Ilaiyaaraja Cancels Paa Music Release

Ilaiyaaraja Cancels Paa Music ReleaseA Paa music event planned for Children’s Day in Mumbai with Vidya Balan, Abhishek Bachchan, director Balki and composer Ilaiyaaraja, has been cancelled, thanks to the work-obsesssed composer who says he cannot tear himself away from his current work in Chennai to attend the function

Confirming this development Balki says, “We had planned a formal music launch on Childrens Day in Mumbai. But Raja Sir is busy doing the background score for Paa. In fact I’m with him right now. He says there’s no way he would break his creative process to attend the function. We all respect his wishes. We’ve cancelled the formal music release.”

Now the music soundtrack of Paa simply hits outlets from tomorrow without a formal release.

For Children’s Day Balki will release a number of messages from the Big B in the voice of the child Auro for kids all over the world.

Interestingly Mr Bachchan won’t appear in person for any of the promotional activities of Paa.

Informs Balki, “We’ll only be hearing him talk about the film in the voice of Auro in all the campaigns. He won’t be seen in person anywhere.”

-Sampurn Media

~ by Yakuza on November 14, 2009.

8 Responses to “Ilaiyaaraja Cancels Paa Music Release”

  1. Thanks dear Yakuza,Paa will be a big hit of 2009.I am waiting for this film because this film is looking great.sir I have one question if PAA will do 35 crore.then that will be blockbuster film or not because budget is very low.

  2. I have a question, are you and masterprez the same guy?

    • Naa.. MasterPraz mainly writes reviews.. infact, tons of them.. must say he has some terrific patience to sit thru some real s*** movies and write some nice reviews in detail 🙂

  3. yakuza bro where u disappeared? Pls update abt APKGK and 2012.

  4. plz tell us LD collection???????????

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