Gazab Weekend Ahead/London Dreams 23.5 Crore First Week

London Dreams collect moderate 23.5 Crore in first week. Thanks to less than half screenings in second week, ensure more dent in business. Likely to settle below 35 Crore in the end.

Aladin couldn’t manage to fulfill his own wish to make it a success, with just little above 7 Crore in first week, Aladin is already a disaster.

Now welcome to Gazab weekend ahead, Both Ajab Prem Ki gazab Kahani and Jail are carrying excellent reports and can do wonders at boxoffice.

Times Of India Review 4 Stars

Gazab comedy, this one. Really, Ranbir is a revelation, Katrina is full of beans and the newly formented Ranbir-Katrina chemistry sets the screen on fire in this mad hatter’s tea party that takes you on a roller-coaster ride as Raj Kumar Santoshi tries to retrack his way to his Andaz Apna Apna days. 

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Times Of India Jail Review  – 3.5 Stars

It’s the real world for Madhur Bhandarkar. And nothing but the real world. The filmmaker who is wedded to reality in terms of cinema, turns his attention from bars girls, page 3 people, traffic lights and fashion grime to the sordid interiors of Indian jails.  


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Guys Have A Blast This weekend with these gems …. 🙂

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~ by Yakuza on November 6, 2009.

55 Responses to “Gazab Weekend Ahead/London Dreams 23.5 Crore First Week”

  1. Will watch APKGK today .. Thanks for report.

  2. I watched APKGK ..its a shitty crap film. BOGUS .. skip it

    • Really ? But movie is getting fabulous reviews, 4 Stars from every where, Taran also give it 4 star rating. Can you please bring some more details about movie?

  3. YAKUJA,
    salman ko katrina and ranbeer se kuch seekhna chahiye,becoz they r realy doing excellent,intresting,entertaining,funny and very effective promotion together with gr8 chemistry.this movie will definitely get gr8 opening.isko kehtey hain real promotion and in promotion chemistry of both was promotion by ranbir,katrina,director,producer.they r very intelligent and know the qualitative stretegies of promotion.u all r fabulous in promote the movie.
    opening dhamaka karegi.

  4. Thanks for such a fabulous report .. however sad for LD, but dont worry salman fans .. LD can bounce back in third week .. hope for best …

  5. am gonna watch APKGK 2day. after dat i will let u know my honest views of da film. lookin forward to watchin Salman even if it isnt hiz film.

  6. YAKUJA,
    wao what a fabulous promotion by ranbir n katrina.both are very supporting,funny,joking,talking each other.they both made the promotion very intresting,entertaining.
    they done the gr8 effect in the public mind for watching the movie.
    isko kehtey hain real promotion which is very necessary for success of movie.
    film would definitely take 100 percent opening.

    • Yeah, Ranbir and Katrina are full on swing in finale of APKGK, it should be like this, its the age of promotion and you are working on self product, no offence, no liability.

  7. THe film takes you back to 1980 comedies .. there is nothing new in it ..except ranbir performance ..the film is a garbage. Thank god media is bashing it.Watch NDTV glamoue they gave 2/5 to it.

    Also the opening in single screens is 10-15%

  8. Nice song from Paa :


    dont you agree that the way you promote a movie is very very imp take wanted & APKGK as examples ..they looked interested in their movies …unlike ajay & salman were they looked boring ..


    ratings for apkgk-2/5

  11. yakuza .. thanx for greenin man !

    any news about LD real budget ?

  12. YAKUJA,
    salman is always do boring promotion.he always ignore his heroine and do only formalities,not by heart.
    in LD ON 29 OCT.thursday,no promotion, no publicity,no stars of LD looked on television.even thursday promotion is very important.

  13. i also agree. dis is 1 of Salmans biggest problems. he doesnt promote well at all. (needs to learn from da oder big stars)
    i do get annoyed at him (in films dat iz) but in Yuvraaj he was completely disinterested. very very frustrating

  14. Latest updates on reviews
    Khalid psuedo Mohmmad-awaited,**

    After reading these reviews my conclusions are:
    APKGK-Its going to either make you laugh your hell out or make you cringe.The jokes can be lame/dumb for few and for some it will be absolutely howlarious.Something on the line of JIM CARRY,who some people find extremely funny and for some he is too over the tp and gross.
    Jail-Nothing novel in term of screenplay but taught and crisp.
    Won’t give you same high as chandani bar or Page 3.

  15. great view Topaz. am gonna go watch it 2nite (APKGK) dont know why but am gonna go.

