POLL : Your Most Awaited Upcoming Movies

This is multiple choice poll, You can chose at most three movies. Thanks for participation. 

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~ by Yakuza on November 7, 2009.

112 Responses to “POLL : Your Most Awaited Upcoming Movies”

  1. Rajneeti

    • I have added some good lineups upto Feb, 2010. There is no confirm date for rajneeti yet, it might delay more due to Nana walk out.

      • rajneeti is releasing on may 28, 2010. shooting is complete now…no delay due to nana walk out. they have added a voice over to make up for it.

      • I guess you should remove KITES since it doesn’t come out til April.

  2. as per my information shooting part of nana has been cancelled, voice make over has been introduced giving reason for nana absence, i have read yesterday in an interview of prakash jha that he has forgiven nana but will not shoot and he may allow nana to dub only.

  3. rajneeti shooting has been completed on wednesday 4/11/2009

  4. If rajneeti is a hit then ranbir kapoor and katrina will get all da credit.ajay would be sidelined.what do yu say YAKUZA?

  5. Yakuza which films looks safe 4 a bet?? Which film should take da biggest openin?KITES,VEER,MNIK,3 IDIOTS R releasin in two month! Do you think its safe 4 all dis film??

    • @ Alamgir, I think VEER amongst all these will open 7 sustain well specially in single screens, just like the way WANTED did. Salman Khan is the EMPEROR of Single creers 🙂

  6. veer is going to be huge hit. 3 idiots will be also huge hit & kites will also do well
    dont know about mnik

  7. i think these pools turn to be idiotic, wich one see the results will think that veer will beat sholay, wich shows that certain blogs are infested by certains star fans that think they do well to their idol by voting, if only they go to cinemas to see the movie of salman and make MAMK aur london dreams reach safety (disaster and a flop respectively)

    • seems like the poll results really turned your life upside down. get a life dude, just a poll. Btw, Veer came in top in the NG poll also, so both places “infested” with Salman fans?

  8. agree to an extent Sam. i go watch every Salman film, even started to watch oder stars films. APKGK i watched it thought it waz ok, no where near better dan LD IMO.

    ders no point uz voting if we dont go watch hiz films. i know at times da chice of films he chooses to be in r disappointing but LD should have worked. (amazing performance) so plz go watch VEER, it looks promising even though i aint seen da promo. lol

  10. Hahaha…its so funny.. Sallu fans vote like crazy on internet polls but hardly watch his movies… such hypocrisy!! poor Salman!

    • hey u idiot, at salman has true fans…….inspite of being his fans we dont watch his worse films just to make him known about the working scripts…….but VEER is really really FANTASTIC……

  11. but at least hez got such fans. i agree deres no point voting if were not gonna go watch hiz movies

    • Thats exactly the point.. Sallu might be feeling what better could he offer than LD..Once in a while he chooses a good film and puts all his heart into it but wht wud his fans do? don’t even bother to watch it!!!!

  12. Not able to see this poll due to browser problem, can someone tell me how many total votes, which movie get max votes? and how much?

    • Veer 55% (218 votes)
      3 Idiots 16% (64 votes)
      MNIK 8% (31 votes)

      Total votes 400

      if ur browser still aint workin den ill tell u all da percentage scores.
      dose 3 above r leading so far.

      • Thanks for info, this is enough, but as u said above, all salman fans should make a compaign for FDFS of veer, salman has 1 BB, 1 average this year, not bad


    1) DABANG
    2) TOM & JERRY

  14. @ Saju. i can definitely see 3 ov dem movies uve mentioned do well.( dont know bout Dabang atm) i will explain some oder time why dat iz. but for da time being lets concentrate on VEER. i hope it rocks da box office.
    also weve got some great films coming up.
    4.3 IDIOTS

    dese r da films am lookin forward to.

  15. i don’t intend to offend salman khans fans, i also used to enjoy his movies, the last ones were Mujse shadi karogi, no entry and partner, but i think salman should restrict himself to his strenght and do 2 movies in a year and balance comedies with action and he will come with hits for the next 3- 5 years.

