Ajab Breaking All Records – Saturday update

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani breaking all records at multiplexes, since morning collections are in range of 90 – 100%. Saturday should be record breaking with 7.5+ Crore, However single screens are trending normal with 50 – 60% Range which is quite not bad. Expected Weekend Business is 22 – 23 Crore which is huge considering low budget of movie.


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 7, 2009.

40 Responses to “Ajab Breaking All Records – Saturday update”

  1. yakuza, do you really think apkgk deserve this kind of collection as per the contecnt? if not what is the reason for such a collection and how is the music? after seeing these kind of footfalls in multiplexes, how much collection do you expect in the entire run, i know it is too early but u r very very good in prediction. kassam sey.

  2. I luv dis site! Yakuza ppl r sayin dat veer is sold for 150 crore is it true??? Wat are yur xpectation 4rm VEER? Plz tell me? Btw can apkgk break LAK ND WANTED’s record??

  3. KHALID, these days only hype and publicity sell, dont worry salman will be back with veer, and BTW yakuza is offline now, will come tom, i was in chat with him, he left now

  4. How do yu chat with him? FB OR twitter?

  5. I find that this site has lot of SALMAN fans, so u guys must read hindustan times review some snippets of it:

    Salman Khan’s in fact is an Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani: Weird Prem’s Crazy Story. Like his top contemporaries at present, the actor started out at the end of the ’80s; playing a character called Prem (Maine Pyar Kiya).

    Neither has he worked up a film worth any retrospective from there on, nor been picked up by producers who rule the film industry. As a performer (non-actor, non-dancer), he’s merely sauntered in to the screen, almost doing his audience a favour by his disinterested stiffness alone. It’s been two decades since. The biggest blockbuster of 2009 (Wanted) belongs to Salman still.

    • relax Sharukh ders no need for dat language. we all have a mum yara. just ignore him.

      plz Disapper contribute in a good way. i know dis comment iz a snippet but all ur oder comments r meaningless. criticize hiz films etc. but uve made comments bout hiz personal life man. NOT NEEDED.

  6. generally 90% of site visitors are fan of one or other stars , but this place is full of facts by owner, problem is that facts are not fully favourable, thats y every fan is after YAKUZA to display data according to their wish, But either u can display the facts or can please the fans, but YAK is doing great job to balance the situation IMO


  8. today in an interview in zoom tv anil sharma director of salman khan movie veer said that veer worldwide rights sold for 150 crores. The movie budget is 75 crores.

  9. guyz i watched da film on fri. last show coz da show show before waz sold out. almost all Katrina films here in UK r sold out.
    1. da film waz ok. first hour was good, funny moments.
    2. da songs were good especially, tu janne na and tera hone laga hoon.
    3. surprise to see Salman. a pleasant surprise.
    4. Ranbir acts well, Kat waz ok didnt think she waz funny at all but dere iz a definite improvement.
    5. dere waz a good chemistry between Kat and Ranbir.
    6. da background score waz great. Salim- Sulaiman did a commendable job once again.

    1. da film was silly in parts but becoz most ov it waz funny u overlook dose moments.
    2. am sorry to say but Upen Patel waz a joke. i could act better dan him.
    3. da second hour iz a let down considering da first part ov da film
    4. da ending was a definite drag.
    5. IMO i didnt like da fight sequence at da end.


  10. 1. Like Prity keeps pointing out dat da promotion ov dis film was done extremely well. dis has had a bearing on da box office. am surprised by da collections but lets wait and see how da film sustains.

    2. Topaz ur a genius man. seriously man Tips have really put into peoples minds dat APKGK is an extension to AAA. (dis film is nowhere near as good as AAA IMO).

  11. oh yeah Disapper plz if u have nothing good to say den dont post it. for God’s sake da thread iz bout APKGK and ur trashing Salman again. GROW UP PLZ.

  12. naveed

    that was a snippet from the review of APKGK in one the leading newspapers…
    i have not added a single word…by that reviewer gave the rating of the movie as *..can u believe that???

  13. ok am sorry Disapper.
    for any great film IMO it can be watched again and again. E.g. ive watched Partner 10 times K3G many many times etc. just recently i watched ATB 2 times in 2 days. i wont watch APKGK again. it iz a 1 time watch.
    harsh to give da movie * IMO 2.5/5. am shocked how well its doin. lets see wat happens.
    dis is not me being bitter or anything but ive lost faith in box office coz APKGK is gonna make more money in 1 weekend wat LD made in a week.

  14. ranbier and kat ne itna hardwork kiya is movie ko promote kaeney k liye aur vo bhi dil se.
    i saw mon,2nov. se leker sun. 8 nov. tak subah se raat tak every channel,zoom tv par kat-ranbir hi nazar aa rahey hain by giving interviews and etc. etc.
    to mehnet to rang lani hi thi uper se songs and movie bhi gud hai.
    every thing is perfect abt this movie.

