Gazab March Continues/ Monday – Tuesday DT Cinema Update

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This is never seen before since Ghajini, Multiplexes increased the screenings on Monday and deducted some shows of Jail. DT Cinema CEO Kajal Aijaz said ” Looking at phenomenal business of Ajab, we are realizing our mistake of giving it a moderate release, Due to prior deal we were not able to deduct the shows of Jail otherwise with sensational opening on Friday, Number of shows should be increased on Saturday at first place. Business of Ajab Prem Ki gazab Kahani is best after Ghajini, even if i say it’s better than Ghajini will be no tall claim. As of today all shows are house full and Tuesday advance booking is best ever recorded compared to any movie from past. Audience are not even thumbs up, they have all fingers with their legs are up for this movie. Looking at advance booking response of  Tuesday it seem to surpass Ghajini collections of first week by a big margin in our chain, we are hoping for approx 10 Crore plus gross figure in first week for our chain in NCR, We are glad DT cinemas are performing best among all leading multiplexes in NCR”

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~ by Yakuza on November 9, 2009.

38 Responses to “Gazab March Continues/ Monday – Tuesday DT Cinema Update”

  1. This is really sensational news, if tuesday is even houseful then i can imagine 45+ crore figure for first week.

  2. wow! wow! This is simply out of the blue… just unbelievable..that too when it was least expected for the movie to open this way.. its upto the BO experts now to bang their heads to figure out the reason why.. c’mon Yakuja, we need some explanation 🙂

  3. i am just loving this….i knew this would happen. this film had everything working for it…big stars, best music, fantastic promotion, etc. can’t wait for 1st wk numbers…it is going to blow ppl out of their minds!!

    katrina was already a huge star. this has just shown how big she is. and now ranbir is huge too!

  4. well am shocked. at dis rate its gonna be da biggest film ov da year. long way to go to beat Ghajini. i really didnt think highly ov da film. guess i waz wrong

  5. yakuza i want ur view on how much APKGK will earn on first week?

  6. Welcome to Bollywood, where every friday, fortunes changes. I dont think, the producers even knew how big (if it is true) this would be..Nothing is predictable in Bollywood. If films like Welcome, Gadar and Ankhen can be blockbuster, why are we surprised at this trash film being a blockbuster.

  7. i agree wid u to some extent.
    i went to watch da film so ive got nowt agains RK. BUT it is laughable dat some people r syain dat he should be in top 5.

  8. Naveed those people are a bit right!!u c akshay iz losin popularity drastically nd other stars r gainin popularity (RK wivWUS,APKGK,saif wiv LAK,SHAHID WIV KAMINEY,SALMAN WIV LD ND WANTED,AAMIR,SRK,HRITHIK have film which will release very soon nd all will becum blockbuster)SO AS RK HAS PROVIDED A BLOCKBUSTER DATS Y HE’LL BE IN TOP 5 BY REMOVIN AKSHAY.AKSHAY HAS 2 BLAME HIMSELF 4 FEATURIN IN A FILM LYK CC2C,KI,8XT!$O AKSHAY IZ OUT OF RACE!DE DHAN DHAN MAY BE A FLOP COZ PROMOTION IS BELOW AVERAGE TILL NOW.WAT DO YU SAY YAKUZA?

    • 1 superhit, blockbuster or even ATBB will not put anyone in the top 5. Remember this is Ranbir’s first hit/BB. WUS and BAH are semi hits.

      1 hit superstars were possible earlier (Salman, Hrithik) but right now the top 5 is full with Saif and Shahid waiting in 6th and 7th respectively, so to get to top 5 is not going to be easy. Let Ranbir give a few more hits and we’ll count him as a contender.

      Just few months ago ppl were eager to kick Salman out of the top 5 and put Shahid or Saif there, now ppl want Akshay out and Ranbir in his place. This things don’t change overnight. Btw, DDD is likely success (its Hera Pheri 3 in many ways).

      • well said Rosh. dis is RK first real success. Salman, Hrithik and Amir did it in their first films respectively. top 5 r going no where for at least 10 years. MARK MY WORDS. dem 5 r bove hits and fails. SAIF and SHAHID ro now also doing well. RK is way behind atm.