  16. My prediction as follows 🙂

    1. Veer ( Super Hit to Blockbuster )
    2. 3 Idiots ( HIT to Super Hit )Due to HIGH price TAG )
    3. KITES ( SEMI HIT to HIT ) Due to High price TAGE )
    4. ROCKET SINGH ( HIT ) Sure Shot HIT
    5. De Dana Dan ( Above Average ) Maximum
    6. PAA ( Super Hit to Blockbuster ) Due to VERY LOW price TAG
    7. My name is KHAN ( Hit to SuperHIT ( Due to Karan Johar EFFECT )
    8. RANN ( HIT to Super HIT ) Due to low price TAG
    9. KURBAAN ( HIT ) Due to Saifeena EFFECT
    10. Dulha Mil Gaya ( Too early to say )
    11. TEEN Patti ( too early to say )

    Instead Iam putting HERE a new film whch YAKUZA forgot to ADD

    12. RADIO ( Hit to Super Hit ( Due to very low price TAG )



      • KURBAAN i think will be an emotional Intense drama with some fine piece of acting by SAIF AL KHAN in negative role. He may bag an award too for the role he is playing. This will be entirely different from all the movies Karan has made so far. The movie will be a HIT i feel especially becuase of some OUTSTANDING music by Salim Sulaiman & by looking at the direction of PROMOS.

      • you cant predict indian box office, u mean to say no flop among all this movies, it cant. And mark my word de dana dan is going to suprise u as u underated his boxoffice collection.

  17. am interested to see how ROCKET SINGH does. lets see how far RK has really come.

  18. Iam NOT a Ranbir fan, but just see Naveed, his all films except Saawaria. All were sleeper HITS ( BAH & Wake up Sid ) except APKGK ( wjhich is a SMASH Hit ) the TRADE is shocked really seeing this. Can you imagine a medium budget movies with less screens doing 22 to 24 Crore weekend business in INDIA alone. This has NEVER happened before. or am I wrong ?

    Truth is Truth. We have to accept that.


  20. Mr David.
    plz correct me if am wrong.
    1.Sawariyaa- flop
    2.BAH- above average (u had Deepika after BB OSO and Bipasha)
    3.WUS- above average-semi hit (all KJ films do well-TRUTH)
    4.APKGK- awaiting verdict

    dem results indicate dat he iz definitely improving. like i said i have nowt against RK. am just bitter (dere i said it) dat a average/poor movie is doing so well and a good movie like LD has been completely sidelined/rejected.

    ur rite bout 1 thing though David, Box office is so unpredictable man.

    • London Dreams is a very well made movie by Vipul Shah with great intense acting by Ajay Devgan ( iam a big FAN of him ) and our ONE & ONLY Salman Khan. Unfortunately the film came out at a very very WRONG time. Vipul Shah made a BIG BIG mistake by releasing this BIG film at this time. Its MUSIC too though it was good but had to be EXTRA ORDINARY ( unfortunately it wasnt ) for a musical film.

      Anyway happened is happened. No one can change the PAST. Hoping that this film will get noticed in the DVD Sector & through Satelite rights.

      • Agree with you about LD. Just 2 weeks after both Salman and Ajay released a movie each. And all big movies need a running time of 2 weeks (Wanted and ATB were successful largely due to this cos both of them opened slow). LD would have done well enough if it had 1 more week and much better if it was released some other time.

        On the other hand, 2 of Salman’s best performances till date, both in the same year – can’t wait for what he will come up with in the future. Veer, Be Positive and Most Wanted – awaiting all of them.

      • David, it happens many times in past, Many well made movies went unnoticed, few examples are The Legend of bhagat singh, Khakee, Andaz Apna Apna, Hera Pheri , Badshah .. all these movies are flop to average tags holder but later on became super hit at DVD circuit and also got perception hit status. Now include LD in same list … 😦

  21. Veer, Dabang , Be Positive & Most wanted will be sure HITS. No doubts aboput that. Out of it VEER could become a blockbuster also. It will be HUGE specially in Single Screens. BTW Main aur Mrs. Khanna was a very bad choice of Salman. I have to say that. He has to be more careful while signing the films.

