20.5 Crore Weekend for APKGK/ 5.5 Crore for Jail

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani did exceptional business of 20.5 Crore on moderate screens [Given it huge release it could have been touch 24 crore mark]. Movie is laugh riot for audience as well as investors. Raj kumar santoshi must be in sigh of relief and recall mode [ Ghayal Days] . Santoshi is recharge now for his next exploded venture with sunny deol, Really Ghayal days are back again. Personally i am much happy for Santoshi because he deserves this success for most of his movies in past [ AAA, Khakee, TLOBS ], I can attribute it as Due success of santoshi for his exceptional work in past.

Jail despite of highly recognizable efforts from Madhur Bandharkar couldn’t manage to get enough audience due to Ajab Wave, Now i can take it as reverse case of Santoshi, this can be termed as Due failure of Madhur for his some of his moderate work in past which somehow got decent success [ Traffic signal, Aan]. with mere 5.5 Crore in hand, Jail is struggling for infrastructure recovery.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 9, 2009.

83 Responses to “20.5 Crore Weekend for APKGK/ 5.5 Crore for Jail”

  1. Gud

  2. I live in ambala.there was no ticket available whole day at fun here.yakuza plz confirm it.

  3. First day 7cr sec day 7.5cr so only 5.5cr on sunday.thats not true..u r downplaying wid its collection..min 9cr on sunday

  4. If u r not downplaying than ur sources r not gud..there is a big diff on sat nd sunday collection..

  5. Only 25 lac more.i cant believe..ambala chd karnal sunday whole day all theatre sold out..goin to watch the movie now.

    • Amit, Saturday was huge, Sunday can’t be better than this. Multiplexes at metros were almost 100% on Saturday and Sunday and at mini metros 80 – 90% on Saturday and 90 – 95% on Sunday.

      • Oh God, amazing collections. See the accupancy rates 95 to 100 % whats going on here in the Indian Box Office, men ??????? Rajkumar Santoshi is on a roll. All the Best to his Ghayal 2.

  6. YAKUJA,
    WT IS LD weekend collection?????????????????????????

    • sorry prity, but LD effects badly due to Ajab, even all movies of past and present swept away in this wave, LD is about 3 Crore on second weekend.

  7. Thanx yakazu.m a big fan of urs but sorry i could not agree wid ur sunday collection.

  8. Prity ld is flop..but is film ki wajah se salman ko aane wali filmo me bda benefit hoga just like raj kumar santosi.

  9. yakuja i also think sunday collection of APKGK will be more than u said. However u mostly say exact figures but this time i think ur sunday figure is not rite. Anyway i will believe what u say.

  10. Yakuza plz operate hum aapke hai kaun..sallu the megastar best movie..i hve a gut feeling ki ranbeer ll be other salman.

    • hi Amit
      am sorry to say but Ranbir will never be like Salman.
      IMO some stars in Bollywood Salman being 1 ov dem r unique and can never be associated wid oder stars.
      just like no oder jodi will ever be like SRK-Kajol jodi.

      mind u even though Salman-Asin made 1 film (not done/doing too well) i loved dere jodi so much.

  11. Yeah nishan..m saying this coz i myself witnesd sunday collection all across haryana.damm the critics specially masand.this movie is a rage

  12. Dont get us wrong yakuza ..m sure u r rite..m just frustrated coz i could not get the ticket yday.hopefully aaj mil jayegi.


  14. what is the LD collections??????

  15. @Yakuza
    Taran put these numbers. Indore weekend barometer: AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI
    Velocity: [F] 1,94,084; [S] 2,25,640; [S] 2,94,748
    Big: [F] 2,21,008; [S] 2,56,240; [S] 3,33,095
    Inox-I: [F] 1,97,854; [S] 2,49,108; [S] 4,34,937
    PVR: [F] 3,39,016; [S] 3,81,609; [S] 3,97,697
    Inox-II: [F] 1,66,708; [S] 2,17,869; [S] 3,97,105

    Overall definitely a 30% jump on Sunday compared to Saturday.
    I agree with your figures usually but even i feel that Sunday figures are underreported. I didn’t get a ticket in Chandigarh either on Saturday or Sunday

    • Thanks for this comparison .. this difference was mini metros and small centers, but Metros pose similar figures for Saturday and Sunday.

