Boxoffice Operation – PARTNER (2007)

PARTNER was released on Friday, July 20, 2007. Starring Salman Khan, Govinda And Katrina Kaif, Partner was outright Super – Hit at boxoffice. Let’s have a look at its boxoffice details.

Here we are presenting the DETAILED Boxoffice Description of its Performance.

Week All India Nett Business % Drop
1 29 Crore  
2 18 Crore -37.93
3 7 Crore -61.11
4 3.75 Crore -46.42
5 1.5 Crore -60
6 1 Crore -33.33
Rest 1.75 Crore  
Total 62 Crore  

Apart from India, it collects excellent overseas figures of  UK £ 825,528 ; US $1,062,840. Total Worldwide Revenue:  62(India) + 12(Overseas) = 74 Crore .

Sr No. Name of Distributor Territory
1 . Eros Multimedia Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai City
2 . Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd Gujarat, Saurashtra, Thane – Raigad, Maharashtra (Excluding Mumbai City & Suburb), Karnataka
3 . Eros Multimedia Pvt.Ltd Delhi / Ghaziabad / Noida
4 . Ginny Arts UP
5 . Sunny Movies East Punjab
6 . Marudhar Entertainment Rajasthan
7 . Rajshri Pictures (P) Ltd. Cp & Assam
8 . Rupali Entertainment CI
9 . K Sera Sera Production Ltd Bihar, Nizam & Andhra
10 . Media One Global Entertainment Ltd Mysore
11 . Chaya Lakshmi Creations Pvt . Ltd. Tamilnadu / Kerala
12 . Inox Liesure Ltd West Bengal
13 . Vision Quest P Ltd Nepal
14 . Meena Movies Orissa
15 . M/s. Maa Sonea Films ( Sub Distributor ) Bihar / Jharkhand
16 . Raksha Distributors ( Sub Distributor ) Saurashtra, Thane- Raigad, Maharastra(excl Mumbai City)Goa, Karnataka
17 . Eros International Overseas
18 . M/s. Shenoy Cinemax, Ernakulam (Sub Dis.) Kerala
Name Partner
Opening 90%
WOM Excellent
Trending Very good
ROI 130%
Distribution Right 30 Crore
Recovery 74 Crore ( 39 Crore Share)
Relative performance Very Good Compared to biggest Hit of year Om Shanti Om/Welcome.
Recall value Very good, Still reminded for excellent musical comedy.  Super-Hit in DVD circuit.
BollyBusiness Note Apart from excellent box-office returns, its relative performance and recall value is quite very good. Unquestionable Super Hit.
Verdict SuperHit

Verdict : SUPER-HIT

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 8, 2009.

17 Responses to “Boxoffice Operation – PARTNER (2007)”

  1. FANTASTIC Yakuza.
    i did think da film waz Blockbuster but if uve applied dat methodology and coz its u i will believe dat its superhit.

    @ every1. i loved a lot ov aspects ov PARTNER, but i really loved Sallu-Lara jodi. wat do u guyz think?

    • Thanks Naveed, Perception Wise movie is blockbuster, but from this methodology this is Super hit, and as i apply each movie under this process before giving final verdict, so relative performance of movies can be easily justified.

      About Partner, this is my one of best musical comedies and yes Lara was just lovable, she was fabulous after JBJ.

  2. Absolute Extraordinary work, MAN GAYE YAKUZA

  3. This is awesome. Waiting for Wanted report also, but take your time. You are doing great work.


  5. Yakuza, One request, Can you do the same for Tere Naam, the comeback movie of Salman, i know its Semi hit, but can you go in details, thank you.

    • Hey Bro. , How are you man ? Sure Bro, Will display same exercise for Tere Naam. give me few days .. 🙂

  6. Do the same for Om shanti om, however u have already declared it BB, Still i want to see the financials, Thanks in advance for same

  7. @ Yakuza. am sorry to ask but how far was PARTNER to BB status.

    • Hey Naveed, Blockbuster category require 69 score. Partner stands at 62.77, I guess with 325%+ ROI attributed with excellent trending, it would come under blockbuster category.

  8. Yakuza
    if movie makes 70 crs then its blockbuster…
    Is it applicable for all movies?

    • No Sam, request you to go through the model, it has several parameters, from Like ROI, WOM, Trending, Recall Value, Relative Performance etc. Combined effect of these parameters leads to final verdict of movie. even a 45 Crore earner can be termed as blockbuster with this process.

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  10. really bakwas movie..i am astonished how it became a superhit..david dhawan’s low grade toilet humour

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