54 Movies excluded from List, Check HERE  for details. You have to chose from 25 movies now.

~ by Yakuza on November 18, 2009.

54 Responses to “GRAND POLL : ALL TIME TOP 10 MOVIES”

  1. This is crazy stuff and most difficult one to chose from so many all time Hits. However you can chose up to 10 movies which is fair enough, I have tried my best to put all possible genres and movies. Result of this POLL will be thrilling experience to catch out .. 🙂

    • Good to see quick response from yourside and thanks for including HAHK….But can I know why it was included at the start???

  2. I am very shocked rather than surprised that this list includes few of the irrelevent movies such as Mann, Veer-Zaara, Khakhee, Don(2006), Bluffmaster etc…..but it excludes the name of one of the biggest blockbuster of all time….i.e Hum Aapke Hai Kaun?….I am not sure what could be the reason for that….

    • Included !!Thanks !! however i excluded it previously by intention, as this movie in general is liked by family audience and lost its impact with time. But YES, there are still many takers of it. INCLUDED NOW .. 🙂

      About Bluffmaster, DON(2006), MANN etc .. i build this list with each actor in mind, Abhishek Top movies (performance wise) was Guru, Yuva and Bluffmaster .. i excluded Yuva and prefer bluffmaster due to its innovative concept and screenplay. similar exercise for others.

  3. Guys , i request you to Vote by CHOICE of your favorite MOVIES ONLY, Don’t GO by STARS .. Please make this POLL an authentic one !! Thanks !!

  4. where the hell are hritik movies kaho na pyar hai, koi mil gaya, jodha akhbar?

  5. too many choices .. very hard to vote on. anyway looks like its going to be salman-aamir win.

    in bollywood everything is about stars, can’t ignore that. but a wednesday is a winner simply by not having any stars in it.

  6. This is really grand POLL …. and results are amazing .. I am pleased the way list is deducted from huge choices to mere 25 now …. Now result of this poll will show the real choice of audience ……..

  7. The choice of films for a poll like this, doesn’t make sense.

    Namak Halaal
    Dil Se
    Johnny Gaddar
    Veer Zaara
    Om Shanti Om
    Chupke Chupke
    Bluffmaster (How did that make it/)
    Koi Mil Gaya
    Kranti (1981)
    The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

    Films that I listed, don’t deserve it. Agree that they are entertainers, but would you recommend those films to people who don’t know Bollywood as the greatest films ever in Bollywood. Bluffmaster is amongst the best films ever??? On what merit???

    What happened to Raj Kapoor films like Aawara, Shree 420, Sangam, Mera Naam Joker, Prem Rog, Barsaat?

    You put Gupt in the list, but you left out the probably the greatest murder mystery Teesri Manzil?

    Aashiqui was a stupid film, which got its Hit status from the Blockbuster music, how can you put a movie like that in a poll like this? Aashiqui is better than Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, in fact, why isn’t that film on the list?

    Andaz (1949), the first ever triangle love story isn’t on the list?

    Why isn’t any war films in this poll like Border or Haqeeqat?

    Where are other greats like Waqt, Jab Jab Phool Khile, Aradhana, Upkar, Ram Aur Shyam, Dosti (1964), baiju Bawra, Madhumati, Naya Daur, Pakeezah, Do Aankhen Barah Haath, Aan, Parinda, Ram Lakhan?

    This poll, in my opinion, isn’t good

    • Yeah, I agree with randy.. its very tricky to have a poll listing down the best ever to come out of Bollywood. There are so many classics of the 50s, 60s & 70s missing out, and yet at the same time there are some ridiculous movies of the 90s & 00s in this list.

  8. See u have Mr.India,but where is Mother India ?

  9. yep i have do disagree wid u for once Yakuza. some ov da films in dat list dont even deserve to be mentioned and uve added dem.
    Ram Lakhan is 1 ov my all time favorite movies and sould be dere ahed of many films.
    but yes either HAHK or KKHH will win. i love both films btw.

    • Naveed, some movies which you feel don’t deserve to be in list may be choice of some others. So idea here is to Add some top movies of actors, and as i said below if some movie is missing for someone’s choice, will be added for sure, because we need to figure out TOP 10 favorites of all time .

  10. Hey Guys .. 🙂

    List is already too Long(This list includes some top rated movies of actors, definitely it will exclude much more) .. and i think every movie is getting some Votes, It means there are buyers of every movie, However i am adding more movies to this POLL which you feel is missing as par your choice. So don’t hasitate to comment on any missing movie. I will add instantly !!

