70’s/80’s was the era when least profitable movies were declared flops – Gaurav Verma

Shringar Films Ltd. Are Leading film distributors in India who have distributed a number of successful movies since 70’s, From almost every other Amitabh starrer to Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Raja Hindustani, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Baazigar, Rangeela, Lagaan, Chalte Chalte and many more. They have also been pioneers in creating national success out of niche movies – a strategy which has redefined conventional distribution practices. Hyderabad Blues, Leela, Chachi 420, Bandit Queen, Chandni Bar, Chhota Chetan, are some of the appreciated films distributed by Shringar Films. Some of the foreign films distributed by us are Life is Beautiful and Baran (the Iranian film).

I just had few words with Gaurav Verma – Head Programming of Shringar Films Ltd. , There is some brief :

Is Shringar Films Ltd. one of key players among  North India distributors ?

Gaurav : Yes, Apart from distribution of movies in India, we also sometimes sub-distribute and organize Screenings for corporate players.

Which prominent movies you have distributed recently ?

Gaurav : If you are talking about pure distribution than Dostana was our last profitable venture, We lost money in Tasveer and Billu , Khuda Ke liye did breakeven at low cost. But Lage Raho Munna Bhai was our last real money spinner after a long time.

How many movies you have distributed till date ?

Gaurav : Shrigaar Films Pvt Ltd is next generation of Shringar Films which was founded in 1975, In span of 29 years we have distributed around 150 movies. Shingaar Films was in financial mess in 90’s. Many of decisions went wrong like distribution of Roop Ki raani choro Ka Raja, Khuda Gawah etc. This was time when amitabh bachchan movies also went wrong, Shingar Films was Key distributors for Amitabh Bachchan movies in north india till 90’s. That was the Era of golden days with negligible risk involved because even flop movies of bachchan was infact profitable ventures, That was the era when least profitable movies of bachchan were declared flop. But unfortunately that golden days ends with Bachchan’s Retirement, And tough days started for Shingar Films, Only some notable ventures in 90’s were Baazigar, Raja Hisdustani and Rangeela. But again with many duds. Compare to 70’s and 80’s when 90% of our projects were profitable, 90’s come down to 30% only. From this point only in 1999 Shingaar Films became Shingaar Films Pvt. Ltd. with joint ventures in exhibition. We are developing our multiplex chain of fame adlabs Pvt limited across north india, this chandigarh unit is our recent multiplex.

So definition of flop in past and present varies ?

Gaurav: yes of-course, Now Flop means Super Flop or Total Loss, Risks, Stakes are sky high for each release, Now even Hit movies are least profitable. Only survivors in this business are distributors who are self exhibitors too. 

What are meaning of Hits and Flops Now ?

Gaurav : These are bullshit terms for producers only, we generally bite our nails when we hear media going Ga ga over Success of some movie and in reality we have lost amount for these so called successful movies.

Please name few ?

Gaurav : Delhi 6, Wake up Sid, Blue, kaminey are such examples.

But Delhi 6 was never consider Hit.

Gaurav : Even it should never be, we lost money.

But universal hits are out of question now, even you must have made profit for movies in some centers while losing at some others ?

Gaurav : Yes, true. Hit and flop for every investor is different. And there are many investors involved in this entire chain.

What are your upcoming distribution projects ?

Gaurav : No deal has been finalized yet except some joint ventures with reliance like Paa, right now we are interested to expand our exhibition centers.

Which actors you rate in top brackets from boxoffice point of view?

Gaurav : Aamir , Akshay , Shahrukh are no doubt in top three. But as shingaar film’s god Father is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, what we are today is just because of his roaring success which establish many firm believer  in his movies. He is still rocking in post retirement age and can give record breaking openers like Sarkar which we have distributed in 2005 and we are still proud to part of this venture. Aamir is best bet in next generation of amitabh, His mantra of Ek Maara Lekin Solid Maara rank him best among all. Ranbir is rocking now from current generation.

How are you associated with Big Cinemas?

Gaurav : Fame Adlabs are technology partners of Big cinemas and are in talking terms for joint distribution and exhibition, Paa is on the way for our first joint venture, 3 Idiots, MNIK, Rann and some biggies are in process.

