Is Vinod Khanna A Challenge for Amitabh Bachchan – Mayapuri (1978)



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~ by Yakuza on November 10, 2009.

18 Responses to “Is Vinod Khanna A Challenge for Amitabh Bachchan – Mayapuri (1978)”

  1. Article is not readable, let me give you some idea :

    Article is about credentials of some big Hits of Amitabh – Vinod khanna combo like “Hera Pheri” , “Amar Akbar Anthony” , “Parvarish” , “Muqaddar Ka sikandar” etc. Vinod Khanna refused to work with Amitabh when he saw all credits went to amitabh. So this article is about if Vinod can become any challenge to amitabh if he do solo movies. There is reference of Vinod upcoming projects like “Daku Jawan” , “Qurbani”, “lahoo ke do raang”, “Meera” and B.R. Chopra’s Next. These movies were referred to as some projects which can be Huge Hits without amitabh and can be Vinod khanna’s solo success. Article is about this challenge of Vinod khanna to amitabh.

    However we all know what happen thereafter: apart from Qurbani all other bombed (BR chopra’s next might be “Burning train” which was also boxoffice Dud).

    • Mayapuri/IBOS connection :

      MAYAPURI was first magazine who publish box-office report in last page of magazine and generally they publish percentage of business done in different cities and you will wonder that IBOS figures of old movies tally with Mayapuri percentages atleast, IBOS is crap now for their reporting but their old movies database is very strong and unmatchable, i will publish some sample scans here of some box-office reports of Mayapuri of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s movies, guys these are exactly same as IBOS figures.

  2. thanks yakuza,bringing amazing topic.amitabh is amazing actor.i think in bollywood amitabh is the most successful person in bollywood.again thanks yakuza please bring more pictures of amitabh.i love this site.

  3. This is media made comparision to pull down bachchan otherwise Amitabh was in career peak in 1978 and Vinod khanna Hits were with amitabh only, what was vinod doing before ? why meida didn’t consider vinod superstar before Bachchan realm ? This is juvenile realm media which is total out of decorum.

  4. don’t know about their rivalry, but their chemistry onscreen was amazing in many movies. Vinod might be angry because of some total side line roles like Muqaddar ka sikandar etc.

    • amitabh-shashi chemistry was more amazing than amitabh-vinod

      • yeah, amitah really share good companionship with so many stars like vinod, rishi, shashi, shatru …. this stron on screen fire lacks in today’s stars where all khans never want to work together.

  5. it would be amazing if all da khans worked 2gether.

  6. Amitabh was at his peak from 75 to 88..after that we all body can beat khans 88 to 09 still ruling.

    • 100 khans combined can’t overtake Amitabh legacy, Amitabh was like one MAN industry in bollywood (you can easily guess from coverpages put by Yakuza), Amitabh is shining SUN and Khans are just stars. Check this video witness by Taran, Komal etc …

      This will be your clear introduction to amitabh bachchan .. Welcome to bollywood Amit … 🙂

  7. 4 dec ko bollybusiness ko aur uske amitabh fans ko pta chal jayega ki amitabh ki most awaited movie paa ki kitni opening lgti hai..ab was a superstar while khans were superstars are superstars nd would always remain

  8. @amit, if Paa opens to more than 60% then you have to say sorry with heads down to bollybusiness … otherwise i will do the same … is it fine ?? but remember we will not take into account BOI commentary (as we all know anti-bachchan antics of BOI) … Taran boxoffice update on friday/saturday will be benchmark .. fine ???

  9. ok.i accept that..only boi no ibos..

  10. i ll say sorry to bolly if it opens to more than 40percent..i ll say sorry if if collects a single penny more than of 20cr.

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  12. Amitabh was more sucessfull but there is no denial that Vinod Khanna was really emarged as a super star..and if he won’t has quit the industry at that time the story must be different…

  13. Vinod was much better looking then Amitabh… Still today its difficut to find his comparison in blooywood..

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