On paper this sounded like one of the finest movies of the year. The posters with the words “To people he was a father, To his son he was a father he never had” juxtaposed with the face of Mahatma Gandhi (Darshan Jariwala) and his son Harilal(Akshaye Khanna) showed immense promise to show a true story that’s actually worth telling, however after watching the movie I’ve come to realize that this movie is one of the greatest missed opportunities in recent times, and though the words of the great Mahatma are used ““The greatest regret of my life…Two people I could never convince –my Muslim friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah and my own son Harilal Gandhi.” the angles are never quiet explored to their fullest leaving a sense of disappointment.

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~ by prazzero00000 on November 12, 2009.

One Response to “PRAZ GOLD : GANDHI MY FATHER (Hindi, 2007)”

  1. Agree on greatest disappointment ever, I went for this with high hopes (especially when Taran gave 4 star rating to the movie of not his genre). But i was scratching my head thinking “Why” “Why” Why” ??? Why this movie being made?? Movie was dedicated to DAMN MAD RETARTED SON of Mahatama Gandhi, why 20 Crore spent on him after 50 years of his demise? About 71665.95 Hours were being wasted by 33333 exact audience who mistakenly step into theater in hope of some great movie of Greatest SON of Great Mahatma Gandhi.

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