TOPAZ BOL : APKGK – Landmark Film For All Its Stakeholders

Excellent writeup by TOPAZ

Since the day APKGK opened all across India it has taken box office by storm .The collection has been humungous and the success of this film will definitely be a landmark film for all those who are associated with it. Let’s see what actually it has done to the four key stakeholders.

 Raj Kumar Santoshi

 Finally he has tasted success and that to a very sweet one. In my opinion he is India’s most under rated director who has never repeated himself and made movies which had social relevance. From Ghayal till Halla bol he has tried to send a message across and most of the time he has delivered. In a country where most of the times ordinary movies (packed and promoted well) turn out to be huge successes it has been very disappointing to see his film fail regularly. Out of last five films he has directed The Legend of Bhagat Singh and Khakee deserved to be huge success. Both the movies were applauded by critics but neither of them got good box office success or any awards. Finally he has got a huge money spinner under his belt and it will certainly give him huge confidence for all his future assignments. The failure of this film would have certainly hit him the most.

 Ranbir Kapoor

While watching APGK the only thought that kept coming into my mind was how much Ranbir Kapoor has grown in last 2 years. A flop, an average grosser, a semi-hit and now a blockbuster, yes his box office clout has grown phenomenally and so has his acting skills. Though he showed glimpse of brilliance in all his previous releases its APKGK that confirms his acting credentials .The transition has come fast and for good only. He just sidelined everybody in APKGK with his charm filled portrayal of Prem.Now how far Ranbir goes from here only time will tell. But he is improving with his every single release and definitely a contender for next superstar. Many will say that he has yet to prove himself in an action role or in a dark character before being termed as the next big thing. Well for that we can only wait and watch .But as of now Ranbir can keep saying to all his detractors “Look kya de rahe ho”, it has to happen.

 Katrina kaif

She to me is the only actress of the current lot for whom I have never heard single bad word. She may not be a top notch as far as acting skills are concerned but definitely the most loved and desired one. Her appearance on screen makes people sigh. She is the ultimate male fantasy (Hope I m not sounding like a fanboy, but then who cares).

APKGK has played a significant role in bringing out what could be a next best on screen pair. She made an excellent pair with Akshay but she needed someone of her age with whom she could make a good on screen pair to extend her celluloid life. Well I guess that someone is Ranbir. Both of them have scorching chemistry and they can well be the Sharukh and Kajol of next decade.

 Ramesh Taurani/Tips Films

Tips films has always been associated with quality cinema. They make film on lavish scale, ensure that the content is good if not extraordinary and promotes each of their film as if their life depends on it. One of the key features of all their films has been hit music.

They were doing very well till Kya Kehna in 2000.But after that most of their movies flopped at box office. Movie like Dil Ka Rishta,The legend of Bhagat singh, Dil hai Tumfara, Kya yehi pyaar hai, Fida, Naqaab left their balance sheet bleeding .In between they tasted some success in form of Ishq Vishk.They got into recovery mode with Race and Kismat connection. Both movies did well on box office and music sales. But none of them was a huge money spinner which could just turn the tide. In form of APKGK they have got same. The success of APKGK will infuse new energy and enthusiasm in them and will definitely give them the vigor and zeal to produce more movies and keep audience entertained. Looking forward to Prince Mr.Taurani



~ by topazbol on November 17, 2009.

24 Responses to “TOPAZ BOL : APKGK – Landmark Film For All Its Stakeholders”

  1. topaz, very good analysis. ranbir definitely benefits hugely from this film, as well as RKS. i also think katrina has really shown great improvement as an actress. but what do you mean you have never heard anything bad about her? i didn’t get that…

  2. hey yakuja i want you to be a contributor in my blog also please send me ur email id. thanks.

  3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani collected around 11 crore nett over its second weekend taking its ten day total to around 29 crore nett.
    The film is heading for around 15-16 crore nett over its second week. The collections would have higher but the super success of 2012 has meant that Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani collected a bit lower than it would have otherwise. Even still the film is a sure shot Super Hit and outside chance of being a blockbuster.
    The first week all India distributor share for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani was 20.75 crore approx.

    apkgk has sink the business of london dreams (second week) and 2012 sink the busines of apkjk (second week), jaisi karni waisi barni, hhhhhmmmmmm

  4. 2012 has shattered all opening records for foreign films in India. The film started superbly on Friday and was fantastic on Saturday and Sunday.

    The film has grossed around 14-15 crore nett from the Hindi and English versions and possibly another 5-6 crore nett from its Telugu and Tamil versions.

    2012 has badly affected the collections of hindi films like Tum Mile and Ajab Prem Ki Kahani and local films in the South Indian market. In Andhra Pradesh the film is a rage. 2012 may become the biggest Hollywood blockbuster in India

  5. @Khalid
    What ever be the fate now onwards APKGK is a sure shot superhit….See film loosing out business in second week is something which is going to stay…..more n more movies are being produced every year and the breathing space is becoming lesser and lesser…Now we have entered in a hollywood style of business….where producers release movie on more then 10000-12000 prints across the globe and tries to get maximum returns in first week itself….To maximise output in first week itself more and more screens in form of multiplexes are being added..but the onus remains on the producers only to make their projects look exciting,generate curiosity ,have right PR in place and get the promotion mix right to hit the target audience…APKGK succeeded in doing that and result is in front of us.

  6. @Topaz,Yakuza
    Hows the trending for APKGK from Monday onwards??
    What are the Monday figures for TM and APKGK??
    APKGK – Already has around 50 cr nett from 10 days. It is already a super hit. How much it needs to be a BB??

  7. thanks topaz and yakuza for sharing your views

  8. “They got into recovery mode with Race and Kismat connection. Both movies did well on box office and music sales. But none of them was a huge money spinner which could just turn the tide.”

    Please do some research before writing an article. If to you race wasnt a huge money spinner than I must question your knowledge.

    • Race did a net business of around 60 crs against a production and publicity cost of 45 crs …..where as APKGK is going to do the same with production cost of around 25crs…so i guess you can see the difference in returns….other then that sattelite rights of a suspence thriller are generally bought at a lower price then a romantic/comic film because of a repeat viewership is much lower…..I hope u will get my point….

      • Agree, Race was Huge grosser but least profitable, many trade analysts declare it semi-Hit …. (Komal i guess)

  9. Katrina Kaif is superstar. She is the most gorgeous actress and she is undoubetedly one of the top actress in bollywood. I like ker. She goes beyond her ways to promote her movies. Her movies are the best. Good luck to her.

    Ranbir is amazingly talented. Katrina + Ranbir = HOTTEST COUPLE in India right now.

  10. YAKUJA,
    is katrina no.1 heroine of bollywood?

    • Pretty Much YES, There is huge perception over her remarkable boxoffice record , Perception has taken up shape that credit goes to katrina for all big openers this year (BLUE, APKGK, Newyork). APKGK and Newyork is landmark in her career, which gives her scope as an actress also.

  11. Yakuza..Did you watch 2012?? Please explain the experience in short.

  12. yakuza…any news on kurbaan advance booking???

  13. nice work topaz…

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