Shahrukh Khan Career since 2000

Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan Career was not started off well in the beginning of this decade, After some flops and average movies, He bounce back in 2003 with Kal Ho Na Ho and since then he taken off his career with super hits and blockbusters movies with minimal flops. Let’s have a look at his career in this decade.

Sr. No Movie Nett Gross (Approx round figures) Verdict
1 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 45 Crore Super Hit
2 Om Shanti Om 78 Crore BlockBuster
3 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 82 Crore BlockBuster
4 Chak De India 65 Crore BlockBuster
5 Kal Ho Na Ho 36 Crore Hit
6 Devdas (2002) 34 Crore Above Average
7 Veer Zaara 36 Crore Hit
8 Don: The Chase Begins Again 48 Crore Semi-Hit
9 Mohabbatein 30 crore Hit
10 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 45 Crore Semi-Hit
11 Main Hoon Na 35 Crore Hit
12 Bhootnath 27 Crore Above Average
13 Josh 15 Crore Average
14 Chalte Chalte 20 Crore Above Average
15 Swades 17 crore Flop
16 Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam 13 Crore Below Average
17 Billu 24 Crore Flop
18 Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani 9 Crore Flop
19 Asoka 10  Crore Flop
20 Paheli (2005) 13 Crore Flop
21 One Two Ka Four 5 Crore Flop
22 Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke 40 lacs Disaster
23 Hey Ram 7 Crore Flop  
24 My Name is Khan 69 Crore Above Average (Domestic)
    Total Boxoffice impact 765.40 Crore
    Average Nett per movie 31.89 Crore
    Total movies Released 24
    Total Success 15
    Total Flops 9
    Total Hits +/- 10
    Success ratio 62.5%
    Hit Ratio 41.6%
    Flop Ratio 37.5%

Shahrukh achieved appox. 62.5% Success Ratio and 41.6 % Hit Ratio with absolute fair number of releases(24). Chak De India and Swadesh are proud moments for Shahrukh in last 10 years.

Shahrukh upcoming projects are RA-One, a sci-fi flick with Anubhav Sinha and Don-2 by farhan Akhtar.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 5, 2009.

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  1. Folks, This performance calculation is not final technique , Will probably change within few days by inducing few more parameters to this technique.

  2. This is fantastic, I will comment soon

    Also dont forget to keep posting at MP 🙂

  3. 60% is a sound ratio…is this the same as what you applied to Bachchan?

  4. devdas, don are clean hits in india verr zara is a super hit, whereas josh and chalte chalté are semi dont underscore the movies done by shahrukh, because everybody knows that he has delivered the most number of hits and blockbusters this decade

  5. and when you call a 30 cr movie lagan a hit, how do you qualify a 34 cr devdas an above avarage

  6. and when you call a 30 cr movie lagan a hit, how do you qualify a 34 cr devdas an above avarage, it was a hit in india and have introduced many to bollywood movies in europe.

    • COOL SAM, These are perfect verdicts, VZ was first declared HIT in amitabh bachchan list, if u was any issue, y didn,t u raise it then? y only for srk list? we all know devdas was not clean hit, yakuza will answer better why

  7. bakwaas actor hai shahrukh……….dont liked his any movie

  8. devdas was the most grossing movie in 2002 and in that time betwen 2002 and 2004 bollywood was synonym of shahrukh and the tag that only sex and SRK sells in bollywood was known to all then as all his movies were doing well

  9. even filmfare have awarded SRK as the most succseful actor this decade with 11 clean hits this decade

  10. not to mention that he is the most succesful actor ever in the overseas where even his underperforming movie in india ie KANK have done all time blokbuster busines inequaled by nobady in bollywood be it akshay or salman or aamir or hritik.

    • Hey SAM, How are you man? sam i took almost a month to prepare this list, reason was obvious, to get and analyse real boxoffice facts. in 6 months of bollybusiness history i manage to prepare only 5 such lists, because this is very exhaustive task and i need proper evidence of each movie, Each verdict here is correct in my belief, If you have any issue about total collects(you feel its wrong), i do have many hard copy proofs which i will try to upload here in coming days, About verdicts, I apply bollybusiness Model(which you can check from pages section), This model is common for getting verdicts of movies. You can check some examples here for detailed process.

      Check Model :

      check Examples :

      Devdas boxoffice operaiton will be uploaded here very soon for better understanding.

      Love to get your feedback/criticism .. 🙂


      — Yakuza

  11. for julie amithab is the most iconic and succesful actor in bollywood from 1973 to 1985, and we can’t compare him to SRK or aamir because he belonged to an other era and verr zara is super hit and have to be corrected even in amithab list

  12. superb work sir.its reality that devdas is above average film because budget was high,don’t say that filmfare give award to this film because filmfare is srk awards show.and film don is semi-hit film.well done Yakuza.great work.

  13. great work sir.u bring real facts.thanks.

