Ram Ki Naiyya Paar With 37 Crore In First Week

Aab Prem Ki Gazab kahani Bangs on with 37 Crore collections in first week. Movie is moving ahead with stable collections and can easily hold the box-office till  next major Release Kurbaan on 20th November and De Dana Dan on 27th November.  Director Raj Kumar Santoshi is in trouble despite of its huge success, as there is pressure from Industry (Tips) on him for one more comedy, While he is willing to go for Sunny Deol Starrer. Let’s see which project will materialize first. 

Jail fails to make any impact at box-office in first week with mere 7 Crore Nett  first week. All set to flop. 

This week new release Tum Mile is fetching good reports from critics, Kunal Deshmukh after the success of Jannat is back with same team. Music is already on top of charts. With Good WOM this movie should hold well with decent collections.  Second release Aftab home production Aao Wish Karen” has no buzz and no chance at box-office. Critics rating is poor. Should bite the dust from first show itself.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 13, 2009.

21 Responses to “Ram Ki Naiyya Paar With 37 Crore In First Week”

  1. So any chance it can surpass Wanted and LAK???

    • Let’s see, However Moring shows in north India shows upward trend compared to Thursday. If second week holds well with around 16-18 crore then it will easily beat Wanted and LAK Total NETT.

      • upward trend? business is increasing..wow! do you think tum mile and 2012 can affect its 2nd week business greatly?

  2. Yakuza,
    What is the report of 2012, english movie but as released with 600 prints may prove to be a successful movie in india also.

    • 2012 opens to excellent response all over, its going 80 – 100% since morning at NCR multiplexes. But prints in circulation are certainly not 600, should be less, not pretty sure on count at the moment.

  3. well BLUE AND KI. both had huge first weeks but both crashed massively in da second week. da only difference wid dem films and APKGK is da massive difference in budget.
    IMO da presence of TUM MILE and 2012 will affect APKGK

  4. Tum Mile will mostly be watched by youngsters. The family audience would still prefer APKGK. Emran’s movies are not preferred by families because of his ‘kissing boy’ image though i think he is a real good and very under rated actor. His movies are also good watch, they don’t bore.
    Tum Mile has not released on a large no. of prints. APKGK still has around 25 shows a day in 5 multiplexes in Chandigarh as compared to only 23 shows of Tum Mile.
    2012 also has 23 shows.

    • Bang On !!!

      Emaraan Hasmi is an awesome actor and to mention – he is the most underrated actor in bollywood IMO.

      He has always justified his role whether it be in Murder, Gangster, ABA, Awarapan (amazing) & Jannat (outstanding).

      Good Luck to him for Tum Mile and next.

  5. what about LD


  7. I have a strong feeling APKGK won’t sustain in its second week.
    Hollywood flick 2012 looks mindblowing + Tum Mile is appreciated by everyone.
    And as per me APKGK is not as great that it deserves this much.
    Entire run would wrap up at around 49-53 crores.
    Moreover, next week releases DDD and Kurbaan will take most of the screens + Tum Mile + 2012 + LD shares some screens.
    As a result, APKGK will not end up as a biggest earner, but will still be considered as a blockbuster because of its low budget.

    Top Movies at the end of the year will look someething like this:

    1. Wanted or 3 Idiots (if it does good which is ver likely)
    2. Wanted or 3 Idiots
    3. Love Aaj Kal
    4. APKGK
    5. DDD or Kurbaan
    6. DDD or Kurbaan
    7. Paa (looks promising but not a commericial one … somewhat like Black & Omkara) Good performance

    and so on …

  8. Damn … i forgot to mention Blue, KI, ATB, Kaminey etc. lolzzz

    I am bad with this – I just looked at the past 4-5 months FML haha 🙂

    • lol, so including these movies (and billu, how can u forget srk), the list will be:

      1) Billu
      2) Blue
      3) KI
      4) 3 Idiots
      5) Wanted …

      • Bro Billu and Blue no way … the only best thing abt Billu and
        Blue was barber shop and shark respectively 🙂

  9. Hey all i have started my own blog thanks to Yakuja…It is by the name of topazbol.wordpress.com…Will be posting quizes on regular basis….looking forward to your whole hearted support and suggestions

  10. @yakuza
    Hey how did Tum Mile and APKGK do on Friday?? Looking forward to your figure.

  11. yAKUJA,wt is LD collection of second week and 3rd friday,
    jo bhi ho bata do plzzzzzzzzzz???????

  12. Second week collections are around 8 crores. So the nett total is around 30 crores in 2 weeks. It has almost finished its run as it has been taken off from mostly all the places except some i the metros. Vipul Shah will lose a lot of money and the movie has ubfortunately Flopped.

  13. THNX,

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