Emraan Hashmi Career This Decade


Hashmi made his debut with Footpaath. The film was critical and commercial failure, but the music was appreciated. In 2004 He had two releases. The first was Murder which catapulted him to stardom and the other was Tumsa Nahin Dekha which was a failure. 2006 was a disappointing year as most of films had flopped except Gangster opposite Kangana Ranaut. Emraan’s first release of 2007 Good Boy Bad Boy was a failure as well as The Train: Some Lines Should Never Be Crossed. Awarapan was a critically acclaimed film and was moderately successful. His only release in 2008 was Jannat which was critically and commercially successful. Also his only release in 2009 Raaz – The Mystery Continues opposite Kangana Ranaut was the biggest hit ever for Emraan Hashmi.

Let’s have a look at Emraan’s Career This Decade.

Sr. No  Movie  Nett Gross (Approx round figures)  Verdict 
1 Jannat 29 Crore HIT 
2 Raaz – The Mystery Continues 28 Crore Semi – Hit
3 Murder 16 Crore Super Hit
4 Kalyug 6 Crore Average 
5 Gangster 13 Crore Above Average 
6 Aksar 8 Crore Above Average 
7 Awarapan 8 Crore Flop 
8 Zeher 7 Crore Above Average 
9 Chocolate 6.5 Crore Flop
10 Good Boy Bad Boy 5.5 Crore Flop 
11 Ashiq Banaya Apne 5 Crore Average 
12 The Killer 3.5 Crore Flop
13 Tumsa Nahi Dekha 4.5 Crore Flop
14 The Train 3.5 Crore Flop
15 Dil Diya hai 1.5 Crore Disaster
16 Jawani Diwani 3.5 Crore Flop 
17 FootPath 1.25 Crore Disaster
    Total Boxoffice impact  149.75 Crore 
      Average Nett per movie 8.8 Crore
    Total movies Released 17
    Total Success 8
    Total Flops 9
    Total Hits +/- 3
    Success ratio 47.05%
    Hit Ratio 17.64%
    Flop Ratio 52.94%
    Performance 34.25%

Performance calculation : 

Emraan Hashmi   Score
Total releases 17 13.6
Total Hits 3 4.4
Total Success 8 11.76
Revenue generated 149.75 Crore 4.49
  Total Score 34.25 %

Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming films in 2009 are Tum Mile, Raftaar 24 x 7, and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

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~ by Yakuza on November 13, 2009.

27 Responses to “Emraan Hashmi Career This Decade”

  1. He is an awesome actor … 🙂
    Despite all his flops and stuff, he is still the most underrated actor in Bollywood IMO.

    GR8 work again Yakuza. Way to go …

  2. BTW bro you missed Kalyug which he won an award for.

    • Kalyug is guest role .. Excluded. However i am trying to figure out if Kalyug can be consider as supporting role. its my mistake i publish this list before reaching on Kalyug issue.

    • Thanks Dash, after some discussions with mates, i included Kalyug in list (as Role was more supporting than guest one).

  3. excellent blog , but font size is very small . also i cannot read majority of the posts on black background .Please make this blog readable

  4. You’r Welcome Yakuza.

    And yeah wonderful job done here again 🙂

  5. *yawn* .. this guy is boring. Pls do career analysis on Akshay Kumar, then we can all have a lot of debates on the top 5 actors.

    Btw, how about career analysis of some actresses also sometime in the future? Though actress life-span being shorter, a 5 year analysis would be more appropriate.

  6. Emraan Hashmi Hit/Success ratio is extremely low … but overall performance of 33.5% is justify compared to other top actors (as they all come in 55-68% range) Good .. your performance technique seem to be working good. But as you told .. you are still working on to imrove this method, i am excited to see results. Please bring soon.

  7. hi what about Tum Mile opening please update…

    • @ Yakuza. Its not me David who posted the above query. Just for your info. Hope that you have the facility to see the email ids of the posts.

  8. Dear Yakuza,we want to see a great topic on SRK film DEVDAS.as u u said that I will bring a topic on devdas.please soon.

  9. his best work for me was awarapan
    rest in most cases he is average

    Plz do analysis on akshay?

  10. Few Lines for Hashmi’s Greates ever song : Bheegi Bheegi Si hain Ratein :

    Pritam has re-composed this tune utterly well with the aid of singer James and lyricist Mayur. The track is filled with emotions of sorts and hits every key with perfection. Apparently Pritam and the Bhatts felt they couldn’t get away with lift number three so they decided to do a favor and actually credit the original source – Prithibi. It really doesn’t make sense why they choose to rip off some artists and not others? Nonetheless, Pritam’s version, on basis of composition, is excellent. The man does have a great way of re-structuring arrangements so that he gives it his own signature touch. But the question is of dignity, is it not? Nonetheless, have a listen for yourself and make your own judgments…

  11. yakuza very good work, can we see the career decade of ajay devgan

  12. yep good work Yakuza. i also think hiz best work was AWARAPHAN closely followed by JANNAT. AND YES HE IS UNDER RATED IMO.

  13. good luck for hashmi


    me 2

    i want to see the career of ajay devgan


  14. Post this on MP Yakuza..im a huge Emraan fan :)!

  15. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  16. yakuza gr8 work as usual. My view on Hashmi is that he is a non-actor.

  17. yakuza gr8 work as usual. My view on Hashmi is that he is a non-actor…like John Abraham and co.

    • Thanks km, Somehow my views have been changed for Emraan since Jannat you can say, However i am not still sure about his range, but what i have seen in few of his outings[Jannat, Kalyug, Zaher etc], He has potential.

  18. yakuza

    agree with u on the point of ‘acting range.’ He always seems to be doing the same sort of characters and films with the same look. This is what i thought of Shahid Kapur until Kaminey cam along and changed that perception i had of him, so maybe Hashmi needs to change tracks with a killer film called Kaminey.

  19. emmi is next big thong in bollywood !!!!!!

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