  16. what is the LD total collection….

  17. YAKUJA,

    WHAT ABOUT ALL THE BEST collection >> !!!

  18. Yakuza just checked taran indore barometer.sunday is 20%better than saturday..i ll stick to my belief.sorry sunday cant be that much..

  19. I think rivalary between boi nd bollybusiness is responsible for this urgency to put early wrong collection of ajab..yakuza can u plz post sat sunday collection of ajab for pvr fun fame cinemax

    • BOI has put the Friday figure for APKGK at 6.75 crores, 50 lakhs more than what yakuza has reported. Saturday’s and Sunday’s figures are not yet out. But must appreciate yakuza as he was the first one to come out with Saturday’s and now Sunday’s figures.

    • Amit, these are figures on lower end of estimates which come out after analysis, looking at past experience of actual figures which came out after getting more numbers.

  20. Boi to friday pe hi atki hai.lol.dont be surprized if they say sunday 10cr..i know them.they hve no source they just post any general figure which can be pridicted by anyone ..

  21. Aise phle aane se kya hota hai..le mai monday ka figure aaj hi bta deta hu 4.5cr..taran nd komal r not idiots.they hve maximum acess to distributers still they cant figure out whole india collection..both bolly nd boi just use the general figure..

  22. Agreed about Taran. Never heard about Komal. But BOI figures are usually right by the end. Which site does Komal post on?

  23. YAKUJA
    APKGK k stars katrina and ranbir are also promoting movie today on malad mall,mumbai.
    india tv news channel was showing this.ranbir n katrina did dance wid public n also giving interview.i thin they would promote the movie till 2nd week and this promotion wl definetly improve more n more their box office collectionS.

  24. BOI
    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani has set the box office on fire as it massed a huge 25 crore nett over its first weekend. The film collected around 40 lakhs in paid previews. The Friday collection was 6.75 crore nett and Saturday picked up further with a huge total of 7.75 crore nett and then Sunday collected a humungous 10 core nett. It is the fourth film to collected 10 crore nett in one day with Ghajini, Love Aaj Kal, Singh Is Kinng and Rab Ne Bana di Jodi achieving this feat on their first Sunday.

  25. Just checked NDTV, they are reporting 21 Crore weekend of Ajab and 4 Crore for Jail. Acooring to NDTV “APKGK recorded record breaking 21 Crore over its first weekend and audience is nostalgic for this movie.”

  26. claustrophobic , generally BOI report exaggerated figures initially and calm down later on, remember they report 36.5 crore first week for wanted and then settles at 32 crore later on. This is their general process, i think Ajab gross 22 – 23 crore.

    • The problem with Wanted was its tremendous success at single screens which is not easy to measure unlike in the plexes. But i am not taking BOI as standard either. I myself think the figure should be around 22-23 crores.

  27. Now there are so many figures for APKGK :

    Bolly : 20.5
    BOI : 25
    NDTV : 21
    ZOOM : 23
    IBOS : waiting

    this is all possible range from 20 – 25 …

    confused … 😦

    • is it ? i am on lower end … but 20.5 is what i get after full analysis .. 😦

      • Yakuza, Have you added the Thursday paid preview figures?? Because that will make it 21 cr total(if we take 40 lakhs as put by BOI)

        • Not really .. Thursday figures are not included and even i don’t have data, let me get it from server. I am wondering i never ever consider/bother to add previews even in past .. big blunder ..

  28. Boi se phle to maine hi bta diya ki sunday 10cr hoga..both boi nd bolly r no body they very smartly running their sites.komal nhata india ka sbse bda trade analyst hai .uski b aukat nhi ki sunday ka collection btade..in india its impossible..taran nd komal ke pas to single screen ke b collection hote hai phir b wo whole india ka nhi bta skte..single screen ke malik apne collection distributer ko nhi btate .boi bolly ki to bat hi rhne do

  29. YAKUJA,

  30. Btw how can sumbody analyse the collection yakuza.a collection is figure if it is 47574 than it is 47574..there is no einstien required to guess it is in between 40 to 60000.thats wht both u nd boi r doing.

    • The figures from Single screen theatres are not exact. Thats why the variation and the end total sum is rounded off.

