Let’s Play Again – Biggest Blunder Of Vivek Oberoi

This Press Conference was addressed by Vivek on April, 2003  about salman khan threatening calls.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsGUDCGShXo&feature=player_embedded”%5D


This event turned out to be his biggest blunder to date, he was highly criticized for this act and didn’t get support from any industry insider related to this issue.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 12, 2009.

24 Responses to “Let’s Play Again – Biggest Blunder Of Vivek Oberoi”

  1. He tried to stand up to goondas and terrorists. It shows that this industry is run by terrorists and goondas and either you become one of them or just lose everything you have.

    • @ well wisher. u have no sound evidence to ur accusations. plz stop talking rubbish. its Viveks own fault. i never used to understand why Salman just wouldnt forgive Vivek until i watched dis same video on Youtube. den i realised why Salman behaved and is still being like dis. if it waz me i would have humiliated and disgraced Vivek Oberoi.

  2. Yakuza,

    Vivek Oberoi has got good talents I think. Liked him in Company, Shootout and the Box office flop Mission Istanbul. He was too good in Company. Havent seen any other of his films…no, no I saw Masti too. It was a multi starrer. He acted OKAY.

    Upcoming Rakta Charitra by RAMU MASTER is carrying reports & hype. May be The Price which is coming out next month also can trun out a Hit due to Tips Marketing.

    • Hi david, Vivek is no doubt a good actor, In fact i don’t believe that his career got downside due to this conference act, but yes he was in depression after aish ditch, he lost much due to aish episode, otherwise there are many buyers for vivek.

      Rakta Charitra is his most ambitious upcoming project NTO.

      • This is the most ridiculous & immature thing someone can ever do in his BW career..esp for a guy who was not even 1 year into movies, speaking against a superstar at his prime, shows how stupid he was and shows how Aish was making him dance to her tunes. No wonder even Aish dumped him sooner than later.

        • well said Jai. Ash had him wrapped around her fingers. as soon as he did this pathetic conference she dumped him and moved on. i feel bad in a way for him, but then who cares about Vivek Oberoi. Ash was the real reason for his demise even before his career started really. SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS.

  3. Vivek Oberoi is simply an idiot. He just want to prove he was a bigshot when he did this. What a dork!

  4. Lets not dig in the past man. Its not gonna do good to anyone.

  5. vivek oberoi is an big idiot,stupid,industry should out vivek oberoi frm the bollywood.gadha kanhi ka………..

  6. He apologised a million times but Salman ain’t ready to forige him …
    Well Ash have always been a bitch – though i like her sometimes 🙂

    • Yeah, true… sometimes I really wonder how come an intelligent & humorous guy like Abhishek could fall for a lady as fake as Aish.. Beauty does blind people 🙂


    • And I say Vivek is stupid!!! 😀

  7. vivek oberoi is like Amit singhania of this forum, Finally banned by yakuza, He was so irritating. he should be banned even earlier. Any ways better late than never.

  8. lol@shruti. he was an idiot.

    • Yes that amit is so idiot that he even make a thread at indiaFM about his BAN at bollybusiness, Poor Guy. First i didn’t understand what he is saying, later on i realised by his reply and looking at his comments here .. he is real stupid.

  9. wat a IDIOT. sayin Salman used cheap words. dis whole charade or incident by dis IDIOT was cheap. in da full interview (can be found on Youtube) he says dat he would knock Slman out, dat he haz done boxing or something. lol. Mr Oberoi Sallu would smash u to pieces.

  10. btw, like claustrophobic said. dis is old news. deres no point digging it up. Salman fans should be looking forward to VEER. and general movie lovers, we should be looking forward to da great movies lined ahead.

  11. Here are some facts:
    1. Salman did call Oberoi @ 40 times that night and threatned him because he was dating ASH. (Salman was wrong here)

    2. Vivek Oberoi called the conference w/o discussing it with Ash. Ash came to know @ the conference after it happened.
    (Oberio was wrong here)

    3. Oberoi thought he would be a HERO in Ash’s eyes, but she though what oberoi did was idiotic. So she broke up with oberoi becuase of his childish behaviour.(Ash was slightly wrong here, but would you like to spend rest of your life with idiot like Oberoi. So what she did was good for her.)

    • ive never come across any piece of evidence which suggests Sallu rang him 40 times. who cares anywayz Vivek is an idiot.

    • If Salman had indeed called him 40 times, he could have shown the phone log to the press. He didn’t, not even till today, why?

      He/Ash provided a sound clip of Salman abusing him. How come he recorded the conversation when he says he was waken up at night by the call. Was he expecting the phone call?

      By the way, the sound clip was proven to be fake, so take ur facts.

  12. Whatevre vivk does was really stupid but i feel sad about him. He is a fine actor and deserves more.

  13. This is not the full video. if u watch the full video, it gets even more ridiculous later and becomes very apparent how immature and stupid this guy is and that he is just talking shit.

    Like Naveed mentioned, he started threatening Salman saying he was a boxing champ and would beat him down. Downright idiotic.

    IMO, he deserves what he got for being stupid. I dont know whether Ash actually asked him to do the press conference (both of them deny it), but i think she probably urged him to do “something” against Salman or indicated that way. That she used Vivek against Salman and then dumped him is widely accepted.

    I dont think Salman should ever forgive, nor would I if I were in his position. He tried to create a fire and got himself burnt, I am glad.

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