TOI: Kurbaan Review

First things first. Kudos to Karan Johar for shifting gears completely and entering into serious territory. Of course, we do love him for his K-class cinema: all his crunchy popcorn films beginning with K, ever since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai redefined mainstream romance. But Kurbaan doesn’t need the popcorn at all. It keeps the screen on overboil for most of its screen time with its hard-hitting storyline that dares to venture into undefined territory.

Like Khuda Kay Liye, Kurbaan too looks at the other side of Islamic fundamentalism and puts the post 9/11 tumult in perspective. Who are these guys who carry anger in their hearts, revenge in their heads and bombs in their pockets? Why are they hell bent on blasting the world, irrespective of the anguish it spells to all and sundry? Can there be a purpose behind their madness? Is one man’s terrorist actually another man’s activist? Kurbaan, written by Karan Johar, raises these pertinent – and extremely topical – questions, without glossing over the one undeniable truth: a suicide bomber can never solve the inequities of the world, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, notwithstanding.

Critic’s Rating: Kurbaan


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~ by Yakuza on November 18, 2009.

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  1. Hard to go by Nikhat’s review ratings these days.. she has been very lenient in giving out 3+ ratings the last few weeks.



    • 24 Crore will not go to producer pocket, This is all DTH provider’s profit. Sohail and Ronnie Sold DTH rights for fixed price. Still good to find new source of revenue.


    Ehsaan (Saif Ali Khan) comes to New York with Avantika (Kareena Kapoor) to set-up a home and live happily-after. They move into an idyllic neighbourhood and things are rosy and calm; for a time.

    In-between removing each other’s clothes and performing lewd sex acts (that’s with each other) they somehow notice that their next door neighbours are part of a secret terrorist cell who are planning to blow up law-abiding American citizens in the not too distant future; the fact that they are Afghans and look like Osama-bin-Laden wannabes shows otherwise?

    Anyway, Avantika then stumbles upon her husband also plotting to do the same. Apparently, his family were done bad by the American government and he is out for revenge. Blah! Blah! Same old story!

    Avantika, the poor girl, now has a major situation on her hands. She has to stop having sordid sex with this Mullah Omar duplicate and try to save the citizens of New York. Hmm. Hard decision, don’t you think?

    The rest of the story is about how she goes about trying to restrain herself from having intercourse with him. Hmm, well maybe not! I might have exaggerated a little. You will too once you come out of the cinema watching 160 minutes of total nonsense.

    Who cares about America wanting to take control of the world’s oil fields? And I don’t give a toss about why a man becomes a terrorist in the first place and his reasons behind blowing the poor New York residents. All we want is 2 hours of entertainment. If we wanted a history and morality lesson then we have numerous TV channels for that, don’t we?

    When Karan Johar began writing the story for Kurbaan he most definitely would have thought the terrorism subject as the film’s pivotal promotion tactic. But, as things usually happen differently than planned in life, it is the sex scene between the two lead stars that became the film’s ‘only’ selling point. These days a film is promoted with such force on Television that a viewer is already in a frame of mind prior to the opening credits.

    Terrorism, what terrorism? This film is a soft-porno made to pleasure Karan Johar’s dysfunctional mind. If he wanted to see Kareena topless, why not just pay her to come to a private hotel room and take her clothes of? Why subject a fanatic Bollywood-loving community to 2 hours and 40 minutes of utter trash?

    Now getting all that of my mind we come to the performances. Saif and Kareena are good together. They are good at headlining parties, they are good at visiting sick children to promote their upcoming films and they are indeed good in front of the camera. There is a unique chemistry between the pair that is distinctive to them only. You will not get to see anything more special between anyone else. In fact, both feed of each other. Both need to make more films as a couple. We need more Saifeena!

    Vivek Oberoi is so-so. Any Tom, Dick or Upen Patel-like actor could have done his part and made it look less lame then he has. One has to also take note of Om Puri and Kirron Kher. These two sensational actors are under-used in Indian films. We want more of Omiron!

    Karan’s story is lame and he brings nothing new. Rensil D’Silva is also average. Music on the other hand does fit in well with the film. Hands up to Salim-Suleiman.

