Ajay Devgan Career In This Decade

Vishal Veeru Devgan, popularly known as Ajay Devgan, is a National Film Award-winning actor who begin his career as an action hero in the early 90’s, Devgan has since established himself as one of the actors open to serious roles in Bollywood. In 2008 he ventured into directing as well with U, Me Aur Hum, which saw him starring in the lead role alongside his wife, popular actress Kajol. Ajay show his vast range of acting in variety of genres like Action, Comedy and Negative roles.

Let’s have a look at his career this decade:

Sr. No Movie Nett Gross (Approx round figures) Verdict
1 Golmal Returns 51 Crore Hit 
2 Golmal (2006) 30 Crore Semi Hit
3 Khakee 27 Crore Above Average
4 All The Best 42 Crore Above Average 
5 Omkara 27 Crore Below Average 
6 Line Of Control 19 Crore Below Average 
7 Qayamat 16.5 Crore Hit 
8 Kaal 19 Crore Above Average 
9 Bhoot 15 crore Semi Hit 
10 U Me Aur Hum 24 Crore Average 
11 Deewangee 12 Crore Average 
12 Apharan 16 Crore Above Average 
13 Lajja 11 Crore Flop
14 Yuva 13 Crore Below Average 
15 Company 11 Crore Semi Hit 
16 Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin 11 Crore Flop 
17 Raju Chacha 9 Crore Flop 
18 Sunday 21 Crore Average 
19 Cash 19 Crore Flop
20 Zameen 11 Crore Average
21 London Dreams 31 Crore Flop
22 Gangajal 10.75 Crore Above Average
23 Deewane 5 Crore Flop
24 The Legend Of Bhagat Singh 7 Crore Disaster
25 Shikhar 8 Crore Disaster
26 Ye Raaste Hain Pyaar ke 5 Crore Flop
27 Halla Bol 14 Crore Flop
28 Tera Mera Sath Rahe 4 Crore Flop
29 Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag 7 Crore Disaster
30 Tango Charlie 7 Crore Flop
31 Parwana 4 Crore Disaster
32 Insaan 4.5 Crore Disaster
33 Chori Chori 3 Crore Disaster
34 BlackMail 4 Crore Disaster
35 Zameer 1 Crore Disaster
36 Mehbooba 2 Crore Disaster
37 Main Aisa Hi Hoon 3 crore Disaster
38 Raincoat 2.5 Crore Disaster
    Total Boxoffice impact 524.5 Crore
    Average Nett per movie 13.80 Crore
    Total movies Released 38
    Total Success 14
    Total Flops 24
    Total Hits +/- 5
    Success ratio 36.84%
    Hit Ratio 13.15%
    Flop Ratio 63.15%
    Performance 53.22%

Performance calculation : 

Ajay Devgan   Score
Total releases 38 25
Total Hits 5 3.28
Total Success 14 9.21
Revenue generated 524.5 Crore 15.73
  Total Score 53.22 %

Ajay Devgan Peformance is just average with 53.22% score, But has given some outright classic and exceptional movies in this decade like The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, GangaJal, Apharan, Khakee and London dreams etc, however  at the boxoffice these movies didn’t get much success but will always be remembered as timeless cults (especially TLOBS). His upcoming projects are “Rajneeti” and “Once Upon a Time In Mumbai“.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 17, 2009.

52 Responses to “Ajay Devgan Career In This Decade”

  1. Awesome work as always yakuza, Great Analysis indeed, Ajay box-office pull is all time low in this decade, However his last few outings show some acceleration in his opening figures.

  2. Great Job Bolly.

  3. Thanks Yakuza, Ajay Devgan is one of my favorite actor and always will be. I love his movies. I loved his performance in Deewangee.

    • Ajay devgan is real good performer in intense roles like TLOBS, Gangajal etc. Looking forward for Rajneeti.

  4. whoa .. one of the best actors of Bollywood and just 1 real hit in entire decade!

