiots too is expected to take a solid opening. Starting from cross-border infiltration hit film Sarfarosh in 1999, Aamir Khan has had very few flops in India over the last 10 years. 3 Idiots too is based on the culture of one of India’s most prized institutions, the IITs, arguably partly responsible for India emerging a technologically advanced nuclear power by the 1990s.

      However in the immediate short term, the movie that may actually do what all these films are aspiring for is Priyadarshan’s De Dhana Dhan. This film’s opening next Friday is expected to be one of the biggest this year as it brings back Katrina Kaif to Akshay Kumar along with Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal under Priyadarshan. This crew has delivered some of the biggest comic hits this decade in India, led by the Hera Pheri series.

      On December 4th after that, Amitabh Bachchan will be soon seen on the screen in the ABCL film Paa directed by R. Balkrishnan aka Balki. While Balki’s last film, Cheeni Kum, was only a mild hit, it was nonetheless a hit using a topic under which bigtime directors like Yash Chopra (Lamhe) had earlier failed. The theme of Paa, unlike Cheeni Kum, is much safer and so this 15 crore film is expected to sail through. However the makers are appearing to play it safe with about 900 prints going out initially.

      In other news, Aishwarya Rai has been dropped from Abhishek Bachchan’s next action thriller with Farhan Akhtar, though she may be cast as his heroine in Rohan Sippy’s next action-drama which too has Abhishek Bachchan in the lead. Viewers will recall that Rai was to be in the 2005 box office hit Bluffmaster before being dropped and replaced by Priyanka Chopra.

      The trailers of Kaminey star Shahid Kapoor’s next Chance Pe Dance with UTV have released to moderately positive response in the theaters. Earlier, the largely domestically set Kaminey, made by Vishal Bharadwaj had been one of the few box office successes of the year, along with Karan Johar’s own Wake Up Sid, indicating where the audience trend may be heading.

      ***** This is BAD BAD BAD ARTICLE FROM IBOS ****** What you say yakuza ??????

      • this IBOS site is a fake box-office site and a comunal one,and an extremist right wing hindu site hating muslim actors and triying every time to link them to terrorist, but everyone knows that muslim actors are liberal. so this article doesn’t make since. ibof are always mixing movies with politics, iremember when jhodha akbar was relaesed they almost urged everybody not to see it, and they are always in hurry to declare such films flops, they are always propagating hate towards muslim actors or even muslim subjects, and not to forget their box office bias toward every khan movie

  3. Hw can u call it as a victim of 2012…??? its not fair.. movie was promoted with saif kareena sex scene so family audience made sure to stay back home..;) tats all…

    • it’s just that 2012 was better occupied today ..

    • otherwise you are right on A factor, however if released on lesser prints this could have been achieved better occupancy rate. Remember some A rated movies like Murder which opened to 100% response on opening day because of limited release.

  4. Ya i agree with u Yakuza.. but wat u felt bout d movie? am yet to watch it..

  5. is it worth 4 or 4.5stars?

  6. how much collections u predict today???????@yakuza

  7. So I guess APKGK will end up as a Hit or Superhit. You said the movie needs to gross at least 65 crore to become a blockbuster, right? I think the movie will wrap up around 58-59 crore.

    • 60+ is already written on cards looking at 52 crore in hands and fair opening today on quite lesser screens. Third week should easily fetch 7+ crore. This is 25 crore budget movie distributed by TIPS itself. Can easily be a blockbuster HIT. (However too early to state this, but fair on comments … :)).

  8. It will definitely be a Super Hit because of its lower budget. I think the super success of 2012 robbed APKGK of becoming a BB.
    Hows it holding on this Friday Yakuza?? And considering a 10 crore weekend and a 2.25 crore Monday, its collections from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday add up to around 2.75 crores which appear a bit on the lower side. So i think the actual figure for the week maybe a bit higher. With Kurbaan not getting a good WOM, i think APKGK still has a chance to recover some lost ground esp in the weekdays. Your views yakuza.

    • refined breakup for APKGK is 9.5(weekend)+ 2.25 + 1.5 + 1 + 1.

      Screening for APKGK reduced to 60% of second week. However today opening was fair. not sure about overall collections. but should be around 1 crore (this is steady on lower side)

  9. i watch movie kurban not a very good movie 3 / 5

  10. @abroxy
    When you don’t like a movie, its better to give it either 2.5/5 or 6/10 or less. Because the critics usually give 3/5 to movies that they think are good. So it can be misleading.
    Appreciate your views though.

  11. just watched kurbaan
    its ok…. not too good…

  12. hey guys i feel De dana dan will do record breaking business 🙂
    u guys also feel??
    and you have any idea on how many prints it will release???

  13. I dont think kurbaan doing well, it has only one week to recover.
    Next week relese ddd should open to good response as the heraferi team is back.

  14. DDD shud work.. the new promo s just wow.. typical priyadarshan style but akshay s too gud with comedy and EID `ll add to its collections.. ppl like to watch comedy movies durin a festive and laugh n forget al worries.. so DDD s just perfect…

  15. @YAKUZA , can we safely say now that its only overall package which sells, NO SRK, NO SAIF , NO SALMAN can open any movie to big on ticket window unless overall package is not strong. Salman fails recently in MAMK and LD, SRK was failed in BILLU and in past Pahlei and swadesh when movies were out of his genre. SAIF’s LAK was huge but he fails now in KURBAN. I am sure now … NO STAR SELL .. ONLY PACKAGE AND HYPE SELLS …. WHAT YOU SAY GUYS …. ???????????