    So CHILL .. and have FUN ..

  11. Well i agree with you YAKUZA, This list is already Too long and contains movie of every ones choice (as we can see that each movie is getting vote, less or more), And its not easy to pick few movies from Thoudands(may be lacs) of available movies. @Naveed, yakuza added Ram Lakhan for you only, But i can BET Ram lakhan will not get more than 1% vote. Same is for movies listed by randy above … ANDAZ may be first love triangle .. But how many will chose this movie ??? List should be based on Popular choice only and i think This list serve that purpose, it contains almost all popular and class movies which should be in List … @Yakuza … I pass this list as perfect ….

    • But you should exclude some movies from list which will get very less votes in coming days, because these movies are not serving any prpose here but to just complicate the things .. please dont add any more movie for the sake of One or two … thanks

  12. i agree wid u Jeevan.
    a lot ov people i know say dey love Karan Arjun. but should it be added to da list?

  13. Cool Yakuza, this list is just perfect .. guys who can ever think that Andaaz apna apna can get Highest vote, look at votes AAA is gettin more votes than sholay , otherwise as stated by some comments above, AAA shouldn’t be in lits … but fact is it is most fav … So yakuza i agree with you .. who knows that which one is most fav .. it is only after completion of POLL we came to know which movie was least favourites which shouldn’t be in list … I have voted .. and my choice is strange … some of movies pointed out by randy are my favourites … 😛 ..

    So randy please pardon me .. i am not agree with you .. 🙂

    • On other side these so called classics Shree 420, ram lakhan, Naya daur etc are getting almost Nill votes … so @Randy .. i am not with you

      • well said shruti .. yakuza is quite intelligent guy who know popular choice .. we shouldn’t spoil the list by addition of our personal fav .. unless demand is heavy .. but i don’t find any fault in the list ..

  14. it doesnt surprise me AAA is leading. great film.

  15. I think its time to remove some movies from the list. Movies with less than 10 votes at this point will not come tops at the end anyway. The list is too difficult to navigate.

  16. Better to have a poll just for the nominations first i guess. Shortlist 25 movies and then have the poll.

  17. wheres baazigar…! and kal ho na ho..??

  18. Ghajini? Gupt? Bluffmatsre lmaoo wht the heck hahhha

  19. good work yakuza.i will tell u 1.sholay 2.MKS 3.DON(1978) will be.

  20. rab ne bana di jodi…how can u miss tht…!!

  21. No salman khan movies in the listtt whyyyyy
    Tere naam , Wanted, Partner, Khamoshi, Hum apke hain kaun, Main ne pyar kiya,London Dreams, Jaaneman these movies are outstanding but not in the list why?

    • Maine Pyaar Kiya m Hum aapke hain kaun , Karan Arjun are very much in lits …

      This list is already very long .. so even need to exclude some of them .. Wanted/Partner/Khamoshi etc … not deserving candidate for all time HIT ..

    • Yakuza, i request you to exclude movies who got less then 15 votes.

  22. Why is QSQT not on the list??!! You have included a Mann but not QSQT? Please also add QSQT on the list! And even Sarfarosh is also not on the list.

  23. Taran Adarsh Kurnbaan Review : 4/5

    He is keeping his 100% record of 4/5 rating for all Karan johar movies …… 😀

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  25. Veer-Zaara is one of my favorite movie of all time, i cant believe people didn’t vote for that. Really glad to see my all time favorite movie swadesh in there. So when is this poll going to end?

    • yeah, Even i like Veer Zaara a lot, apart from this many Old golden gems got ignored (which was obvious because of lost glory in current generation). This POLL will go for one week.



  28. Lets vot for rdb so that aamir solos grab 6,7 and 8

  29. hahk mpk ddlj aren’t grt enough as lagaan .ddlj is most overrated.

  30. i would love lagaan outdoing ddlj .ddlj is getting lukewarm response from last 2 was leading at one pt.Now it is lingering behing many.if that happens no srk movie in top 5 .grt.

    • Congrats, Lagaan has surpassed DDLJ though the margin is still close. Get some more Aamir fans to vote for it.

  31. Looks like my wish is coming true yakuza.what u think about isn’t ddlj overrated.which is better ddlj vs lagaan.srk best vs aamir best.

  32. glad to see my all time favorite movie swadesh in there.

  33. Salman’s movies got more votes. Thatz cool 😉

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  38. khakee

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