Jail VS Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani – Results

This is what we can say exact reflection of box-office, Last week we saw London Dreams VS Aladin Results which was exact replica of their box-office opening.

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani got 48% Vote (132) and Jail got 17% votes (47). If we look at box-office response, Ajab collects 3 times than Jail at box-office. So can you believe now that Bollybusiness Poll itself is parameter to judge box-office  … 🙂 ?

— BollyBusienss


~ by Yakuza on November 7, 2009.

23 Responses to “Jail VS Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani – Results”

  1. I voted for ::::::::::::)

  2. I voted for .. guess ???? 🙂

  3. Well … i’ll go for APKGK but what i feel is … Jail would be a praised critically in coming days.

    Madhur Bhandarkar is an awesome director.

  4. i think both films will be good coz ov da cast but mainly da directors.
    Santoshi and Bhandharkar r good directors.
    but am lookin forward to APKGK coz Sallu gonna come in da climax.
    and yes i know da film iz bout Kat-Ranbir.

  5. Dear YAK,

    Whats your thought on thie below article


    could really the budget 6 CRORES, or this is just another Himeshs promotional marketing strategy? put in your views…

    PRAZ..You also please put in your views on this.

    • YEAK, Iam waiting for your reply on the above 🙂 thanks

    • Yeah, 6 Crore budget of Radio is true story, but it never means it is hit even before release. Even if you release any movie which costs you Zero, there is probable chance that you lose money. Because if collections are less then minimum rent of cinema, you have to pay from your own pocket.

      Interestingly Radio and Paa are clashing on 4th December and both have common factor of “Low budget”.

  6. APKGK will be disaster at the box office.

  7. APKGK getting poor responses from promo tailors .

  8. APKGK’ music just average.

  9. LONDON DREAMS doing well at the box office . APKGK will be nothing at the box office.

  10. Give the lady due…now she can run a movie minus any Khan relation milking..

    this will be a big hit ..take it as a writing on the wall…

    and after the movie all khan fans wait for the big news…she would openly state the dumping of the khan…

    It’s over time to hunt for the right guy…..no point in milking a dead couw

  11. ive changed my mind bout u Disapper. u can say wat u want bout any1’s professional career but dont comment on dere personal life.
    it startles me dat u r gonna post nowt but negative stuff bout Sallu. really shows how pathetic and immature u r. so plz i dont want to offend but comment on films and other aspects associated wid films. not personal life

  12. APKGK good music good report better advance booking will be a hit but opsition strog LD and JAIL good movie .LD just avrage

  13. LD probbly flop

  14. @yakuja-y dont u delete the offensive posts by dissaper……he’s name suggests how mad he is……plz delete those post wat is offensive towards anyone’s personal life.plzplzplzplzplzplzp……….hope u ll do that

  15. ignore him Karan hez got nowt better to do.

  16. ajpkgk got 2 star from star news and ndtv,,,,,,,,,london dream opening on his 2nd frinday better then wednesday

  17. YAKUJA,
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell us friday collection of LD

  18. Jail is a hard hitting superb movie..a must watch for every Indian…to come across reality…Ajab prem is just fantasy..I didn’t like it…it is time we appreciate the works of people who want to show us the side of reality and make us think about issues…we just don’t go for entertainment keeping brain behind and watching all goody goody stuff…grow up people..and u can’t miss a film like Jail..what if u have brush with the law tmrw..better get prepared


  20. jail is not dood movie thna other madhur movies.

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