    One a lighter note, he is the anti-Katrina, anything he touches turns to box-office dud.

  5. I saw the poll and I have a question for you Yakuza, What is your Most Awaited Upcoming Movies?

    • At the moment Paa is in priority, Next one will be MNIK and Rann (don’t know why but 3I didn’t make that much impact, But i am confident of Raju and Aamir).

  6. The guy has won 2 national awards. First for Zakhm and later for TLOBS. He is a great actor. Irrespective of how his movies fare at the BO, he is one of the most versatile actors today in the Indian industry.

  7. u r nt looking 4ward 4 veer????@yakuza

  8. Amazing work Yakuza 🙂

    Get 1 from Akki now 🙂

    and than

  9. Contd …. Shahid Kapoor


  10. Dear Yakuza,u fullfil my request.I said twice to u about ajay list.thank you so much sir.and u did great work.First time I saw that Qayyammat is hit movie,I was thinking that its average movie.i love ajay films.he is great actor.again thanks.

  11. thnx yakuza 4 da ans…bt u Didnt mention veer in ur most awaited movie list…..Thats y asked….Nd i m da 2nd one….. 🙂

  12. @yakuza
    You forgot to include Golmaal in the list dude.

  13. @yakuza
    I think even the ‘revenue generation’ calculation is incorrect.
    50 crores nett is taken as 100 percent and Ajay did 37 movies(excluding Golmaal) in this decade.So the numerator becomes 495.5 crores and the denominator becomes 37*50=1850. Now 495.5/1850*25 comes to around 6.7
    Even if we take per movie values(same calculation)13.39/50*25 comes to around 6.7
    The correct total score comes to around 43.1
    And this is excluding Golmaal.
    I hope this helps.

    • As Par Method :

      MR (Minimum Revenue) = [(Total Years for which performance is being calculated) * 2]

      RG (revenue Generated) = ((URG * .2) + URG)

      Revenue = RG/MR * 25

      If i apply it Here :
      MR = 1000
      RG = (524.5*.2) + 524.5 = 629.4

      Revenue share = (629.4/1000) * 25 = 15.73

    • Again, you will see some more changes in this overall technique in coming days.

      • Ok good. I think it makes more sense to give success ratio and hit ratio more weightage, say 30 each and total no. of movies a little less say 15. But its just my opinion.

        • Also critical acclaim and National awards may be allotted some marks. Sometimes a movie is uniformly praised by all the critics and the audience in general but it doesn’t show at the BO. Some e.g Ajay in Zakhm, TLOBS, LD. Salman in LD. SRK in Swadesh. Aamir in DCH. Hrithik in Lakshay. But the problem with this is it would become very subjective and the fans will take you for a ride. But atleast National Award winning movies can be given extra credentials.

        • Thanks for valued inputs, second version of this technique is almost in Hand, will be glad for your inputs, new version include Blockbuster/Disaster and opening weightage. Appreciate your seggestion on awards, Try to incorporate it too. [ and yes, National ones only).

  14. thankss very much yakuza

    i like ajay he is sush good actor

    but where Golmal ??

    the big hit !!

  15. Guys, what we are ignoring the fact here is that BOI reporting is too late and less accurate as compared to Bolly … if i goto few instance in recent past like :

    1. Ajab prem ki gazab kahani .. first weekend reporting here was most grounded (21 crore), while BOI and others was at 25 crore, Now after a week BOI comes down to 38 crore (from 41 crore), while here collections are consistant from first weekend to first week of 37 crore.(I am sure BOI will cut 1 crore in few months)

    2. Ajab second weekend report of 10 Crore was reported here on Sunday itself which is reported today by BOI.

    3. 2012 first weekend report was published here on sunday which BOI publish just yesterday.

    There are more achievements of bolly if i go way beyond (Like WUS etc).

    Yakuza, Praz .. you are doing great guyz …. 🙂

  16. Thanks YAK. Perfect calculation. Ajay Devgan is very good in intense roles specially as you said.

  17. it is an amazing work, yakuza keep it up!

