Ajab Gazab Rock Steady On Weekdays – Highest Advance Bookings Of Weekdays in 2009

Nothing new about Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’s Gazab performance, Its well known fact now that it is flying high at box-office, with 30 crore in 5 days (4.5 crore on Tuesday), we can expect around 38  crore first week. But the biggest news is that APKGK’s advance bookings on weekdays are best ever in 2009. Multiplexes are 40- 50% full in advance even for Wednesday/Thursday. All trade circle is cited behind reason of such a good run (Good music, Good cast, Comedy blended well with love story, New heartthrob ranbir Kapoor, Andaz apna apna factor etc etc) , Overall i can say public was in hidden mood to lap up this movie, there was no buzz before release, but individual moviegoers made up their minds to give this movie a silent shout with sleeping riots. Mission accomplished !! All IZZ WELL.

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 11, 2009.

67 Responses to “Ajab Gazab Rock Steady On Weekdays – Highest Advance Bookings Of Weekdays in 2009”

  1. @yakuza
    Some of the shows here in Chandigarh today i e wednesday are houseful. It shall be the biggest hit of the year, of course till 3 idiots release.
    Can you mention the budget(including print and publicity) and how much it needs to make to become a hit, Superhit and a Blockbuster. I have a few doubts and thought you will be the right person to ask.
    Also this movie must be the fastest to reach the 17.5 distributor share mark when it does reach looking at the trending.

    • 25 Crore(including prints cost, 50 crore is simple rubbish). Movie is already heading for HIT within 10 days, 50 crore + is definite super-hit, which is now cake walk for this. Should be Blockbuster at 65+ (which is very much on cards).

  2. Andaz Apna apna factor?? How Silly….It was quite evident 15 days before release that it will open big…

  3. AAA factor did play a role. When AAA released it didn’t do that well at the BO. But it became a cult classic on home video. And APKGK is the second comedy directed by Raj Kumar Santoshi. So the expectations were there and luckily the movie didn’t disappoint. Good WOM meant it will sustain well.

  4. Old Wine in new bottle. Highly Dissapointed.
    Whatever Boxoffice.

  5. Btw no buzz for ajab before release.r u serius..

  6. Agree wid rajeev..there is hardly any aaa factor..chartbuster music nd ranber kat jodi r only responsible for this huge opening..even in the promo they din use from the makers of aaa.

  7. apkgk gr8 success is also depends on gr8 promotion

  8. Yakuza plz correct ur blog.ajab ki jabardast buzz +hi..

  9. Yakuza..london dream flop kyu hui aapne to update hi band kr diye..

  10. yakuza..tum mile releasing on 13nov.ur view?

  11. Amit, please try to segregate all your comments for same logic in one comment only, don’t take it personal, i direct this guideline many times in past too, just for better readability and reach of comments.

  12. sorry..i ll try.but i cant tolerate blunders..ajab had fantastic pre release buzz..i just want ur comment on that.

  13. Amit, don’t mind but the way you put queries is real blunder , let me give you example :

    your above comment can also be put as :

    “Yakuza, what i feel ajab has fantastic pre-release buzz, request you to correct me if i am wrong”

    you can request, not demand (want etc), Now don’t behind me to teach you lesson on how to make request and put in comment.

  14. thanks 4 ur suggestion dude..

  15. […] Gazab Rock Steady On Weekdays – Highest Advance Bookings Of Weekdays in 2009 Bollybusiness Nothing new about Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’s Gazab performance, Its well known fact now that it […]

  16. ok..i ll try..but my way or ur way it doesnt change the fact ki ajab had fantastic hype.

  17. i think it ll settle around 58cr to 6ocr..next week tummile nd 2012(dun take this flick lightly)

  18. some folks at Satyamshot that can’t imagine bollywood beyond bachchan or his son are deseperatly triying (and in vein) to undermine the succes of ranbir, as they were waiting for (years) the takeover of abishek on bollywood.
    and in vein, the new generation ranbir and imran will swap abishek into oblivion.

  19. @sam..v well said..abhishek bachan 9 yr in bollywood 1 solo hit.thats starpower..no body want to see bachans.drona umrao jan aladin r biggest disaster ever.

  20. Whatso ever abhishek has superb lineup of release, check his upcoming movies :

    Balki’s PAA

    Mani Ratnam’s RAAVAN

    Ashutosh Gowariker’s Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se

    Abhinay Deo’s CROOKED

    Neeraj Pandey’s Next (director of ‘A Wednesday’)

    Rajiv Menon’s DHUN

    Abbas-Mustan’s Next

    Karan Johar’s DOSTANA 2

    Rohan Sippy’s Next

    Anees Bazmee’s Next

    This is great lineup .. in fact best line up any star have in bollywood.

    • good lineup, Paa is sure blockbuster, Ashu movie will be flop for sure, Dhun will also flop, Dostana, Raavan will be HIT, Aneez next will be Blockbuster, rohan sippy’s next will be Huge too.

    • Thanks for this list shruti, really very impressive, Anees Bazmee’s Next ?? never heard of this project, can you give more details about this flick ? rest are really cool. Thank again !!

    • @Amit, You can easily judge the pre-release buzz by shocking state of all trade media about opening of APKGK.

      • koi bhi shock me aa jayega jb kisi nye ldke ki movie gajni ki opening ko fight de rhi ho.this does not mean movie ki hype nhi thi..dun justify..u can have a poll on this one..

      • This list is pretty exhaustive….good job shruti…Anees bazmi,abbas mastan one i guess you have quoted from abhishek’s interview on sunday’s Brunch(HT supplement)…..Crooked has been postponed indefinitely…i am most excited about special chabbis by neeraj pandey…Still the list looks impressive.