  22. agree David. but he waz hardly in MAMK. Times of India said he waz in da film for 11 mins. YES he needs to pick films more carefully

  23. Shocking & Very Very Strange Naveed, Rosh, I just checked Sify.com Movies sections and entered a poll Veer, 3 Idiots & My name is Khan . Veer is at 13 %, 3 idiots at 53 % & My name is Khan at 34 %. Can you beleive it, whats happening here, i dont know 😦

    just check this


  24. If Salman can get highest no. of votes in internet polls even though he is the small town / single screen superstar (where internet usage is less prevalent), I would say he is truly the biggest superstar of them all. (Note, Not the same as best actor or most successful actor).

    Its Salman’s superstardom because of which he is still at top in spite of very limited BO success and all kinds of personal problems. SRK and Aamir’s stardom is because of their movies, Salman’s stardom is because of who he is, the movies he does, has minimal effect on it (at least in the short run)

  25. My prediction as follows

    1. Veer ( Super Hit to Blockbuster )
    2. 3 Idiots ( Super Hit )
    3. KITES ( HIT to Super Hit)
    4. ROCKET SINGH ( HIT ) Sure Shot HIT
    5. De Dana Dan ( Semi Hit )
    6. PAA ( Hit )
    7. My name is KHAN ( SuperHIT to Blockbuster( Due SRK Kajol Magic after 8 yeard )
    8. RANN ( above average to SemiHit )
    9. KURBAAN ( HIT to superHit) Due to Saifeena EFFECT
    10. Dulha Mil Gaya ( Above Average to SemiHit )
    11. TEEN Patti ( Average to Above )

  26. salman khan rocks.

  27. Kites ll create riots.no body can beat hr when it comes to mass hysteria..

  28. Here only at bollybusiness amitabh movie r awaited..paa nd rann..forget about hype none of my frd know abt those movies..bura mat man na yakuza bhai mujhe lgta hai paa ke vote sare tere hai.lol.

  29. Paa luks realy gud!!rane will be flop!mind it!LOL!!

  30. Amit PAA first promo is rage all over , RANN first promo “jan gan man RANN” was highly controversial and second promo already gain enough attention, BOTH ARE WELL KNOWN MOVIES, sry AMIT, tere dost BADE HI ZAHIL LAGTE HAIN

  31. ha ha, well said jasmine, amit welcome to bollywood 🙂

  32. LOLZZZ welcome to bollywood amit, and welcome to your introduction to GODFATHER OF BOLLYWOOD-AMITABH BACHCHAN

  33. amit, atleast bollybusiness is a place where u get all respect for other stars too, NG is full of morons who don’t want to listen any praise for other stars whom they are not fan, now tell me “don’t this list include all imp releases? , but u have prob that y this list include amitabh movies, it is hurting u” u r jealous

  34. jahil kiske dost hai wo to jab paa aur ran release hogi to pta chal jayege..aladin ka hal dekh ke samajh nhi aaya is budhe ko koi nhi dekhna chahta ab..

  35. @+ango..paa se jyada hype tO tum mile ki hai..paa nd ran r not most awaited movie..awaited ka matlb kya hota hai pta nhi hai tujhe.

  36. paa ko agar har critics 5star b de aur ye total 30cr se jyada business kr le to jasmine mai man jaunga mere dost jahil hai..nd teri is awaited movie ki opening 30%se upar nhi lgegi.ran to disaster hogi no doubt wht so ever..

  37. Amit u r wrong this time, Paa and rann are HITS written all over, i think u forget 2005 when bachchan have 5 back to back hits, and FYI AMITABH is written off 1000 times in 40 years of his career, but he is here with all AAN BAAN AND SHAAN, however people who write him off dont exist now

  38. @ Amit. relax man. no1 can say which ov dese movies r gonna flop. all we can say is which 1ns r likely or have da potential to succeed. lets talk positive.
    on dat note am lookin forward to NO ENTRY- BE POSITIVE.

  39. Amit … Check this article .. This is enough proof that how much Paa is awaiting …. 🙂


    don’t make your perceptions sitting within room and your dream world, come out and see what is happening outside … 🙂

    Ha Ha Ha … 🙂

    • Paa compared with Ghajini .. 😦 , i hope taran is well .. 🙂

      • guys an idiot! PAA is a TZP/BLACK type deal….but the impact of the promo has been as big as GHAJINI’s!

        • exactly, given budget of 16 crore(including print and publicity), This will be clean HIT at 35 Crore only, with decent hype, its shouldn’t be that much tough.