Thanks sir for all these wonderful information. I wish you all the best for your future projects.

Gaurav : Thank you too.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 16, 2009.

26 Responses to “70’s/80’s was the era when least profitable movies were declared flops – Gaurav Verma”

  1. Good interview yakuja….I really like shroff’s way of analysing business….Met Mr.Shravan Shroff at velocity Indore along with Mr.Yashveer Bindal(owner Velocity multiplex)….Had a brief discussion on revenue inflow strategy for multiplexes…was overwhelmed by their knowledge and focus….

  2. Yes the buisness is different today compared to 70’s and 80’s …Earlier satelite , DVD and Music rights never contributed to the revenue stream along with Overseas thetricals…But today about 50-70 pct of the revenue comes from these sources depending on the banner and starcast…

    • Right !! Agree !! but distributor profit margins are comparatively decreased to exhaustive level, earlier decades have many small distributors(or better if you say dealer), they are no more exists now, As Gaurav said “Only Big players can survive now”

  3. This is stunning interview. Infact it reveal many facts from past, Till now i only heard about One Man Industry Mr. Bachchan, But Shingaar movies are stamp over this reality, And LOLZZ on fact that now least profitable movies for distributors are termed as HIT (while in past these were flops). Great to know …

  4. BTW BOI comes down to 38 crore for APKGK for first week and tried to match your figures , Now i can safely say Bollybusiness is best boxoffice site. Thanks.

  5. Wowww , This is excellent piece, Many eye opener facts, thanks !! posted this interview at indiaFM too .. Thanks

  6. @ Yakuza,

    Good start with the Interview. All The Best for the nexts 🙂

    I can foresee that you will interview / interact many other top guns of the industry in the days to come. Thanks for such stunning informations.

    • Thanks David for wide appreciation .. 🙂 !! This is not interview in fact, I just met Gaurav at Chandigarh few days back and had good conversation about his distribution business, strategy, their past history and much more, these are few important information which i summarizes in this format.

  7. YAK,

    Seriously, I think that you 3 ( YAKUZA, PRAZ & TOPAZ ) should partner & start a full fledged Box Office website ( as we discussed in some earlier comments ) am sure you guys will rock. Make sure that you do it on FULL TIME basis. 🙂 All The Best

    Just my suggetion.

    • We are lazy guys i guess … 😛

      BTW David, why don’t you start writing too ? I can see good Bollywood philosopher in you. I request you to write anything you like, Platform is here for you !!

  8. It would have been better had Gaurav elaborated on Wake Up Sid and Kaminey being flops.

  9. Kaminey, WUS flops ??? this is not even eye opener, It even open my legs and arms, I wanns hug you Yakuza for this stunning piece .. 🙂

    • Another revealing fact is Sarkar was record breaking opener, This is fact which BOI simply rejected in his record. But now this is conform by distributor itself. Earlier IBOS was stating this and i have seen opening day video of sarkar at NDTV, There was long queues and anchor was telling thta see “Baap of bollywood is back” … but BOI turns blind eye over this fact …

  10. Shringaar films are Punjab distributors i guess, Naturally WUS and kaminey were not huge at these centres, These movies were multiplex hits only at metros.

  11. @topaz, Gaurav is programming Head of North head Operations and Shringaar films are pioneer distributors of punjab as well (head office may be at Mumbai but in jalandhar they have very strong base and are also very popular distributors there)

  12. being from jalandhar, i know this much … 🙂

  13. LOL..Sarkar..record breaking opener….?? Sarkar never opened great beyond Mumbai territory….Whatver Shrinagar films tells cant be gospel truth..Somebody has to use ones’ own judgement too…

    • yeah, it was record opener in Mumbai territory(First movie to cross 3 crore Nett in mumbai) and Good elsewhere.

  14. @ shruti and Topaz .. you both have partial correct information about Shringaar films. Shringaar films are Key distributors of Mumbai and have their subsidiary partner in Jalandhar, shingaar films (not shringaar).

  15. Thats my alltime question if distributers lose,producers earn is still film called a hit? Pls YAKUZA, PRAZ or TOPAZ explain to me.

  16. Nice interview. its always good to hear straight from a distributor. Please keep coming up with more such interviews. Good going!

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