    And for the wrap… I personally did not find anything new in this film. I have seen tons of films since 9/11 about how a man becomes a terrorist. I was expecting something new in Kurbaan but, apart from the sex scene, there was nothing else. At the Box Office the film will do initially very good, after all every one is eager to see Kareena topless (or is that backless – can’t see the difference myself in her case).

    RS Rating: 6/10

    • “after all every one is eager to see Kareena topless (or is that backless – can’t see the difference myself in her case).”

      HA HA HA HA HA …. 😀

    • “Terrorism, what terrorism? This film is a soft-porno made to pleasure Karan Johar’s dysfunctional mind. If he wanted to see Kareena topless, why not just pay her to come to a private hotel room and take her clothes of? Why subject a fanatic Bollywood-loving community to 2 hours and 40 minutes of utter trash?”


    • Jeevan, the world does not consist of shallow jokers like you alone who just want mindless entertainment and escapist fare. There are people who want some intelligent cinema also. Its because of audience like you that Bollowood keeps churning out mindless rubbish.

      • Have u even watched the movie? these mindless rubbish u r talking abt, atleast don’t pretend to be real in the first place… Kurbaan is just a mockery in the name of terrorism & reality!

    • Haaaaa haaaa 🙂 Best review I have read so far. U said all that I wanted to say, but wouldn’t have ever been able to put down so well. Also want to add that am shocked and disappointed in the depicting of the average, practising Muslim. Being one myself, I know just how hard it can get today and such movies only help to incite fear and suspicion in the common man’s mind against the Muslim community. Pls stick to your candyfloss movies Karan and leave such issues to be tackled by real men.

  4. Taran Adarsh has given 4 star rating

  5. Taran Adarsh Kurnbaan Review : 4/5

    He is keeping his 100% record of 4/5 rating for all Karan johar movies ……

  6. ha ha ha ha ha ha……………very funny…ha ha ha…

  7. the above reviewer totally ripped KURBAAN apart…. Whereas Taran gave it a thumbs up! Box Office wise i’m not sure if this movie will cut it,however i’m still looking fwd to watching this.

  8. hey jeevan just cudnt hepl commenting on your review…first of all its awfull..! i just watched the movie and i think its one of the best made movies of the year..and the topic wasnt terrorism only…the reasons for it and what r americas fault towards it were shown in such an aww aspiring manner …! well i read many critic reviews all r giving it a thumbs up..! and guys i think they know much more about movies than jeevan..and besides even taran adarsh wrote that the movie is for the intelligent as it provokes thought…! so if you want faltu entertainment and not good dana dhan is releasing soon,,! man we indians alwz crib tht we cant match hollywood..but when a movie matches it we reject it..! we need to appreciate good cinema..!

  9. My views on Kurbaan
    Just watched ‘Kurbaan’ and though i am not absolutely pleased with the movie, i am not utterly disappointed either. My feelings are mixed.
    Kurbaan is a fast paced thriller and it does keep you engaged for a greater part. The best thing about the movie is that it avoids the usual cliches, most of them if not all. There are a few surprises but there are also certain things that are very predictable.
    The performances are good. If one is to pick the best, my vote goes to Om Puri without a doubt. Vivek has given a great performance too and i hope that the industry takes note and offers him more roles with substance. I am sure he will go a long way. Saif was good. Kareena has been wasted in the movie. She has a limited role and though she does it pretty well but its nothing pathbreaking as put by some critics. The director could have utilized her better.
    I didn’t like the way the director has narrated the story and it looks more like assortment of scenes affecting the flow of the movie esp in the first half. And also in order to up the tempo of the movie, the director has compromised on the proper development of the characters. So you never really connect with them or feel for them.
    The movie is on Islamic fundamentalists and terrorism but fails to include the moderate view point. The dialogues are good but they are not as impactful as they could have been because the director only concentrates on presenting one side of the story. There are mere statements made in the movie but no discussions. And you have already heard most of these so they don’t provoke any thinking or influence you in any way.
    Regarding comparison with New York, yes the movie has quite a few similarities. Won’t go into the details. But even though New York itself is not without flaws, it worked better for me mainly because you feel for the characters. And also because of its awesome background score.
    Also after watching the movie one will have a few questions like why didn’t she do that?? How could that happen?? etc etc but i guess sometimes you just can’t help it.
    In short, Kurbaan is a well made thriller good for one time watch but its not thought provoking or anything. Don’t go with too many expectations.

