TOPAZ BOL : Top Ten Paisa vasool movies of the year

This is my list of what I feel have been the paisa vasool movies of the year. The Rating is solely based on the euphoria one felt while and after watching the movie. How much the content justified the price of the movie ticket? Few movies that missed the list are 99, Raaz and New York.

The list will definitely change by year end as some very exciting movies in form of Rocket Singh-Sales man of the year, Kurbaan, De Dana Dan, 3 idiots are lined up for release.

 10) Wake up Sid

It may surprise many to see this movie at tenth spot but the fact is the movie did not offer any thing novel in terms of story and screenplay. Excellent music and superb performance from the lead pair is the only reason that the film is featuring in top ten.

 9) All the best

Surprise winner in the Diwali 3 way battle. Film had some really funny scenes and Ajay Devin’s brilliant performance made it even more watchable.

8 ) Ajab Prem ki Gajab Khani

Lead pairs chemistry and lilting music was a huge bonus.APKGK had some hilarious moments and well Ranbir has made a strong statement by delivering a huge hit.

 7)London Dreams

Excellent performance some great dramatic scenes and Salman’s charm made this movie a very good watch. Only downer was a very ordinary music score. Had Vipul Shah worked hard on this aspect LD would have been a different experience altogether.

6)Luck by Chance

It was a pure delight watching LBC. Brilliant performance by all the principal cast and beautifully executed dramatic scenes made it a breezy watch.


College politics role in mainstream politics was never shown this well before. The layered characters and portrayal made it an edgy watch. The dialogues were very well written and outstanding performance just took movie to a different level.

 4)Love aaj kal

Imitiaz Ali once again proved that when it comes to romance he is the best we have today in bollywood. He lived upto the expectations and gave a beautiful movie which strike the chord with the youth big time. The songs, the settings (of both eras), screenplay, performance everything was top notch.

3) Dev D

This movie was nothing but orgasm. The way Anurag Kashyag narrated this story of modern Devdas it left you asking for more and more. The Danny Boyle inspired camera work, brilliant songs and out of the world performance by Abhay Deol and Mahi Gill made DevD an absolute marvel of a movie.


Watch it on a single screen and you will get the answer why it is at number 2 spot. Public went berserk every time Salman appeared on the screen.It was salman power all the way and proved nothing can beat well made bollywood masala flick if you are seeking pure entertainment.


Take a bow Mr.Bhardwaj. Forget Kashyaps and Raghwans when it comes to hard hitting movies no one can beat the master. He once again gave a gem of a movie which deserves all the awards next year. It will be hard to displace this tribute to Tarantino and Scorsese from no.1 spot.


~ by topazbol on November 16, 2009.

18 Responses to “TOPAZ BOL : Top Ten Paisa vasool movies of the year”

  1. Welcome to bollybusiness Topaz .. 🙂

  2. Video: SRK’s Dulha Mil Gaya Trailer

  3. Kaminey is the best movie this year .shahid acted verywell definetly he would get best actor award this year.

  4. no way WANTED was not da best movie ov da year but Salman’s performance was outstanding. he deserves da award after 20 years of being neglected by da panel who give out dese awards.

    • Naveed this list is not based solely on content…The basic parameter is pure entertainment…Wanted has its flaws but euphoria of watching it in a 1000 seater auditorium is just mind blowing ..It reminded me of border ,zidddi,gadar & lagaan days…

  5. Good list. My list would surely not include ‘Ajab Prem’ and ‘Love Aaj Kal’. IMHO, ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Luck by chance’ are the best to come out this year.

  6. IMHO LONDON DREAMS was by far da best movie ov da year
    den ATB.

  7. List is preety good but i would have rather put Raaz in the list instead of APKGK … i dont really know whats all the fuss about that movie.
    Moreover, London Dreams could have been # 1 only if the music was a little better. But, the movie was definetely better than LAK.
    anyways its just my opinion 🙂

  8. nice list some commercial potboilers thrown in.