  16. i think kurban first day collection 4.5cr & paid previews 1.25cr total 5.75cr

  17. ^ ya multiplex audience r d once who judge a movie by its package.. single screen ppl judge by its cover.. so star power s mainly seen at single screens.. eg- wanted was a blockbuster b`coz of single screens.
    but now a days ppl r becomin smart. dey know hw a movie s by its promo.. eg- dey knew billu was not SRK movie. same `ll happen with dulha mil gaya also..

    • @aqua, I am dismissing this star system, What you say about LD ?? and what about Swadesh and Paheli ?? where SRK was in full fledge role ?? These movies were flops because of offbeat genres .. same is with bachchans .. Aladin poor opening was because of genre , not because of bachchan pull at boxoffice, even if SRK were in Aladin, it would have been flopped … Same is for Kurbaan .. even Aammir or SRK wouldn’t be able to open it big .. (Aamir, SRK has given some big HITS in recent past because of their limited movies over a period of time and good movies) ..

      • dude… critically acclaimed n masala movies r different.. LD n swadesh wer critically acclaimed.. kurbaan belongs to tat genera.. ya top stars cant assure success with critically acclaimed movies.. i `ve my doubts on paa 2..
        regardind aladin-it was neither a citically acclaimed nor a masala.. it was just a waste of money.. it was neither for children nor for adults..

  18. Guys, now that Kurbaan might indeed turn to be a damp-squib at the BO, wait for next week’s De dana Dan… this sure has everything in it to strike like a hurricane at the BO…Moreover, the first trailer of Sallu’s ‘Veer’ will be shown with DDD. I wont be surprised if Sallu fans take credit for DDD’s success 😉

    KJo did a wise job to prephone Kurbaan by a week, else it would have turned out to be a disaster if released along with DDD.

  19. just cam back watching Kurbaan..Man, it was like giving kurbaan of your time for this crap of a movie. The lead pair sucked. Wait..It just didn’t work on any level cause, I wasnt sure what the message was. I liked New York, cause at least, it wasnt excruciating watching the film. Neil, John and Kat were pleasant for the eyes and at least, the film made a point about innocent people being arrested and implicated who may turn against the law and take matters in their own hands. This one was preachy and tired to convince that fighting for Islam was right by killing innocent people. A one-sided arguement or rheotric views just are big turn off. A very slow and depressing movie with no chemistry between the lead pair.

    • Thanks for info. WOM is very average for this with majority not liking it. Another flop of Kareena this year ..

  20. well guys promos are shown on every channel i mean u see
    and new promo is just kickass and promotion is going on
    i think next week they will do some good star promotion 🙂

  21. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  22. KJo production first biggest flop movie kurban

  23. Salman fan good news MAMK hs finaly managed to emerge sucessful . it has mad 21cr on direct to home

  24. i think DDD weekend will be earth shattering
    is eid on the 27th or 28th ??
    extended weekend thre or not?

  25. ahh ok u think it will release with the same prints as kurbaan?

    • prints still not sure… but movie s not having a very huge release i guess…
      not like KI or BLUE..

      but akki movies `ll `ve a huge release but as compared to d above 2 may be less

  26. well blue had a limited release ,
    it had to share screen space with ATB and MAMK
    but de dana dan is solo must be almost like kurbaan or
    even more 🙂

  27. kurban first day 4cr and exp weeknd 16cr .week one 24cr next week rele big movie akki DDD. KJOH production first flop movie kurban

  28. for all salman fans according to main aur mrs khanna has emerged as hit it has got a record viewership in DTH with 22 crs till now

  29. Yakuza

    is it true Wanted still running at BO ? and How much collected so far ?

    • wanted dvd was released 2 wks back.. and a dvd s released only after a movie gets out of theaters i guess…

  30. 2012 is a vastly good popcorn movie. The special effects and action were cream of the crop. People genuinely love disaster or end of the world movies.

  31. @Yakuza

  32. kurbaan was terrible. if someone had called the police at any point in this movie, it could have been over in 15 minutes. do not waste time or money on this movie. there is no logic at all here

  33. I agree KURBAAN is having VERY BIG LOOPHOLES…. NEW YORK was a way better Movie…. U watch KURBAAN and its Quite Predictable…


    I dont think it will emerge successful as Next WEEK’s release is AKKI’s DDD…. Plus “VEER” promo is also releasing which is carrying Excellent Reports…. I mean The PROMO 😉

  34. Kurbaan is a certain flop now with just approx 14 crores nett in d weekend including Paid Previews….

    A first clear flop from Karan Johar……

  35. Yes kurban will be another flop of this year
    It is hyped movie of Karan Johar. Belive me it will not gross more thantotal of 35 crore and will be average grosser.

    And it wil be another flop from Karan Johar

  36. Kurban will be superflop like Kambaqht Ishq. Another Flop from Karan Johar.

    God Bless you Karan Johar

    Business will not be more than 35 crore.

    Direction is good but subject will nt attaract youth.

    Sure will be a a flop or disaster

  37. I think people prefer to stay at home better then to go there and see Kareena’s gand. Next time K’johar definately put a seen of himself and show his gand and highly publicized it with his mu bole bhai SRK in My Name is Khan. Just wait for that day.

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