Good Weekend For Tum Mile/ Ajab Holding Strong

Tum Mile opens to good response on Friday on limited screens, Saturday was on similar note with little pickup at multiplexes. First two days stands at 5.5 Crore. But budget (15 crore + 3 Crore Prints and publicity) is not so moderate to justify limited release. Tum Mile need to sustain very strong of weekdays for success tag.  Reports are mixed and paying public in general finds it Ok. [Movie require just 25 Crore NETT business to be termed as success and @30+ Crore it would be HIT).

2012 English Version opens to fantabulous response all over India with 80 – 100% collections on first day, First Two days stands at 9 crore approx. Sunday collections should be 100% all over. 2012 can prove to be first clean HIT of 2009 in Foreign language category.  

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani is holding strong everywhere, Second weekend should be approx. in 10 Crore range, which would lead to 47 crore in 10 days.  

Jail falls flat on 2nd weekend with 75% Drop. Heading for FLOP.

London Dreams in third weekend again saw 90%  drop, With mere 30 Crore in Two weeks and negligible opening collections in third weekend, London Dreams is all set to wrap up under 31 Crore. FLOP.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 15, 2009.

42 Responses to “Good Weekend For Tum Mile/ Ajab Holding Strong”

  1. Thanks yakuza. Can u say me what will be overall box office collection 2012?

  2. RKS has struck Diamond with APKGK. Good for him & his future projects. Ranbir has taken a giant leap with this Blockbuster 🙂

  3. @Yakuza,

    I expected Tum Mile to open MUCH bigger than this. Music is a HUGE Hit among the youths and all especially BHATTs Kunal Deshmukh product after Super Hit Jannat. What could be the reason for JUST 5.5 Crore weekend man ? can you explain ? Its is APKGK wave whcih hit Tum Mile. I think so. I dont think that this movie can make 25 Crores as you mentioned. Its HUGE task

    • Hi david, Tum mile released on limited screens, also 5.5 crore is for first Two days only. Sunday figure is yet to be included. 25 crore is real difficult task because of some big releases in subsequent weeks.

  4. So London Dreams VERDICT is out. I never expected this will be a FLOP. Atleast AVERAGE I expected APKGK spoiled every prospects for this GEM which went unnoticed 😦

  5. yakuza can u say how much business 2012 can do in india? I hope u will reply.

  6. Yakuza,

    Upnext you have Kurbaan, De Dan Dan, PAA & Rocket Singh coming up shortly. what say on these ? As per me out of these Rocket Singh will be the biggest HIT, followed by De Dana Dan & PAA. Kurbaan may turn out a dark horse in this race, not sure.

    Rocket Singh has three advantages even before its music release. Iam sure its music will be great.

    1. Director Shimit ( CHAK DE )
    2. Ranbirs new found Stardom
    3. Lucky Name of Bollywood SINGH in its title

    • The movie is releasing in less than a month and no one knows what the movie is about, we havent even seen a REAL trailer of the film yet. They did the same thing with TASHAN and look how that worked out.

    • Good analysis on rocket singh, Among others Paa is looking strong, DDD should be decent, Kurban will rely on WOM.

  7. yakuza why u r not replying me? pls reply.

    • sorry nishan, was offline, About 2012, Sunday was extraordinary, let’s see how it will fare from now on. If sustains well it should end up 25-30 crore Nett (however predicting foreign language movie is quite hard)

  8. VEER movie 22 jan released I expected VEER super hit movie

  9. Why London dreams depite great movie and excellent performances by the lead actors have flopped? Can anyone please tell me….

    • HASSAIN,
      becoz of poor n lack of promotion,non-rocking music and wrong date of release(after one week of release salman n ajay film-ATB,MAMK).

  10. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  11. I wanted Tum Mile to be a Superhit, but 2012 is doing extraordinary all over the world, i guess they thought that a foreign movie wouldnt be a much competition, but clearly they were wrong. BTW Thanks for the updates Yakuza

  12. @yakuza what do you think the total collections of ajab will end up around?

  13. I tried yesterday for getting a ticket in one of the multiplexes for apkgk and 2012 and surprisingly I was told that both are housefull, although I was there about one and half hour earlier from show time.
    Clearly, both films are doing exceptionally well.

  14. BOI has come out with the exact figure for first week – 38.2 crores which is very close to what you had predicted. Good job.
    What about the second weekend?? As per your figures APKGK actually did better than Tum Mile.
    If it did around 10 crores, its total becomes around 48 crores making sure it is the biggest hit of the year. How much it needs to make to become the biggest grosser of the year(till now that is)?? And how is it holding on Monday??

  15. @yakuza
    This weekend’s numbers(including Sunday) and trending for Tum Mile and APKGK??

  16. As per BOI, 2012 has had a 14-15 cr weekend!!!! Those are really huge numbers… I guess Tum Mile & ‘Ajb Prem’ have been severly affected by 2012?