  15. YAKUJ,
    wt abt LD collections of fri and sat.?????????????????????

  16. I doubt APKGK will sustain well during the weekdays… the WOM seems to be avg… but everyone seems to have loved Ranbir in the movie.. this guy is such a natural actor and has such charisma.. its only a matter of time before he shoots up into the league of top stars of BW! Shahid, u better watch out!

  17. Break up for LONDON DREAMS…as i mentioned…MUMBAI RAJASTHAN,SOUTH and CI did show good collection….PUNJAB and UP big setback!
    Orissa-12 lacs
    ASSAM -west bangal- 1.36 crore
    Nizam-1 crore
    Rajasthan-1.05 crore
    Central india-60 lacs
    CP BERAR-1.02 crore
    East punjab-1.79 crore
    Mumbai-9.17 crore

  18. @ Jai yeah RK is defo for da future but da top 5 r gonna be dere for at least 8 years minimum. Even Ajay, Saif r dooing great work at da moment.

  19. i love Ajay Devgn, especially in LD. BUT i waz very disappointed dat he held a party for da success (above average) for ATB. man if him and Salman had promoted LD den it would easily have become a hit, now its struggling and its a real kick in da teeth coz of APKGK.

  20. LAK and APKGK openins Prove that pritam is da biggest music directer nowadays !

    enough said !

  21. APKGK disappoints..good tht it got such a huge opening and 3 days wud b enuf to be in safe zone.. but as a movie, there is nothing so bad ive seen in a while.. cant believe these hypocrit critics who are giving 3-4 stars to this film and yet, for other films try to find logic in each scene.. its a biased world out there..

  22. dats exactly wat i thought. dese critics r nothin but shameful and r a disgrace tbh.

    in da promo Kat runs 2ward Ranbir shouting Prem. (who could dat be?) in da film Salman comes before dat scene so its not him
    Upen is called Rahul so its not him
    it mite be another character, but hello its RK. plz tell me da logic or sense in Kat runnin past RK and den 5 seconds later runnin back to him wid 5 bad guyz behind her.

    plz no1 say am bitter or nowt. i went to watch da film on fri.

    • haha naveed.. tht scene summed up the movie!! jesus appearing from nowhere.. statue narrating a story to god knows who.. it had some classicly bad and senseless scenes..

      • but i guess, the purpose of the movie was to potray stuff like tht so no point going thru the scenes.. but yea, definitely not a good film!!

      • do u wanna no something Manoj. coz i went to da 11.15 show at night da hall waz bout half. other shows were pretty much housefull.
        anywayz i think i laughed 2 times altogether. SERIOUSLY. i normally laugh a lot in comedy films.
        dere waz a group of girls at da back, bout 5-6 20 ish. dey were giggling and laughing throughout apart from last half hour.
        i turned round 2 my friends and said ‘am i missing something why aint i laughing i dont find dis funny man’.

        da promo of DDD waz shown beforehand and most people laughed in dat 2 mins promo including me, especially were dat woman says to Akki Ghajini key aulad and at da end were Akki says to Suniel key uske kar jauga uske paise leuga mercedes kareduga or tere mayat ke akar dance karuga.

        well its 50/50 which 1 am gonna go for DDD or KURBAAN.

        • yeah, thats true.. some gals laugh like crazy while watching comedy movies, as if its their sole purpose is to laugh no matter if its funny or not…sometimes u just wonder if the joke is on u..

          btw, there is no clash between Kurbaan & DDD.. Kurbaan has been prephoned by a week.. so u can watch both of them 🙂

          • yeap some girls were laughing so much.. i was wondering if i’ve come to some kind of circus..

          • i know Jai. i dont know man watchin 2 films in 2 weeks. am a student. lol. but yeah some friends wanna go watch KURBAAN so ill go wid dem. and DDD is on Eid so ill just go for da sake ov it. am sorry to repeat but am upset bout LD. i shouldnt say dis and i know am wrong in sayin but i hope APKGK drops badly, very badly. ive got nowt against any1 in da film but films like APKGK shouldnt get da appreciation dat its gettin.



    1) DABANG
    2) TOM & JERRY

    • Saju, your comments will be under moderation due to spamming. Sorry, but it was spoiling forum, also i ban shahrukh for using abusive language.

      • sorry yajuza…i wont do this again…..just lost my control seeing comment against salman…..u shld delete those comment which is offensive against any stars personal life….thanks

  24. I saw apkgk. Very bad comedy.bad story.

  25. I think jail is better than apkgk.

  26. NAVEED,
    i agree to u.salman and asin ney phir bhi thoda promotion kiya and interviews bhi diye.
    vipul shah said -salman ko dubai and london bheja tha publicity karney k liye wid asin and maine socha tha ki india main ajay promote kar lega LD ko bt ajay k pass dates nahi thi promotion k liye vo rajneeti ki shuting kar raha tha,isliye usney LD ko promote karney k liya mana kar diya bt point is this tht AEB ko promote karney k liye to uskey paas time tha.

  27. Ajab is just crap!

  28. Ajab disappoint!

  29. can some1 plz tell me APKGK collections for Sun

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