  10. l think this movie in great and have no idea l really loved the movie l hope it will run succesfully in world.

  11. Bakwaaaaaaasss film! dont watch n waste money

  12. Excellent movie in overall. Must watch. All acted well. Has some reference with New York and Fanaa but will be overlooked for sure. Keeps you on the edge of the seat, high adrenaline until the end. Well placement of the songs and much more.

  13. Bravo! You’re one of the few Indian producers trying to make movies with more content rather than overdose us with musical numbers that have little to do with the story. I love Hindi films but the dance numbers are waaaaay too much for today’s times. You know what you’re doing Karan, don’t get side lined by single minded critisisims.I hope this a blockbuster for you.Although I am an American still sensitive to terrorist films, I trust yours to be politically correct and I can’t wait for MNIK.

  14. I think days of 40 plus man romancing behind trees making love scenes had gone. As we all may agree 90 % of moviegoers today are young boys and girls. Kurbaan, London Dreams, Main Aur Mrs Khanna may had been good movies but all had aged 40 plus stars shown as Young bright stars. 3 Idiots will meet same fate. Young stars like John, Katrina and Neil made New York hit. RANBIR KAPOOR gave an impressive performance to make Ajab Prem Hit. All these flops and Hits show the taste of young gen x. Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir, Saif, Sanjay Dutt, even Akshay Kumar beware the young brigade is here.

  15. I dont think Movie was preachy and telling muslims what real Islam is,but movie was justifying each wrong act done on name of Islam though on lower tone. Like Ehsaan lost his family in American bombing, and things like 6 year old boy lost everything in US attack. and movie was stupid like showing FBI guy waiting for an hour in church!! Kareen acting adventurous but stupid, she doesnt even call 191 sitting in US!! and then Vivek Obroi’s expression, my God, he didnt look scared but as if tortured to do such acting!! Kareena anyway I felt wasted in the movie. I likes Kiron Kher, she did her part very well and also Om Puri he gave good performance.

  16. Jaw dropping movie. The screenplay was sensational. No lousy songs just for the sake of them. Kiron Kher and Om Puri gave stellar once in a life time performances. Kareena proved she can do mature roles with an elan which only she has. Saif looked devastatingly handsome and great acting. Vivek can act too and bloody well!! Other characters were carefully potrayed. Such a film comes once in 10 years. There was a Lagaan, Gadar, Welcome, Jodha Akbar and now Kurbaan. Its not just a movie…its a classic which will be I felt like …
    remembered for long time to come.

    • ‘Jaw-dropping’, ‘sensational screen-play’, ‘Welcome’,’Kurbaan’ classics?… you really do have a nice sense of humor 😀

  17. watch it and you will understand why i am saying this
    well executed and great performance by safina
    I felt like …
    thats it because beautiful things dont needs words to describe

  18. This is very good movie and based on international terrorisms. Couple must be disappointed if they are expecting this as romantic movie. Minimum level of IQ and sensitive is a prerequisite for this I felt like …
    movie. If you do not then don’t go and watch from this movie.

  19. I suggest spend with your family instead going to a mindless movie like this. 🙂

  20. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ dont ever think of watching it,this movie is one of d worst ever seen ,and for KARAN JOHAR plz stop writting abt other than romance and abt gay

  21. Worthless movie
    tried writing a review on the same…
    Please read and let me know what you felt abt it :)

  22. wat is going here ru all mad why u talk wrong abt critics respect their reviews u fools they r critics not god

  23. The review above made me laugh as it was so true in every word he has written, I didn’t watch this before as didn’t appeal to me and ended up watching it today on tv. The story needed more work maybe alot 😉

    Overall I won’t pay to watch it when I can wait a few months and watch it on TV.

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