First Look Of Dulha Mil Gaya


~ by Yakuza on November 16, 2009.

11 Responses to “First Look Of Dulha Mil Gaya”

  1. Who is that other actress(Not Sushmita Sen)?

  2. Anushka just has two three scenes in the movies. Leaves only Neha Sharma though can’t confirm this.

  3. i saw the promo on Naachgaana. its got trash written all over it.
    Not even going to watch this on youtube 🙂

  4. well i saw the trailor on youtube…and it has been highly appriciated..even by some srk fan from spain…! seema a good deal to me…

  5. well rosh u dint get my point… a person from spain can like the promo of a film just coz of srk…? either u have to beliv tht or tht the promo is smthng really good..!!

  6. @ ok. i mite watch it coz SRK iz init even though am not a fan. but DMG does look pretty trashy.

  7. hmmm … trashy wudnt be the rite word…i wud call it masala…! and ya obviously the srk factor can only save the movie..

  8. @ ok. sorry bout using da word trashy.
    but dis film will show uz how much ov a big pull SRK has on da box office. he hasnt been seen in a film for over a year. so all SRK fans will probably go watch it.
    IF and it is a big IF dis film bombs it will be interesting to see how many people call dis a SRK film.

  9. who is that other girl ??? really wanna know !!!

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