PRAZ GOLD : OMKARA (Hindi, 2006)

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The wait is finally over as Vishal Bharadwajs magnum opus finally makes its way onto our screen. OMKARA is without a doubt one of the years most anticipated films from its mammoth cast, novel story, acclaimed director to the brilliant music. The movie has generated a buzz among movie goers like never before and the hype for the movie was immense. The question on everyones mind-does OMKARA live upto expectations? Personally my expectations were EXTREMELY high for the movie given that MAQBOOL ranks as one of my Top 10 Bollywood films of all time…and folks-though OMKARA doesn’t quiet reach the level of MAQBOOL the movie is no doubt one of the most brilliant films to come out from Bollywood in recent times!

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~ by prazzero00000 on November 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “PRAZ GOLD : OMKARA (Hindi, 2006)”

  1. I saw it in third week with zero expectations(as it was declared flop and Taran thumbs it down), but come out with life time experience of cinema at its best, was cursing Taran for low rating (how dare he ? ).

    • Really Yakuza,Taran trashed it, but he praised Ajay & Saifs acting. I liked the movie very much. I liked the way Ajay tells B******H to Saif & saifs acting that time… before the Climax in the Railway track scene 😛 Hope you remember.

  2. i personally thought dat dis film was amazing. evry 1 did well. dis film was 1 ov da reasons dat i watched Kaminey.

  3. Eventhough Saif was perfect in the Negative role, but as per me it was Ajay Devgan who performed better & lived the character. But the media & reviewers except Taran Adrash completely sidelined OMKARA & focused on Saif. The UP Dialect was the main reason for its Not so Big Box Office run. Over all it was a very well made movie by Vishal. Praz I agree with you, Maqbool is & always will be really a MASTERPIECE of Indian Cinema, Omkara is very Good but not good as MAQBOOL 🙂 Wow Pankaj Kapoor & TAbu both lived the character, special mention to Irfan Khan ( the MASTER Natural actor )

    • Thanks david…and yes, Just becaue Ajay pays his character perfectly he is side-lined! He was amazing in OMKARA and sadly over-looked!

      and yeah MAQBOOL is a masterpiece…KAMINEY is his weakest film for me. I would take MAKDEE and TBU over KAMINEY!

  4. I beleive that OMKARA was a much better movie than maqbool

    Every character in OMKARA was well defined and every one enacted it well, and saif has just done the best role of his life yet. just simply very true to reality where as maqbool did have some of the charaters which were made to look cartoonistic like the pulciyeh [om puri n naseer] in the movie.

    maqbool qas no dud as a movie, infact it was one of the best in its genre with irfaan giving out n out performance, but Omkara was much better because of its very true n real charcters, strong performance by almost everyone [dollys first would be husband n saif first scene (also first of the movie) just lights up that dark lamp in u n tells that movie would be fantastic n it is] n also the music with all colours in it is just out of this world [the song naina is very meanigful n just fits with the situation]

    Overall , one of the best movies to come in this decade, definetly worth keeping in ur Video library on the top shelf.

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