  16. naveed & prity ..

    have you guys seen that interview wid salman , vipul & asin in us ..

    a journalist asked salman How do u rate ur performance in LD !! sallu said Brilliant out of this world in Sarcastic manner and everyone laughed after that !!!!!!!

    for me it was shocking cuz it gave me that feeling that the movie is trash or his role was small ..

    sallu , ajay & asin should have promoted LD together immediately after wanted ..

    but stupid sallu & idiot ajay prefer to promote their home productions films instead of LD ..

    its LD which ill give them appreciation nt crap mamk & atb ..

  17. YAKUZa

    why dont you answer my Q ma ?

    i want to know the budget of LD .. I believe Vibul ,Sallu and ajy cut their fee for LD ..that what vibul said !

  18. @ raja. yeah i watched dat interview 2 times. Salman seemed in a good mood and him and Asin seemed comfortable. i couldnt help but notice Asin staring at Salman for bout a minute. watch it on youtube if u dont believe me. but yeah 1 interview and dat excluding one ov da main characters Ajay is not sufficient. SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
    just watch how DDD, 3 IDIOTS, KITES, MNIK and even KURBAAM get promoted. Ranbir haz shot up amongst da multiplex audeince for his good performance in WUS but a lot of dat is down to KJ who is a master when it comes to promotion and promoting his cast.

  19. yakuja,
    ajay devgan ne to bahut hi bura kiya LD K SAATH.USNEY BILKUL BHI DIL SE INTREST NAHI LIYA LD ko promote karney k liye becoz uska man to ATB main laga tha.uski movie pick-up kar rahi thi n ATB ka competition LD se hone vala tha thts y use apni home production ki tention thi.usney ATB ko release k bahut dino k baad bhi bahut promote kiya.
    i m feeling very bad for talented vipul shah becoz itni excellent movie banane k baad bhi only salman n especialy ajay k karan movie ka ye hal hai becoz inmey se kisi ney bhi thursday-29 oct. ko movie ko promote nahi kiya nahi to LD ki opening very good ho sakti bad……..
    salman ko promotional stetegies learn karni chahiye ki vo heroine k sath milkar promotion ko intresting,effecting n entertaining banana chahiye naki heroine ko ignore karna chahiye afterall this is the business of so many crores……….

  20. naveed yeah i noticed asin hehehe ..

    btw ..katrena deserves more credit for apkgk
    this girl got power dude york then apkgk !

  21. APKGK is a crap… guys better dont watch dis movie… the second half is 2 boring n i was forcing myself 2 laugh n enjoy… i dont know hw come critics have liked this movie… this is a bull-shit movie

  22. RAJA,
    I AGREE TO YOU.boring movie mamk ko promote kiya bt excellent movie LD k sath bahut bura kiya.ajay devgan ne to intrest hi nahi liya.vo to abhi bhi ATB k barey main hi baat karta rehta hai.
    bina heroine k sath talking,joking,dancing,seeing,promotion intrested,effective nahi ho sakta hai.
    akshay n sharukh kita fun,majak kartey hain movie ki heroine k sath.salman should learn tht hardwork is necessary for movie as well as promotion with lots of fun and entertaining.

  23. star news ne to bahut bura kiy LD k sath.usney itna bad review diya LD k liye ki jisney bhi dekha hoga vo movie dekhney hi nahi gaya hoga.
    i hate star naws…………

  24. abul ..this a corrupted system dude ..

  25. yeah prity ..they gave aladin & LD equal ratings !!!!!!!!!! i swear they got paid for that

    & they were promoting apkgk like man ..just to kill LD in second week ..

  26. RAJA,
    i agree to u katrina is very hardworker for movie as well as promotion.she has excellent qualities in promoting movie.she makes very-very intresting primotion with her hero.

  27. RAJA,
    I THINK,she is very intelligent,she knows the qualitative stretegies of promotion.
    salman should learn to his grlfrnd.

  28. YAKUJA,
    I THINK,JAIL AND TUM MILEY flop honey vali agar LD K STARS MOVIE KI publicity karien to movie flop se bach sakti hai.thn uska competition only APKGK se rahega.

  29. @ Raja
    i like Katrina a lot. a big reason iz dat she is Sallu’s gf.
    yes she iz improving but boy haz she been fortunate to be were she iz.
    when it comes to acting dere r a handful of actresses who r better dan her.