  9. YAKUJA,
    LD average boli jayegi ya flop???????????????????

    • Looking at second week response, its all DONE. sorry but as of now its flop, still we should see for one week more.

  10. YAKUJA,
    LD kitnet weeks tak theater main lagi rahegi??????????????????

  11. YAKUJA,
    WT is LD monday collections ??????????????

  12. Ld flop..monday collectiox

  13. I think the BO performance of APKGK is exazerated. Iam from Pune and can surely tell that all the Multiplexes in Pune were running to only 50% capacity on Monday. Leave alone Advance Booking of Tuesday.

    The WOM has not been good from the 1st Day itself. I dont see it comming anywhere near Gajini. It will not even beat Wanted.

    As far as LD Goes, It was having a max of 5 shows in all the multiplexes in Pune. All the shows were either Housefull or 90 % occupied on Weekends.

    It will end its Business at 35 crs. Should be labelled Average. Its not a flop for sure

    • i hope ur rite Prachie. even am shocked here in England.. we watched it last show on Fri. da ending was such a drag. film had few laughs. WOM is not good here. i dont undersatnd how LD will get even 35 crores. it should have got way more.

  14. I also believe that ld should be labelled as average. A business in tha range of 35 crs deserves to be atleast average.

  15. da success ov dis film shows wat PROMOTION does. NOTHING ELSE.

    • i have to disagree, naveed. the film worked because it was a fantastic movie! promotion does not make sure collections sustain…APKGK is still doing well even on monday. people have really liked the film. just see twitter…the response is fabulous! maybe where you live, it isn’t. but in general, it is!

      just because you didn’t like the film…doesn’t mean others didn’t.

      • I beg to differ.. I have been checking twitter updates as well.. I don’t think the WOM for this move is good. People have been unanimously praising Ranbir but not the movie… the general response is that the movie is funny only at parts but boring or dumb most of the time.. just search for ‘Ajab prem’ and u will get to see even worse things in store for the movie.

      • the first 3 reponses I just got…

        smitaindelhi: cant believe raj kumar santoshi cud direct a pathetically agonising ajab prem ki gazab can u waste money on such ventures?
        4 minutes ago from web

        senarup11: ajab prem ki gajab kahaani- watched night show with the mother and 3 of her friends.. its pretty bad with a redeeming moment or two.
        6 minutes ago from web

        shoaib88: “Ajab Prem Ki ..” is just very sad stuff .. #fail

  16. its a very sad for me atleast for APKGK..this movie doesnot desrve that…LD is 100X better…there was nothing is movie…what the hell in hindi audience…just a stupid this….

  17. ok Disha. ur rite just coz i dont like da movie doesnt mean its bad. wat i should say iz dat over da yers average/poor films (IMO APKGK is 1 ov dem) has done well, and good films like LD KHAKEE, OMKARA etc have not. well wat do i know.

  18. taran adarsh in bollywoodhungama said that first weekend collection of APKGK is rs 24.5 crore.

  19. ur right prachie.. even i have checked in
    advance booking status on tuesday is not that gr8 as yakuza saying….

  20. @Yakuza
    Any update on onerseas collections of APKGK

    LD is nt flop,it is below average.n i sure tht on 3rd weak it wl improve.
    ALADIN — is flop.

  22. DISHA,
    naveed is rigt.
    i agree tht apkgk is entertaining and gud movie bt iskey sath promotion is gr8 ,thts y opening is gr8.promotion is necessary whether movie is gud or has excellent collections on weekend due to the promotion bt after 3 days collection is depends on movie quality.

  23. LD could earm more 8 crore till monday.and could earn 4.5 on wed. to thurs. if stars of LD did gr8 promotion till tuesday.
    means on first week LD could earm more 12.5 by the excellent and hardwork promotion as kat-ranbir.

  24. ya the weekday shows are not full capacity in delhi not even 50 % cause i was my self at dt cinems saket for the movie and the hall was literally empty

  25. How DT can alone make 10 crore in NCR? it has seven cinemas only ?

  26. YAKUJA,

  27. Looking at second week response, its all DONE. sorry but as of now its flop, still we should see for one week more ..

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  29. TOTAL surprise….congrats to the team of APKGK!!!

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