7 Crore @Saturday For APKGK/ No Prisoners For Jail

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani after excellent Friday excels again on Saturday with extraordinary 7 Crore figure (considering reasonable screenings). If movie sustains well on weekdays, this will become Tips Biggest HIT till date, Ranbir Kapoor’s first clean HIT and Katrina’s first Non- Multi-starrer and Non – Akshay HIT.

Jail refuse to pick up on Saturday and collections remain on lower side all over; First weekend should wrap under 5 Crore Nett. Jail suffered a lot due to Ajab Gazab Clash.


— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 8, 2009.

37 Responses to “7 Crore @Saturday For APKGK/ No Prisoners For Jail”

  1. i dont know wat to say. i guess CONGRATULATIONS to every1 associated wid da film. lets see how it does considering India-Aus match.

    also how it does on weekdays.

  2. can some1 tell me how much a ticket iz in India plz. over here in England a ticket (student) iz 5 POUNDS 10P.
    am just curious to know.

  3. Naveed,in india in multiplexes it ranges from rs 90(morning show) to rs 250 per ticket . In single screens nearly rs 60 per ticket in most part of india.

  4. thankx Nishan.

  5. @yakuza-wat about LD.how much it earned in 2nd weekend????????plz ans.

  6. I watched APKGK. It was a big time disappoiontment honestly. LD is far better than APKGK. No doubt, critics have been partial to LD. Taran Adrash pointed so many flaws in the movie n still gives 4 stars. It was very unfair. I think they r promoting Ranbir Kapoor cos for 20 years no actor has really got that status which Khans n Kumar have. As they r all almost 40+ (though they don’t look) n their super stardom is still so high, so I guess these critics(mainly paid) are tryin to create a super star for tomorrow.

  7. I like Ranbir but APKGK is not funny at all. Thanks to promotion and good reviews.
    All the best to LD!

  8. Ranbir has slowly but steadily become the hot contender for the top spot at Box Office after the KHANS in the coming days. Wake up Sid & APKGK HUGE Openings show that. He is actor now to look out for. Coming years belong to him, Imran Khan, Emraan Hashmi like actors I guess. What I have observed from the past few films Box office turn outs are that the audiences are now giving thumbs up to the Young Hero films ONLY. Except LAK, Ghajini, RNBDJ & Wanted which film ran successfully of our VETERAN HEROES Iam talking about Solo Hero films, not Multistarrers )These films I believe that it ran because of its contents & terrific marketing & Music.

    Trend & the audiences are changing folks, its time for us to accept that.

    At the end iam concluding with only one point. Indian Box Office & audiences are SIMPLY UNPREDICTABLE, anything can happen anytime to any type of films 🙂 Kal kkisne kya Dekha ?

  9. Sorry folks, i forgot to add Shahid Kapoor in that list of Young & promising actors ( Superstars of tomorrow )His last 5 films have been not HUGE but definetely good Box Office successes but all have opened HUGE excpet DIL BOLE HADIPPA where the film concentrated on RANI MUKHERJEE.




  13. i disagrre wid u for once David.
    da heavyweights r yet to come. Akki iz still dere. hez just made
    some poor films recently. Salman is still doing it WANTED says everything, LD released wrong time.
    Amir,SRK,Hrithik havent made a film for a while.
    Salman,Amir and Hrithik became mega stars after their first films respectively. SRK and Akki bacme mega stars after a while Akki taking da longest.
    but dese 5 mega stars r gonna be around for at least 8-10 years minimum. dere gonna be in lead roles and big projects guaranteed.

    Even Saif, Ajay(always does good work) r still dere. all dese younger actors r for da future.
    plus dis is RK 4th film, and most probably be his first clean hit.

    btw i have nowt against RK am just putting things into perspective.

  14. Dear Naveed,

    It is not for RK only I have mentioned 3 other names as well there, Shahid Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi. These 3 guys films are now opening on or above PAR with an SRK or Aamir movie.

    for sure our current Superstars ( Aamir, Ajay, Akshay, SRK, Salman, Hritik ) will be there of course for 8 to 10 years, but I personally dont thinnk that their films will open or create histories like those did before.

    Anyways its ultimately just my view.

  15. later on i will post a comment David bout dem 3 stars respectively.

  16. i like salman i am big fan salman khan.Tanks to SAJU DEY your information veer movie

  17. i have a query for yakuza, when u r offline, there will be lot of discussion and lot of question to be answered and i think u r the right person to bring appropriate answers to the discussion, but the next day i have see lot of queries unanswered and only answered where u are onlin, i don’t know what is the reason. in updating u are the number one site, thanks

    • Khalid, generally for multiple queries of similar kind i reply at one post only, Also i try to cover all queries at “Bheja Fry” [Q & A] Post. You must have notice this.

  18. what budget APKGK

  19. Not sure. But read somewhere that it is 25- 30 Crores. Better YAKUZA confirm it.

  20. hi david, i hope u are fine, do we have any online chat instead of posting we can discuss films, if any please let me know

  21. @ Tahsin da budget was 23-25 crores. like David said Yakuza will confirm so stay posted.

  22. What budget veer movie yakuza


  24. apkgk ka bugdet-40 crore,jail-18 crore,LD-70 CRORE,ATB-70 CRORE

  25. Zoom Tv r da worst media channel around. dont beiliev anything dey say. infact going by wat i know dey create da most absurd stories and create conflict amongst stars. dere presenters r not da best azwell.

  26. 20.5 Crore Weekend for APKGK/ 5.5 Crore for Jail … Going to publish soon !!

  27. yakuza please read previous day comments whenever u are offline in order to reply or to correct next day when u r online, thanks

  28. yakuza pr kahi par likha hua he apkgk weekend collection 25 crore,,is it rgt

  29. yakuza pr kahi par likha hua he apkgk weekend collection 25 crore,,is it rgt,,,plz tell me

  30. Friday saw 85% collections throughout the day(6.75) ”” Saturday saw 90-95% collections throughout the day(7.75) than if sunday is 100% collections than how can the collections be 10 crores if there is only a increase of 5-10% ……..with at most 10% increase in collections the sunday figures can be 8.50 maximum…..not 10 crores

    if figures of sunday is 10 crores with 100 % collections than friday figures of 6.75crores should have a 65-70% collections not 85% ??????

    • if i go by Yakuza reort, it was 6.25 crore on friday(80%) , 7 crore on saturday(95% ) and 7.5 crore on sunday( 100%) … don’t know but this look quite reasonable.

  31. Apkgk 41 crore first weekend….it wl b third largest hit of d yr..LD IS FLOP

  32. my last predication is movie will get occupies space in multiplex for next 5 week due to its less print so its gonna be hit for sure n chances to be superhit

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