        • Amitabh broken Bombay opening record in 2005 by Sarkar (3 crore+ opening, first time any movie entered in this 3 crore zone). @Age 64 this was miracle (He was in lead). Let’s see if it can repeat once again.

  40. Just wait nd watch for 4 dec..opening 30Percent total 25cr max..dun know abt the verdict..

  41. As far as i know no film is a clean hit in last 10 yr resting on amitabh.yakuza tell me one..sarkar raj black sarkar r not hits..tell me thats superstardom.

    • Baghbaan, Cheeni kum, Sarkar, Black were clean Hits. Please check Amitabh Bachchan Career list. I am excluding multi-starrers here.

  42. black indiafm avg boi avg komal belowavg sarkar indiafm hit in mumbai avg boi ab avg bhagbhan was not resting on ab..cheni kum was like wus multiplex hit..do u know wht a clean hit means..if u put bunty nd bubbly i may agree but Sorry u lost

  43. No body in trade taran komal amod mirani amod declared them hits.

    • any link for taran and komal verdicts ?? .. 🙂

    • and why are you escaping from baghbaan ? About black, in my BO operation .. it is based on distributor prospective … can you check it again … Please give me link of taran and Komal verdicts ..

  44. Verdict did not depend on budget man..if distributer had lost money it is a flop..period

  45. U can check indiafm for taran verdicts rediff for mirani verdicts.buy film information for komal verdicts.check urself than talk..

    • give me link of indiafm … you can easily give if you have checked ???

      I do have filminformation magazine collection of last 8 years and boxoffice magazine collections of last 18 years. Mayapuri since 1982.
      Now amit, tell me honest verdict of BLACK from filminformation, put it here if you know .. if you are right on verdict i will not reply, if not then i will put 2005 scan from filminfo within a 15 days [ this time i require to get copy from my home].

  46. u earlier said u use film information nd u dont know komal verdicts.how?these 4 guy can make a movie hit by their verdict whether they r flop..all media use their collection nd verdict.

  47. Komal verdict black avg.taran verdict ab avg..boi ab avg.

  48. http://www.indiafm.com/trade/top5/162.html

  49. so sarkar was clean HIT by Taran as well, Thumbs up by Taran. Thanks for posting this.

  50. yakuza i know u r a big b fan.but thats the truth black sarkar bhagbhan r not clean hit..gen perception abt sum movie r like that ki they were hits.

  51. guys, have you seen tum mile scam video ?

  52. Thnaks amit for making us confirm about SARKAR being HIT even by TARAN .. 🙂 .. yes jasmine .. THUMBS UP ..

  53. @amit, Thanks for posting evidence of SARKAR being HIT. @Yakuza .. please bring Boxoffice oeration of SARKAR too.

  54. Sorry guys..i m comfused betwen sarkar nd sarkar raj..sarkar was hit..sarkar raj was avg.

  55. @amit, now you should stop making mockery of yourself, please have some self-respect.

  56. @ Amit. plz check again, i cant comment on da oder films uve mentioned but Bagbhan waz a clean hit coz ov Amitabh Bachan and Hema Malini brilliant acting man. YES, it waz nice as a Salman fan to also see him in da film.
    u insulted a very good film wid ur comments.

  57. I want Veer to do very well. I almost cry every time I see LD being bashed… Salman Khan is highly under rated… if it would have been some one else media would have gone gaga over him this year…
    3 movies… 3 extremely diff roles…
    Such versatility…
    Wanted: Out and out action
    MAMK: Stupid, soppy romantic stuff
    LD: Amazing emotional drama
    MAMK was an aberration… but LD… man what has happened to Indians? they cant form there own opinions… get influenced by the media so much…

    • you are right piyush, indians are blind followers of media.

    • very well said Piyush. i cant agrre more. am stll baffled by wat haz happened to LD. 1 ov da best movies coming out of Bollywood since CDI in my humble opinion.

    • i think salman`s fault was that he released 3 films together………..and ofcourse signing mamk was a big fault of him

  58. People have once again started saying that Veer would rock single screens… why are the multiplex people so sophisticated in India that they cant watch a period war film? In hollywood Gladiator, Troy and 300 are HUGE… the same was the case with Wanted too… a whole perception was created before hand itself that it would just rock single screens…
    BTW… APKGK rocking multiplexes… and I saw it and it’s just a normal bollywood comedy that people in single screens love… had Salman been in it… it would have flopped… because the media would have said that there’s nothing new,…. and wouldnt have supported the film///

  59. salman khan is no1..