  21. @sam, Satyam’s worst follower is rajeev and Prasad, best follower is Qualander, Jayshah and Erik .. Praz too.

    Bolly’s best follower is Naveed, Topaz, David, Shruti, Surya and Jasmine. Worst is @#$%^ …

  22. ab jr ll never b a superstar..

  23. Amit, its not about star or superstar, its about his upcoming projects .. these are best among all others.

  24. he ll get gud projects coz of his dad..par he is nobody..

    • chalo tumne ye to mana ki abhi ke DAD mein kitna DUM hai … he is whole industry baap … He is baap of bollywood, otherwise kisi baap mein itna dum nahi ki vo apne bete ko aisi movies dilwa paye .. vo bhi bina talent ke (as per yout assumption).

    • Agar SRK khud bhi chahe to use aise projects nahi mil sakte …. But amitabh .. i mean BAAP of bollywood ne apne nikamme bete ko Bollywood ke sabse bade projects dilwa diye …ise kahte hain DUM …. 🙂

    • Thanks for accepting Amitabh’s power in bollywood @ age of 68.

    • And yes … i forget you to welcome to bollywood, and MOST WELCOME to introduction of Bachchans .. 🙂

  25. Lol at u shruti.kaun se bde project..jo list tumne likhi hai usme 90percent to fake hai..dun compare srk future project with ab.his mnik in sare so called bde projects pe bhari hai..i pity u shruti..kbhi to sallu ki fan hai kbhi abhishek ki..phle decide kr lo..

  26. Mujhe to lgta hai amitabh bollywood ka nhi tera baap hai..lol

  27. Yakuza,
    I think amit is croosing limit. You should not allow such rude remarks on your blog.

    • Unfortunately i BAN him (Not because of his Rude remarks, But because of his psychic attitude, despite of my humble replies and explanation, his plain intention was to humiliate). He is first one to ban here.

  28. YAKUJA,
    wt is LD collection of tues. and wed. ??????????????????

  29. yakuza what is collection of APKGK on wednesday?

  30. YAKUJA,
    plzzzzzzzzz tell us,what is LD collections on tues. and wed. ???????????

  31. YAKUJA,
    MEANS LD is flop now,no chance abt average or below average.
    tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????????????????

  32. Hi

    What are the chances of TUM MILE n Quarbaan…..quarbaan dosent seems to be creating enough hype or its the azab wave which is supressing it at the moment……

    n in this whole thing we have totally forgotten De dana dan….a sort of [if not real] acid test for akshay…..cos this jodi is the best where he can deleiver hits..priya+kat+paresh+comedy…..if for any reason he fails here……then i fear his stardom status would be in jeopardy….De dana dan in hype is less than quarbaan also i beleive[may be wrong,but it looks like that to me] ….what would u say

    although his [akshay’s] acting skills has improved immensely over the years….he has not learned tp choose gud movies. he shd learn to choose sensible movies to be liked as aamir…..though his fan following is great but i would say most of his fans would not say that his movies are going to be gud…..he may be gud in a bad movie also….as in case of blue……he looked totally natural in it……but for gud content in the movie u cant’t rely on him as u can rely on aamir blindly to give good content in his movies……what would u say???

    • Tum Mile opened to excellent response at Metros, Today boxoffice is raking in mullahs with all three movies (APKGK, 2012, Tum mile) is getting excellent response.

      Kurbaan should do good business based on Karan Johar Brand repo. De dana dan makers should speed up their promotion for generating good hype.
      As of now, Music failed to top chartbusters.

  33. guyz join salman khan’s upcoming blockbuster veer’s official facebook group…u will find the makers of this film there and also can ask anything u want to know abt veer……

    @yakuza-u can also join…u will get latest update abt veer there..

    here’s the link


  34. i think all the best is hit

    on zoom they say that ..!!!

  35. please update us with LD second week collection!!!

  36. movie is jst awesme…

  37. I finally got to watch ‘Ajab Prem..’ yesterday night.. Man, was I mightily disappointed with the movie? save for 3-4 hilarious scenes, the movie was such a trash and a bore, I was like when will this movie get over? Ranbir was a natural as seen in his earlier movies & Katrina was eye-candy… Thats abt it..

    wonder how indian audience accepts such trashy movies to make it a blockbuster.. All the best was way better than this!

    • couldnt agree more. i watched it first day. it waz crap tbh. ATB was way funnier. LD wasy way way way better. even i cant understand audiences.

    • Even for me this is OK kinda deal. Still majority likes the movie due to feel good factor, Good opening on second Friday is evidence of good WOM. May be with subsequent visits i start liking it more [ which happens many times with me in past, like JWM ].

      • u wont Yakuza. JWM was a fantastic film in many aspects. APKGK is just 1 ov does low classy films Bollywood produces every year.

      • Oh c’mon Yakuja…comparing APKGK to JWM is an insult to the latter. no matter how much I hate Kareena, she was just terrific in the movie… and the movie itself is a classic romantic movie… I dunno abt others, but as conveyed yesterday, APKGK was such a bore that I hardly had any patience to sit till the climax.. probably, Im one among the minority

      • Boxoffice is always amazing, RKS’s delivered some great movies in past (TLOB is my all time fav), but at last he got success for his weakest movie which itself is spoof of his own earlier comedy Andaz Apna Apna (Average).

        • thats true… Rajkumar does deserve this BO verdict.. he’s one of my fav directors… TLOB & Khakee being his best.. though both were commercial failures.

  38. @Yakuza
    Whats the first week nett for APKGK??? And is it holding on friday??Expectations from the second weekend?? I guess it atleast will be a superhit.

  39. NO comments on my questions yazuka??

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