Farah takes revenge, dumps Shahrukh

Here is the shocker of the year! The leading actor of director Farah Khan’s next film is not Shahrukh Khan. It is Akshay Kumar. Titled Tees Maar Khan (TMK), the film is a joint production between the actor’s Hari Om Productions and her company (owned jointly with husband Shirish Kunder) Three’s Company.
Buzz up!This casting is interesting because Farah is Shahrukh’s rakhi sister and Akshay is his arch-rival. Both her previous films had her mooh-bola-bhai in lead roles. Her third film, Happy New Year was to feature him too but he kept sending her back to the writing boards as he wasn’t happy with it. When it became clear that in 2010, SRK would finish Ra1 and Don, she dropped the project and approached Akshay for TMK.
And though Farah and Shahrukh are not working together, she remains very fond of him. Apparently, she met SRK yesterday at Mannat to apprise him of the latest developments of her film and to let him know that Akshay was her lead hero before Shahrukh heard it from anyone else.
Clearly, there is stress between SRK and Farah. The unwritten rule has been broken. Until now it was understood: If Farah Khan (or Karan Johar) made a film, it would star SRK. But by casting Khan’s dushman, she has proved what was only being speculated so far – that all is not well between them. It is believed that the actor was not happy with the script and asked her to rewrite it a few times but she felt these were just delaying tactics and he wanted to start the superhero flick Ra1 and the action-thriller Don 2 before her film.

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~ by Yakuza on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Farah takes revenge, dumps Shahrukh”

  1. Good for both SRK and Farah. They need to work with other directors.
    I wonder if Farah will be able to give big hits with Akshay? What if the film doesnt do MHN/OSN kind of business?
    For SRK it is MNIK in 2010; Ra-1 and Don in 2011. Good lineup I think.

  2. This article is trying to stir up bullshit. SRK has his hands full. also farah’s hubby wanted to work with AK after Jaaneman…

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