  60. no doubt buddies………..VEER is going to be record breaker of all films….so just wait..

  61. guyz join salman khan’s upcoming blockbuster veer’s official facebook group…u will find the makers of this film there and also can ask anything u want to know abt veer……

    @yakuza-u can also join…u will get latest update abt veer there..

    here’s the link


  62. black and sarkar were clean hits.black is still running in korea.the third big hit.its great acheivement for bollywood in shape of black,which going very well in korea.in my opinion PAA will be blockbuster film.
    3 IDEOTS(superhit)

    • Man, u r quite an optimist! its raining flops at the BO and u r predicting atleast a hit status for every movie listed above 😉

    • Kurbaan turned out to be a disaster, so I guess your predictions are wrong. I have a strong feeling about these films being a hit:
      Kites is coming in summer, but no release date has been confirmed. I think Kites will come out during Diwali with Housefull, that’d be awesome. Hrithik vs. Akshay, Reteish, Deepika, Lara, and many more

  63. I think london dreams will reach to the hit position but steady and slowly.

  64. If Paa is a big hit its gonna affect Rocket Singh overall collections. I hope 3idiots is as big as Ghajni…however i’m not getting the same buzz as i was with Ghajni which was an amazing film imo. Maybe its early days and hopefully 3idiots promotion will pickup and raise the excitement levels. If Veer is a big hit then the other khans better watch out 🙂 Kites seems to be on shaky ground because its been in the cans for a long time..they need to release it before the summer. Hrithik needs to make 2 movies per year imo….the likes of Ranbir and Shahid make more movies per year and are getting wiser with good role selection. Ranbir especially is getting stronger with every movie…imho he needs to make sure that his movies have a smaller budget which would reduce risk.

  65. @ km can u plz explain wat u mean wen u say dat if VEER becomes a hit den all da Khans need to watch out.

    • naveed

      Km i believe is trying to say the if Veer (one in a 1000 chance, with 75cr riding on it maker will be lucky to recover even 30% of it) becomes a hit then S K will be back in the reckoning.

      Right now he is completely out of it. Of all the all the top actors he is the only one who doesn’t have a big director or banner ready to work with him. AK and Ajay have 5-6 good films (i mean good banners and directors) lined up , poor SK has none apart from those with his chamchas. Time for him to promote only Being Human and our politician in rally..atleast this will help him grab headlines which unfortunately his movies are not going to anymore.

      I personally think his career is damaged beyond recovery, may get a hit here and there but no more a contender for the top 5 ..has lost his charisma and charm on movie buffs…ALL HIS FAULT….

      People simply change the channel when they see his promos..they know all buffonary no acting..

      should try his luck in offbeat films which might surprise the audience and reignite the interest people used to have in his movies..

      Hope Naveed u don’t find anything wrong in what I have said…

      U see his die hard fans can’t make a movie hit ..he needs to get back the multiplex audience……how he will do only he should know ….

      • dude i agree with u……..but i think now salman has understood tht wat types of films he should do.promos of veer r rocking and in sakman is going to wat he has done never before..that is a negetive role.which he left once in bazigar.. u just wait. salman will do all the things which u and his fans want him to do

  66. @ Disapper. thankx for explaining.
    dont worry nothing u said offended me. as long as its not personal its arite.
    Sallu has never taken his career seriously and look wat hez achieved. now dat hiz last couple ov films have not done well is a good wake up call for him. dont worry Disapper and all anti-Salman fans. Sallu will bounce back like u said 100%. he hasnt looked good in dese last couple ov years, but i saw a video ov him on Youtube recently and he looks good man.

    btw wat do u mean no big banners wanna work wid him. every1 wants to work wid him aprat from 1 or 2. (we discussed dat weeks ago). all da actresses wanna work wid him. Deepika and Kangna have said dat.

    so plz talk facts in da future Disapper.

  67. carry on partner

  68. Please somebody tell me the collections of wanted,love aajkal,ajab prem ki ghajab kahani


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