5 Crore Refreshment for Gazab ka Prem On Monday

This is really sensational business from least expected movie of recent lineups. Saanwariya boy is on cloud nine with 2nd success of the year and biggest HIT of his just 2 years old career. Movie has dropped just 27% on Monday with 5 Crore in hand (though screenings were more than Friday at many places). Now Ajab Gazab Stands at 26 Crore in 4 days (included paid previews also, Thanks to claustrophobic for pointing out this figure). Budget of Ajab prem ki Gazab kahani is moderate 25 Crore[not really 50 crore as asked by David] which further enhance its chances to be top profitable venture of 2009. 

Jail drops further on Monday and all set to incurred heavy losses.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 10, 2009.

50 Responses to “5 Crore Refreshment for Gazab ka Prem On Monday”

  1. yakuza i wanna ask that taran adarsh said APKGK weekend collection is 24.5 cr including paid preview. Can u say me how there is much diff in collection by everyone? U also said 20.5 cr for weekend.

    • can’t say about others, Let’s see if south india, rajasthan figures are way above my estimations, will be pretty clear after a week.

  2. THIS IS A DOOD movie but i think ti will like bule in the end >!

    i hope not becoze they 2 atctores desrver the success and also the movie good but not good as LD ):


    WHO KNOWS WHO IS bahind drop ld

  3. Wow..thanks Yakuza..indeed a surprise..i just put up the other update now!!!! Ranbir after BEH, WUS and now this is gong from strength to strength…..and ROCKET SINGH is gonna be HUGE NOW!!!!

    • yes Praz, Ranbir has performed incredible this year and Rocket singh , Rajneeti will be extension of this success.

  4. yakuza

    plz can u give us collection ATB i want KNOW >!!


  5. yakuza even taran said sunday was 10cr.now u r trying to compensate sunday ..btw i said tomorow ki it ll do 4.5cr on monday..tuesday ll be 3.5 cr..

  6. yakuza can u say what will be overall collection of APKGK? I just want ur view.

  7. it ll not cross 60cr .mark my words.

    • looking at trending and response, it should wrap up around 65 – 70 crore.

      • Amazing YAK. Still Iam in shock. 😛 by seeing the response to this film. Indian Box Office..my god. I believe that TIPS marketing & AAA Extension feeling contributed a lot in this success.

  8. Ya chd ambala sat sunday collection of ajab both multiplex nd ss..

    • looking at your request more like to prove something .. i am really not in mood, but still will throw you rough data straight from server with few minutes[ i am wondering that i was preparing one post with snapshots to educate audience here how i took data from server and analyse figures and reach to final verdict, and i promise your impatience will not put me off to publish such rare post on net]

      • service code Item zone subzone Gross Adjustment BT deduction BT Discount Gross After Deduction Error Adjustment ET Group
        BB987653 AP098 NZ AMB 402120 None 54150 12000 336000 30 FUN
        BB987654 AP098 NZ CHD 1258980 None 149800 56000 1053180 1024 FUN,DT,BIG

        This data include all taxes .. and discount.

  9. YAKUJA,
    wt are overseas collections of apkgk.??????

  10. where is ambala collection?nd wo jo type kiya hai wo kya hai..plz give the detail clearly so that everybody understand.

  11. i ask u to give sat sunday collection seprately

  12. Wah Yakuza, Amit ko kya dhobi pachad mara hai, now check this technical data and start scatching your head … :), Amit this is not the way to put request, Yakuza is not your order behind, Pyaar se pucho to koi jaan bhi de dega, lekin tumhara puchne ka tarika galat hai.

    • bigfun, this is fun place, but please don’t try to make any personal fun here. you can make fun on movies, stars and anything but personal note is real hurt. please don’t do.

  13. ur data dint give me any idea abt sat nd sunday collection.i just want to compare sat sunday..u only proved ki u hve collections but thats not my challenge.

    • as i clearly said above, my response is not result of any challenge and there is no need to prove anything here, my job is to Putin posts at my total non-professional blog. Was it any challenge ??? please go through all comments of this blog since last 2 months, there was more detailed queries .. 🙂

      if you ask me Saturday collection on Saturday itself, it would have been easy task for me, but after weekend this is quite costly and non-relevant also.

      • dont ans his queries he is spaming here…dont waste ur time in this…. i request u..plz…..do ur job…we r with u nd bliv u…ek aadmi ke na maanne se koi galat nehi ho jata…..u plz post new things

      • Yakuja, I don’t think u shud be entertaining ppl like Amit, who doesn’t have the courtesy of requesting queries in a proper way

      • Thanks guys!! With so many pumping queries, it was hard to ignore for long !!