    My List:

    1.Wake Up Sid – 4.5/5 will become a classic imo
    2.Kaminey – 4/5 cult movie imo
    3.London Dreams – 4/5 could have been better
    4.Luck By Chance – 4/5 very engrossing movie

    WUS was a movie which i did not expect much from, however it really grew on me and stayed with me for days and i actually went back and watched it again 🙂 Ranbir really oozed talent in WUS, he is so natural. i loved BAH and he didnt dissapoint then either. he’s one of the few actors along with Aamir & Abhay Deol who chooses gr8 scripts.

    I was reallllyyy looking fwd to Kaminey. the buzz around this movie was immense! Prior to this movie, i did not think much of Shahid Kapur…however his performance really blew me away. The direction was immense but i was even more impressed with Shahid in a double role. Priyanka once again impressed me…she is one to watch…Katrina may rule the BO but Priyanka can select gr8 roles and hit the the bullseye at the BO imo. Same with Shahid… i believe Ranbir is speeding away from Shahid because the latter doesnt select good roles (Kaminey is an exception). Shahid needs to correct this otherwise he’l be another John Abraham who fell behind the pack. Shahid’s talent is scary (SRK baazigar?)and i never imagined him doing a Kaminey. He’l be battling it out this year with Ranbir for the best actor award.

    London Dreams was a good effort by Vipul who i thought done a cracking job with Namastey London(a very under-rated movie imo)
    the songs in this movie are just amazing, especially when you see Barson Yaaron in the movie – exhilirating! the performances are top notch – Asin looked gorgeous, Ajay playing the intense band lead. I think Salman will/should get the best supporting actor award this year for this movie. He was very very good to watch. After a long time i can say i saw Salman khan act. I think Salman does his best work with an able director and he also needs to start choosing good scripts and roles. The director does a good job but there are too money WTF’s?/loop holes/flaws in the story for my liking – the script & storyline should have been more logical and tighter.

    Luck by Chance was a chance for me to see one of my fave actors of Generation next – Farhan Akhtar. This guy really wowed me in Rock On. I believe if he makes more movies he’l be up there with Ranbir and Shahid. Going back to the movie, it was really engrossing, i always find Konkana’s charachers very earthy and likeable. Farhan excels in his role. I think the director achieved what he set out to do – which was to make a nice movie….however i think the reason it failed at the BO was that it was too classy and not massy enough.

    i haven’t had a chance to see Dev D.

    Will watch APKGK on wednesday.

    However i seen 20mins of Wanted and walked out of the cinema….horrible film. Love Aaj Kal could have been a really good film but it was too glossy and lacked substance. The songs were brilliant and the flashback (younger saif). I seen ALL THE BEST….i’d giv it 3/5 at the most. some of the gags in the movie were hilarious…ajay is the heartbeat of the movie…he is just excellent at comedy imo….he has got better with the Golmaal series (btw i loved Golmaal Returns:)

    • This is excellent choice as well as precise description, WUS and LD are just too good, Kaminey didn’t work for me, LBC was excellent though. Agree with Love Aaj kal, this was missed opportunity. @DevD, I would rate it best movie of 2009 (though there was too much alcohol in movie). Delhi 6 will definitely come in my list.

      • For me WUS did not work just for one reason it had too much influence of Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshaya….nothing novel…sincere effort but definitely not a classic…Other reason why DevD,Gulal and LBC feature at their respective position is ,impact of watching these films on big sreen vis a vis DVD….The difference i believe would not have been major…Wanted,Kaminey and LAK feature so high only because they were meant for big screen and delivered what they promised….

  9. Salman should get nominated for best actor for both london dreams and wanted.

  10. hey yakuza… why newyork is not been included in da list
    it was such a nice movie…

  11. oops sorry then…

  12. @chetan,
    I liked NY….but again it lost to ATB on one count value for money…i have Divided all the movies in 2 segments..low/moderate budget and high budget…NY was in the second list and i felt ATB was more entertaining…Only because of this 99 and Raaz lost inspite of being better than APKGK…

  13. YAKisUJA,
    TOPIC of this list is paisa wasool,so is LD is paisa vasool movie?????????????

  14. but the big question with kaminey is……who was kamina in it……….i didnt find any hard core kamina in it.

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