TOI Review : Tum Mile

Film: Tum Mile (Romance)
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan
Direction: Kunal Deshmukh
Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes

Critic’s Rating: /photo.cms?msid=5223936

Director Kunal Deshmukh returns after the success of Jannat. This time round, he sculpts an extremely mature and engrossing account of a mercurial relationship between an artist (Emraan Hashmi) and his muse (Soha Ali Khan). Now that’s a love story that’s been told before. But what makes Tum Mile alluring are the performances and the narrative structure: both innovative, multi-layered and show casing depth.

First, the story-telling…It’s a simple plot. Emraan, an art student, spots activist Soha, energetically espousing her cause (global warming), despite the blinding rain, on campus in Cape Town. He naturally loses his heart to the avant garde Ms Ali and moves in with her after a whirlwind courtship. The relationship soon hits rough weather with the usual bread and butter, male-female ego concerns. He’s jobless and she’s rich. What’s more, she’s paying the paani-bijli bills and even offers to help him when dad’s sick. Doesn’t take long before Emraan’s nursing a bruised ego and Soha’s stomping out on feminist issues. Six years later, the couple have their Titanic moment as they try to survive the July 2005 Mumbai deluge.

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~ by Yakuza on November 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “TOI Review : Tum Mile”

  1. It seems for a change one more critic has become liberal as far as movie reviewing is concerned….Offlate nikhat has been giving great ratings to mediocre movies also….case in point is blue,APKGK,Jail etc….In my opinion they all were given much higher ratings than they deserved….Still its nice to see someone not taking out personal grudges and making scathing remarks on the cast and crew rather than the movie and its presentation…

    • but da problem wid dat iz Topaz dat da audiences r cheated. Man Taran gav BLUE 4 stars. sayin its a fast action thriller. WAT A JOKE MAN. Rajeev Masnad said LD was foolish. so which film r audiences gonna go watch. obviously BLUE. be fair and review a film properly and honestly. ive stopped paying attention to critic views. da majority r pathetic tbh. dis is another area were da Hindi film industry falls way behind Hollywood. dere films r reviewed properly.

    • 4 star rating is just good now, i remember 5 years back 3 stars means real good movie , there was hardly any 4 star movie around. TOI first time gave 4 star rating to “Mrityudand” of Madhuri Starrer, after that Satya got 5 stars from TOI. these are rare occasion. At that time 2.5 stars means a onetime watchable affair. These rating system get raped by critics themselves by giving 4 stars to every tom dick and harry release. I wonder what rating will be given to a movie which really deserve to be 4.5 – 5 stars. There is no star left for those real gems.

      • Absolutely…What i hate the most is the bias….None of the critic is neutral..i understand that it is difficult not to be bias as everybody likes some actor or director more than the rest….but minimum what we expect is that you can do it in a subtle way and not on your face …You can’t have different yardsticks for different actors…So i just ignore these reviews more often than not.

  2. well said topaz..rajev masand should learn from this.

  3. btw i hope dis film does well. after JANNAT which i loved i have high expectations ov dis film. music is not as good as JANNAT though.

  4. Hey David…These critics hardly stand a chance as far as success of a movie is concerned…..In my opinion number of factors determine films success nowdays…I am highlighting them below
    1)First teaser/promo of the film should catch audience fancy.
    2)Novelty in subject/treatment or ensemble cast.
    3)Previous track record.
    4)Superhit Music is as important in indian movies as location is for any hotel’s success.
    5)Promotion and packaging.
    6)Timing of release
    7)Content….even a taught screenplay will do the trick.

    If you have say 60% of the factors in right mix you have a winner in your hand…..

    • Valid points Topaz, What i believe that movie can bomb at box-office even if it fails at any one point, High grosser movies can fail due to heavy budget, Bad release time can fail the movie which is fine on every other front. Movie business is biggest gamble which can easily be lost even if you take care of everything right from beginning.

      Topaz, i remember you request me for contribution to this blog, give me your email id for further discussion.

  5. very good topaz, keep it up

  6. Hey all i have started my own blog thanks to Yakuja…It is by the name of…Will be posting quizes on regular basis….looking forward to your whole hearted support and suggestions.

    • Congrats Topaz, Now start with bang and write good articles. I will add you as a contributor to my blog whenever you wish. best of luck .. 🙂

  7. Thanks Yakuja…you can add me any time you wish, has posted some articles and looking forward to your suggestions to make it better.

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