  14. what is the 2nd weekend collection of LD

  15. What s this ld box office update stoped o what

  16. I thought london dreams will create box office new record i dont know why such a good movie get injustice at box office. That to for salman khan

  17. Ple can you updates london dreams total box office collection till now both domestice as well as oversease

  18. I hope Apgk hit only bec of special appearance of salman khan.

  19. Salman khan next movie veer definnetely will be box office huge success

    • London dreams is good though !! saw today !! really deserved to be HIT !! will publish my review soon !!

      • thankx Yakuza. i think it deserved minimum HIT. it should have been huge man. i honestly dont think APKGK will cross over 55 crores. DATS MY CHALLENGE.

  20. Thanks for the reference Yakuza. Appreciate it 🙂

  21. Ple tell me total box office collection of london dreams is it hit o what

  22. Yakuza,

    keep up the good work….

    but i am afraid this forum has become a salman khan fan site…..

    they can’t look beyond his films( which are going down the hole in last 3 yrs)…well i don’t dare say anything on him else every one jump with @@@@@@

    but what has surprised me with APGK is that it’s overseas collection have not been made public even when we are heading for a wednesday, for LD they had made it public on Monday….

    And Yakuza have u checked out LD after all the fans have been bombarding u with the enquiry, your 200 bucks might help it to cross the line 🙂 i personally felt all the actors were let down by Vipul Shah, they gave their best and followed his vision (after all he has been successful in the recent past) but alas it was not be… this man ruined the film all u can take away after the film is the performance of lead actors and that saves anybody from thrashing the film but at the same time i didn’t find myself recomending the movie to anyone….

    As far as APGK is concerned don’t have money to watch back to back movies, saving for 2012 nd AVTAR . Enough hindi flicks for the year….

    next year prince looks promising and let’s see Veer promo and decide…the story is a take off from TARABULBA…which is good russian folk tale with loads of emotions between son , brother and father with lot of war. now have to see how Anil sharma adapts it with mr shaktiman of Gadar fame!!!!

    • “well i don’t dare say anything on him else every one jump with @@@@@@” … 😀

      About LD, I step in for LD second time in theater, but watch it today only!! quite confuse ?? , well on first visit i was on date .. 😀

      Thanks for some light on “VEER”, “TARABULBA” reference is new for me, however i am skeptical about acceptance by Indian audience of this kind of setup (specially i am more skeptical on Anil sharma range of treatment of subject).

    • well at last uve made a good comment Disapper. but he delivered big in WANTED so hiz lean days r past him.
      yeah AVTAR looks good my friends wanna go watch it.

  23. helloo all salman fans,
    i love salman n also caring abt his movies
    bt if salman will not do gr8 promotion for veer thn veer k baarey main kuch nahi kah saktey.
    salman will have to promote the veer.frm sun. before release to mon. after release.

  24. hellooooo,
    i hate this media.y media says salman -bad boy right now??????

  25. prity salman khan is megastar..media go to hell.

  26. I’m surprised apkgk is doing so well.The film did not click for me at all but it was Ranbir’s performance that stood out and salvaged the film.Anyways can you please post updates on tum mile please?Like predictions,hype,budget etc.Very much looking forward to that…thanks yakuza 🙂

  27. what’s going on ur ppl
    we r audience we know that every year films hits n flops so way apkgk hit r problum ld good film but not so good salman khan doing best butbig film big expection if film r not so good n not complete r expection we reject it this is r choice few month earlyer wanted big hit but dil bole haripa not we didn’t blam way apkgk ld big film big expection apkgk small film small expection know small film good business it good u all r salman fan but every year lots f films release we watch lots of films we all r happy so what’s wrong if ld flop n apkgk hit we except truth.
    sorry if hurt anyone we r watching films we didn’t know this film hit o flop.
    all the best for salman new film VEER next year i hope this film is complete all fans expections n big blockbuster every body knows this is a big film……

  28. I have a somewhat different news for salman fans. In the recently concludede lok sabha polly and by polls, salman campaigned for 9 candidates and all of those won their seats. How far salman’s factor helped them, I dont know, but this certainly shows his popularity. Infact, the uncontrollable crowd I saw on TV in his road shows was amazing. I have not seen such a crowd even for big b.
    I am not a big salman fan, but this thing proves the popular perception that salman is a hero of masses. His fan following is intact whether his films work or not on box office.

  29. 100% rite Rajesh. i being in England know how big he iz. People love SRK and Salman here da most. wat hurts me iz dat he promotes candidates fr elections so rigorously, but doesnt do it for hiz films. like some1 said LD failing will prove beneficial for Salman in da many years to come. sounds strange but it will hold him in good stead.

  30. Salman khan is biggest superstar of india..evan rajbabbar won the election yday by 85488 votes..salman khan road show on 4nov did the trick.

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