  17. 2012 is hell of a movie. watched it last night in a packed hall… everything was just glued to the screen. a must watch imo. a lot of big movies coming up in a short space of time.

    I dnt see much buzz on KURBAN and agree with Yakuza that it will have rely on WOM. DDD will scrape by because its coming on eid and will not face any big movies for two weeks, however i’m hoping that Kurban puts an end to crass Akshay movies 🙂

    Rocket Singh will also have weak competition so i’m betting that this movies becomes avg/above avg. its got 2weeks until 3idiots so it needs to make the most of its run.

  18. Tum Mile has been affected by 2012 and APKGK. the latter has had gr8 WOM and snowballed at the BO.

    btw Yakuza gr8 work. I’m a newcomer on this site so i dnt know who runs it….but its gr8 to come on here. Have been a regular reader on Naachgaana but its nice to share my views with lovers of cinema.

  19. Watched 2012 on Friday itself. First day, last show. Didn’t like it that much.

  20. Tum mile is best movie n will do well

  21. About 2012,ok i had some expectations going into the movie as the promos were good. But i was very disappointed at how the movie turned out to be. One doesn’t expect a good script from movies like this and 2012 is no exception. However i was surprised that they didn’t offer any insight into all the interesting predictions of a catastrophe that one would expect like the Mayan prophecy or Chinese calender and stuff. So basically there is no build up to the disaster. It just happens and all the good people come to know about it just at the right time.
    Another problem with the movie is that there is no character development. You don’t feel for any of the character or care whether they survive or not. The handling of the relationship among the husband,wife,ex husband and kids is comical.
    There is no flow in the story. People are dying in millions all around and yet in the midst of it, someone will come up with a cheesy dialogue. Humour seems forced most of the times. The movie is full of Hollywood cliches and is very predictable. Emotions are unreal. There is no single dramatic moment in the entire movie that moves you. The director also fails to capitalize on the fear and paranoia that is bound to develop among the people when they realize that they are about to die and world is about to come to an end. In short, the movie itself is a disaster. So don’t go with too many expectations.
    On a positive note, the special effects are very well done and Woody Harrelson has done a good job.
    I think the movie is doing that well in India because of all the hype created by Indian news channel on how the world will come to an end in 2012. Also maybe because the movie has an Indian connection. Expecting a major fall in days to come.

    • Claustrophobic, This is absolute Marvelous and convincing brief given. Thanks much. however i am already prepared for Emotionless Extraordinary VFX Treat. Indian audience in general went for Hollywood movies for brilliant technical values, Emotional quote is least thing they are looking for in Hollywood flicks. That’s why movies like Jurrasic Park, Spider Man, Harry porter, James bond flicks worked very well in past and good Dramas/Emotional stories Like “The Green Mile”, “Forest Gump “ hardly found audience.

      Well This is very good write-up claustrophobic, Looking forward for some more contents from you. Highly Appreciated !!

  22. Yakuza. I am all for popcorn entertainment. In fact i love almost all Michael Bay movies, James Bond flicks, Spiderman, X Men, Hulk and the like. I also like Roland Emmerich’s movies except his last two movies 10000BC and 2012. The thing with 2012 is that the movie starts and finishes and you just don’t experience any real emotion. You watch the movie and you will realize what i mean. Anyways good that you are already prepared. One thing i have realized is that if you go with zero expectations, you might like the movie and vice versa.

  23. For those who are interested in 2012 world wide box office report –
    The film has grossed $ 225 million in opening weekend, 160 million coming from countries other than USA. Amazing, over 1000 cr rupees in just 3 days.
    Yakuza, I agree with you. Indian public in general watch foreign movies for technical reasons and special effects. They do not bother about the story or imotional drama. For those kind of things, they have lot of hindi movies to watch.

  24. Guys, what we are ignoring the fact here is that BOI reporting is too late and less accurate as compared to Bolly … if i goto few instance in recent past like :

    1. Ajab prem ki gazab kahani .. first weekend reporting here was most grounded (21 crore), while BOI and others was at 25 crore, Now after a week BOI comes down to 38 crore (from 41 crore), while here collections are consistant from first weekend to first week of 37 crore.(I am sure BOI will cut 1 crore in few months)

    2. Ajab first weekend report of 10 Crore was reported here on Sunday itself which is reported today by BOI.

    3. 2012 first weekend report was published here on sunday which BOI publish just yesterday.

    There are more achievements of bolly if i go way beyond (Like WUS etc).

    Yakuza, Praz .. you are doing great guyz ….

  25. mein aur mrs khanna super hit on DTH just grossed 21 crores.

    • It is really surprising. I also went through this figure. So, a film can earn from other means also it fails on BO.
      But, such a huge response for MAMK on DTH shows that film fall victim to wrong release date, could have done better business if released on some other day.
      Yakuza, what do you say.

    wt abt LONDON DREAMS on dth?
    frm where u found this figure?

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