  18. V gud yakuza keep it up.

  19. Not being a choclate face actor like khans, staring with action hero image for long period and (ofcourse he has stayed in the industry to prove he can do comedy as well, it might be luck or something else i don’t know) converting himself to comedy movies (he and rohit shetty was convinced and not the audience and critics until all the best happened and he proved he is a good comedian) and staying in the film industry for nearly two decades is itself a big achievement for ajay, he is an excellent actor. because we have seen lot of very handsome guys, excellent dancers with very good body, came and gone, audience don’t even remember them. As per me ajay has over stayed in industry atleast 10 years. as said my jeevan “he may accelerate if he is lucky in future” he really really deserve some more hits films to his filmi career, he is really such a good actor. All is said, ajay too has done mistakes by leaving good movies like karan arjun, darr (i have read, i really don’t know the truth about darr” first approached to amir and then ajay and then went to shah rukh), race in the place of anil kapoor i remember these movies only. and also by signing bad movies. i hope by end of his career there will be increased success ratio in the sheet of yakuza for ajay

  20. Also there was good films which did not see the light which were selved due to some reasons, chaliya and mr. fraud by abbas mustan, singer “it was double role” benaam by aneez bazmee which is delayed if released now will be flop outdated. one more film by rajkumr santoshi staring ajay, akshay kumar, aishwarya and nana patekar, if these films were made they were sure hits. bad films of ajay relased and good films delayed and selved. this is called bad luck

  21. You Know Yakuza, There is panic among some fans at NG because of your List, because with such a standard process, It will be hard to argue .. 🙂 .. I witness conversation at SB of NG about the List and calculations you are uploading on regular basis. Every one is in panic because this list is like showing Mirror on your face .. Great WORK I say …. 😀

  22. Ajay should be more choosy in selecting movies, He did a lot of crap(but his movies are big sellers in DVD/CD circuit), Now as he is moving in more quality stuff, his performace will definitely going to increase in 2-3 years. ALl the best Ajay.

  23. yep Ajay really is a fantastic actor and he haz been unlucky dat most of his films have not worked at da BO.

  24. Damn man! Aamir, Salman, SRK, Amitabh, Ajay and even Emraan. but still no piece on akshay?? waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

  25. Hi, why don’t u include d hit films of Ajay Devgan in the list. Note down the other hit films of AD:-
    1. Phool Aur Kante
    2. Jigar
    3. Suhag
    4. Hum dil de chucke sanam
    5. Pyar to hona hi tha.
    6. vijay Path
    7. Dilwale
    8. Deljale
    9. Ishq
    10. Kache Dhage
    11. Plateform
    12. Kaal
    13. Masti
    14. Itihas
    15. Jaan
    16. Najayaz
    17. Major Shaab

  26. ajay devgan is really a great actor in bolywood this time. noboday can tell what is ajay is going to do in is next film. he naver repeat himself. he is just superb in his job etiher love,(Pyar to hona hi tha,Hum dil de chuike sanam,) action(No need to write) comedy(Golmaal 1, golmal 2 All the best, Ishq) intencity(Gangajal, Apharan, London drems),whatever. He is the only actor who can beat all ‘KHANS’ Who always repeat himself Specially S R K.

  27. Pls Do 1 Or 2 Movies ina year like G’Maal, Atb.

  28. please show all movies of ajay devgan from 1990 till Date

  29. I do;nt Think he does only 38 movies in his carear as you mantioned in the list of ajay devgan’s movie.

  30. Ajay is the best actor in whole industry specially compaire khans and he can prove by winnimg national award and best villan award he can play any type role

  31. Thanks yakuza for giving comments on ajay devgn who is delivered some fantastic film in last decade but due to low promotion his film didnot clicked well in box office. His coming decade will be proved that he is one of the most popular superstar in bollywood and for that i praying to god.

  32. AJAY DEVGN is the one only versatile superstar in bollywood. best of luck ajay

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