    • Amit, Analysis is based on available numbers, I openly said it many times that bigTree entertainment pvt ltd is my source to get figures, but unfortunately all multiplexes chain doesn’t come under this company, so based on past performances of similar scale movies in unreported centers i analyze and estimate the numbers for these centers, This is only way to reach at particular figure which is always approx. not exact and this is all i can do, No trade expert have all India data and this is common practice for each trade person.

      I think this level of transparency of source of data and process description never ever open by any media.

      • I repeat Here “this level of transparency of source of data and process description never ever open by any media.”

  31. 10 crore is impractical figure with less screenings than Love aaj kal (as reported by BOI) … I think bolly is right .. BOI is exaggerating as always (may be to prove bolly wrong) .. but i must say 10 crore is impossible is number of shows are less compared to love aaj kal and other biggies.

  32. Komal nhata editor of film information..largest selling trade magazine..he is huge..check wikipedia,.

  33. If sat is 7cr than sunday 10cr possible.but sunday cant be 7.25cr..my point is that ki sunday is 25%better than that which boi is saying.though both r wrong.

  34. @ajabgazab-I am not a trade analyst but when LAK released, there were 4 multiplexes in Chd and i was able to get tickets very easily(maybe due to higher number of shows) but i have not been able to get tickets for APKGK on Saturday or Sunday and now there are 5 multiplexes in Chd. All advance booking. I am going to watch it today. Even Amit guy didn’t get a ticket in Ambala.

  35. Guy i deserve sum appriaciation i told before boi ki sunday 10cr..

  36. Vry well sad.rt now m near fun chd its raining here in chd..awsum crowd..i think aaj b nhi milegi ticket..

  37. ive watched both APKGK and JAIL. watched APKGK in cinemas and JAIL at home, TBH i honestly thought JAIL was a better movie. da only thing which was poor bout JAIL and worked for APKGK was da fantastic music.

    i expected da film to drop heavily on weekdays. but going by da collections of da weekend i think da film is gonna go far.

  38. HI GUYS


    Indore multiplexes:

    Friday Totals

    Ghajini – 8,38,950 (4 Locations)

    Love Aaj Kal – 8,60,350 (5 Locations)

    APKGK – 11,18,675 (5 Locations)

    (Friday Records At 2 Multiplexes)

    Saturday Totals

    Ghajini – 8,99,200 (4 Locations)

    Love Aaj Kal – 8,59,130 (5 Locations)

    APKGK – 13,30,470 (5 Locations)

    (Saturday Records At 4 Multiplexes)

    Sunday Totals

    Ghajini – 10,51,800 (4 Locations)

    Love Aaj Kal – 13,19,740 (5 Locations)

    APKGK – 18,57,580 (5 Locations)

    (Sunday Records At All 5 Multiplexes)

    Weekend Totals

    Ghajini – 27,89,950 (4 Locations)

    Love Aaj Kal – 30,39,220 (5 Locations)

    APKGK – 43,06,725 (5 Locations) ALL TIME RECORD






  40. @yakuza..thats wht m saying .approx can be calculated by anyone..i told 10cr for sunday boi also said..but u deserve sum respect coz u hve the courage to reply.boi ko to bhoot chala rhe hai…i found ur site quite good but the bo operation hit ratio etc r plane rediculus..ur filmfare scans nd past history section r best..

    • I advise you to contact BigTree entertainment pvt ltd (single agency who centralize all multiplexes), get figures on hourly/daily/weekly basis (more you pay, more details you get) and generate your own all India numbers .. 🙂

      Amit, in this industry precision is what actually important, I mean how close you are from actual figures, But again who has actual figures ? and what is benchmark ?

      I am throwing, there are many throwers, it’s on you what you pick ? I am confident of my work (as I have evidence and for any challenge I am ready to give full reports). Really can’t do anything better than this.

    • RELAX Amit. Yakuza is very dependable. no 1 has had problems wid his work. a few SRK fans have coz dey cant digest da fact dat a couple ov his films have not done dat great and have just done well.

      ( i dont mean to offend any1)

  41. Yakuja, if you have checked the thursday figures, can you please update

    • There is no information of thursday figures (might be thursday tickets were not sold by this company), Response i get back is “No Show for Thursday; Movie : Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani; Reason Code :32”. This response indicates no sale via this server.