  30. Guys .. if you feel SRK list is right then come to that thread and give reply to all those who are attacking, however Yakuza is doing great job in replies, but we all should also come forward for support. what you say ?? and i think yakuza don’t reply at night, so come forward for support.

    • Thanks Shruti for support and love, but there is no need to fight, everything is fine till now, these queries are expected when you bring these things on board. no offence. anyways .. thanks .. 🙂

  31. i think dat Ranbir can do no wrong. da media give him way too much credit. yes he iz 1 for da future but come on. if Salman or Akshay were in dis film den people would have said dat dey were OTT or repetitive. come on be fair

  32. taran adarsh is crap. he gave 4 stars to a movie like blue which was 1 of the crapiest movie of this year. so i will wait for 3-4 days & then if movie is really good then i will watch it otherwise no to apkgk & jail

  33. 100% agrre wid u. Taran is pathetic at reviewing films. Rajeev Masnad is even worse. he said dat LD is a ‘foolish’ film. he also criticized WANTED very badly. lets see how dese critics review VEER.
    gotta say dat Yakuza, Praz and Topaz r top notch. really know wat dere on about.
    da way Praz reviewed PARTNER was excellent.

    and plz no1 say dat am just sayin dis coz am a Salman fan.

  34. me being a big fan of salman couldnt watch all the three…come on..3 movies in a span of 2 months isnt affordable…even though they are good moives..had to be content with wanted only….i need to watch LD now…

  35. Pls do sth for LD. It’s the best movie of the year! Guys u r right that Salman and Ajay didn’t promote the movie well. It’s Vipul and LD’s misfotune :(. There is an movie’s official page on facebook. Pls guys do comment there and give suggestions cos I heard Vipul sayin that he went throgh net pages and he did accept some suggestions like ATB showed viewers wies durin movie promos!
    Pls give your suggestions on facebook!!!!!!!! This movie should be rated at least above averge on boxoffice if not hit ;(

  36. Katrina and Ranbir was promoting this film so much! Katrina especially – she was doing lot of interviews and everything. She played a major role for the success of the movie (if it is going to be successful that is)

    And about her acting skills – I think she is doing fine. It’s her 10th movie I THINK and comparing Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya and New York – theres a HUGE improvement. I have seen many actress who’s been in movies for so long and never improved (don’t wanna name any!). So it’s good to know that Katrina is improving and making huge effort. Her hindi has become so GOOD, I was surprised. I saw her in LUX perfect bride and gosh her hindi is incredible. She have achieved many things no-one ever did i.e. Acting-Dancing-Hindi. And that is commendable.

    The movie is getting mixed reviews but overall everyone seems to like it. It’s entertainment loaded so go and watch it. I did watch it even though before going I saw one review and it was BAD. But I went anyways and I had a blast. The movie basically targets youngsters. So I understand why some 30+ says it’s crap. But my mom liked it and she said it’s great lol

  37. […] Check Rest Report HERE […]

  38. I hate Rajeev Masand – he is stupid and dumb. He is big bachchan fan. He said Sarkar Raj was good and New York was not convincing!
    How dumb can he get. He also said ALADIN was good – ARE YOU SERIOUS! Aladin movie was so stupid. I wasted my money and it’s good 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Dil Bole Hadippa was better than Aladin. Dil Bole Hadippa a big bore – that’s what he said. He is Salman hater too. He said LD was boring – the movie was not that great but it definitely wasn’t boring.

    It’s so obvious he is in love with Bachchans and he will givde their terrible movies good rating and he trashes other movies.

    • I never follow Rajeev’s reviews these days… he will turn out to be another Khalida soon.. Haven’t watched Aladin yet, but DBH deserved to be thashed… it was such a cheesy and crappy movie.. how else can u expect a gal to hit 6 sixes without even without wearing gloves??? Damn u YRF!!!

  39. KAtrina is where today because of salman khan,,,,,,,,salman khan is the big star but he is little bit stupid,,,,,,he take decision frm his heart rather thn mind,,,,,he down no about business,,,,multiplexer audience dont accept wanted other it wll break all record of bollywood ,,it wll collect 135 crors all worldwide,,,n still running on single screen,,rocking,,,,,,but i am very big fan of salman khan,,,,,king of bollywood,,,,





    1) DABANG
    2) TOM & JERRY

  44. yaar ld to superhit honi chaahiye yaha post karne se kch nahi hoga ld ko baar baar theatre me dkhne se film hit hogi i watched it 5 times and 2morow vl go for 6th times…

  45. london dreams is super hit film salman khan is king of bollywood.

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