Quick Poll: What is your favourite Saif Ali Khan performance?

With KURBAAN around the corner time for a Saif Poll! I’ve only listed the films I consider his top performances…after our whopping 10th week, we’re on to our 11th week…my vote goes to EK HASINA THI!

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~ by prazzero00000 on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “Quick Poll: What is your favourite Saif Ali Khan performance?”

  1. This guy is so talented – i dnt know what performance to choose!
    that spks volumes for the talent that Saif has. he can change characters more so than any actor in his generation. his role in omkara is so different to Parineeta–>Dil Chahta hai. none of the big boys Aamir/SRK —– Ajay/Sallu/Akki can do what he can. Aamir could get away with it i suppose but u know that he will still do his same cheeky grin/similar mannerisms….however Aamir gets away with it because his movies are always different and are good quality so therefore even the most anti-aamir fan will come out of the movie thinking ‘wow….class movie’. From the early 90’s Saif would always be the comedic side-show to Akki or some other beefy actor….however i guess it all changed with DCH… i loved that movie and his character was one of the best loved imo ek hasina thi deserved to be bigger hit but i suppose Saif was re-building himself as a solo-star so therefore the movie had to be reallyyyy cheap or released at a favourable period (no clashes etc) but i thought it was a gr8 movie and Saif’s character was a right bastard which was exactly how it was supposed to be portrayed. also have to say that he played the anti-hero very well and the action scenes were brilliantly executed – one of the best movies by RGV. Omkara was a mind-blowing performance by Saif….i remember at the time both Aamir and SRK were praising the performance…Aamir rejected that role (shows that Vishal thought Aamir was capable of doing it) and SRK said that Saif played a better villain than he did in Baazigar….interesting no?

    We all now that Saif is quality but he lacks the universal fan following which SRK and Aamir have. they scored heavily in the 90’s and in this decade…whereas Saif has only started scoring in this decade. However he’s a bit younger than them and chooses good movies now and then, so let’s see what happens…
    I dnt

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