  42. Ok

  43. I doubt 10 cr figure of Sunday as there was a huge cricket match, deciding one between India and Aust.
    Evening shows may be full because the match was a day match.
    Sad about ld, it got affected because of wrong release time, otherwise easily could have been hit.

  44. Star news : 22 crore

    ye kya ho arah ahi .. news channels pe bhi boxoffice reports aa rahi ahin ????

    Well Yakuza seem to correct on overall weekend figure, looking at it excludes thursday numbers. because majorty of trade media is around 21 – 22 crore.

    Check :

    Bolly : 20.5
    BOI : 25
    NDTV : 21
    ZOOM : 23
    Star News : 22
    IBOS : waiting

    21 – 22 – 23 – 25 … bas 24 rah gaya .. ab koi 24 crore ka figure de de to ginti puri ho jayegi …. 🙂

  45. 24 ka sawaal hai daata .. koi muzhe 24 de do daata .. ginti puri karni hai daaata .. koi muzhe 24 de do …. 🙂

  46. 10 crore is fake figure .. i bet .. it can be 8 crore at its best because with 20% less shows compared to other big movies how it can score 10 crore ??? BOI is fake i bet …

  47. @rajesh .. you are right .. BOI fenk raha hai …

  48. 10 crore is impractical figure with less screenings than Love aaj kal (as reported by BOI) … I think bolly is right .. BOI is exaggerating as always (may be to prove bolly wrong) .. but i must say 10 crore is impossible is number of shows are less compared to love aaj kal and other biggies.

  49. So i challange u..tell me the collection of ajab on sat nd sunday chd fr pvr dtcinema..nd for single screen nigar ambala..btw there is no such agency who gave collection on hourly basis..i hve no source but i can tell u ajab today ll be 4.5cr ..u nd boi just manipulate 2 nd 3 centre collection wid a model made by u..

  50. M again repeating if sat is 7cr than sunday can be 10cr.but if u r saying sunday 7.50cr than sat couldnot be more than 5.5cr

  51. @ Amit.
    its a crap film in all honesty anywayz.
    i dont know why i went to watch it on Fri. i expected it to be a lot better. (maybe coz of AAA i decided to go.)

  52. Guys, just stop scratching your heads over Sunday’s collections… BOI has always projected higher estimates for many movies like Blue, Wanted but they end up with lower numbers when they publish the actual week figures..

    btw, its time to hail the new big thing in BW.. ppl have been talking abt Ranbir for a while.. this shud be first step in turning those claims a reality… Go, go, go ..Ranbir!

  53. Just watched ajab ..housefull 5star

  54. YAKUJA,
    wt is LD monday collections ????????????????????

  55. Kya hua yakuza..challenge diya tha.pura kro ab.

  56. Friday saw 85% collections throughout the day(6.75) ”” Saturday saw 90-95% collections throughout the day(7.75) than if sunday is 100% collections than how can the collections be 10 crores if there is only a increase of 5-10% ……..with at most 10% increase in collections the sunday figures can be 8.50 maximum…..not 10 crores

    if figures of sunday is 10 crores with 100 % collections than friday figures of 6.75crores should have a 65-70% collections ??????

    answer that AMIT…….

    • Yes ankur, if 10 crore is 100% figue then how come 6.5 crore on friday be 85% ?? Look like all trade analyst have week mathematics .. or they are having hidden agenda behind it, also with moderate release its not possible to collect 10 crore at all even if it is 100%.

  57. if i go by Yakuza report, it was 6.25 crore on friday(80%) , 7 crore on saturday(95% ) and 7.5 crore on sunday( 100%) … don’t know but this look quite reasonable.

  58. Thats coz no of shows increased by plexes owner on sunday

  59. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani held steady again Tuesday with business being just under 4 crore nett. The five day total for the film is a huge 33.75 crore nett approx. The first week is looking to finish at around the 41 crore nett mark.

    The film already has the third biggest first week of 2009 as far as nett business is concerned in just five days. The first week nett total may just fall a bit short of Love Aaj Kal’s first week total but it is holding up better than Love Aaj Kal over weekdays which means it should cross the lifetime nett business of Love Aaj Kal.

    Jail has not managed to show up any decent numbers at the box office and the first week looks to close at around 6.50-7 crore nett.

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