  14. DON is a clean Hit…No doubts whatsoever….

  15. neverthless a very good effort by Yakuja…

  16. In addition to all this if we can add the overseas in to the equation then things will have different connotations…Because overseas has contributed a bountiful to the theatricals this decade…Wiothout analyisin the overseas collections a SRK carrer analysis is incomplete…

    Why havent you added “”Luck By Chance”” and “”Sathiya”” here since you have taken even guset apperances in to consideration…

    Also it seems you have delibarately reduced the figures for Some SRK starerer but in the contrary you have incrased the numbers for Amitabh starrrers…

    • Thanks Rajeev, Right now all lists exclude overseas boxoffice and guest appearances movies (“Heroes” in salman list is only error which need to be corrected). All the figures are verified(will bring details for each movie soon) and verdicts are based on bollybusiness model.

      Bollybusiness is not here to please all fans, but to bring the facts. Infact Shahrukh performs best if you compare all lists.

      All lists will be in loop for future modifications. you will see much more paarmeters updated here. (However no plans to include overseas numbers right now).

  17. Rajeev, this is great work and most authentic list i can trust upon, this is not particular star fan site, This is bollywood fan site. No bias, nothing unfair. Yakuza, your work is evidence of your passion. thanks.

  18. Rajeev, you are shahrukh fan, thats why you want to overplay his movies and downplay other stars movies. Yakuza is best in boxoffice verdicts and we have full faith in his work. He is best.

  19. what nonsense is this??
    how veerzara- the topest grossing movie in 2004 was just a HIT, it’s a SUPER HIT.
    Then AGIN THE TOPPEST GROSER in 2002, WAS A ABOVE AVG. what the hell. what nonsense.. it’s bansali’s biggest hit. what the heckkkk
    then chalthe chalte is a semi-hit.

    too good, have agenda against SRK??

    • Asha, thanks being here, Biggest grosser of year never means biggest Hit, Shaan was biggest frosser of 1980, but was mere average. 2002 biggest Hit was Raaz. With heavy price associated “Devdas” was not hit. You can easily judge that even today 45 crore All The Best earning 50 crore(assume, still running) at boxoffice can’t get hit tag, then devdas in 2002 with 50 Crore budget earning mere 35 Crore at BO, how can it be HIT ? well next week you will see here full details of devdas boxoffice. We are not playing here perceptions, lists are based on facts for every star.

      • LOL, only u saying that. not any source. I know biggest groseer is nt eaqual to biggest hit. but 2002 was visible cause it has very few succeses, only razz and devdas if I remeber. for ur information budget is not the only parameter for a hit. it’s theoritical price is the key value for categorised the status of the film. if not, how 100 croe budget BLUE is a average with 40 croe buisness in India??
        ABOUT VEER ZARA , it is a definite super hit, it had a great run with breaking every record and all the sources claimed that. yash raj never sold movies, they distribute the film them selves. so the distributing price is too low and it break record everywhere. so i disagree big time with those 2 verdicts.

      • I agree with ypu Yakuza, Asha you are hurt with the fact that devdas was not hit, but its fact and i know you are in shocking state, but slowly and steady you will come out, Asha .. Nirasha mat dikhao … Yakuza Good work .. I have seen many fights against devdas verdict on amny forms and at the end it was prooved everywhere that devdas is not hit .. commercially it was average, but media perception is hit at some biased sites.

        • I am talking with yukuza or some one. why did u interfear. just mind your own buisness and reply separately. why work as an agent, he is not a kid, he can answer me directly, i dont think he need people to talk for him self:P

          what about VEER ZARA verdict??
          and what are the sites u r talking??
          Proven sites like BOI, IFM, KOMAL, REDIIF or IBOS alone?:P

          • and i am at hurt, lol?just because some random unknown blog had a blog post, do I want to get panic?? hehehehe
            i just share my views, I am sure not any of this blog get this number of replies for any post. so I am sure, blog owner is very happy over this article, HEHE
            good promotion via google adsense, eventhough i dont click any ad here:P

          • Lolzz @Asha, go and check other posts with more than 100 comments in a single day, this blog owner don’t need any controversy to attract audience, this is best bollywood blog and attracting thousands of viewers every day. This is cinema fan site, we all are big fan of bollywood and that’s why we are here.

      • hello yakuza where can i find the score from Don pls ??

  20. Good Job, But like many people here have already stated you have downplayed SRK’s movies grosses here (example -RNBDJ made like 85cr plus and many sites have confirmed that) and for you to include Boothnath, Billu, Hey Ram as comlete SRK’s movies that’s a joke. I know overall SRK perfomance is the best this decade but your numbers dont justify it as his movies have really opened up Bollywood many parts of the world.

    I hope you do include overseas market as that is now a huge market and invest for bolly movies (as white money is best currency 🙂 )


  21. Good job yakuza, please put this list at NG too .. i want to see big fight over there … 🙂

  22. @Rick .. Billu, bhootnath are SRK movie .. this is not guest role .. it is supporting role .. SRK was in significant role in Hey Ram. I am sure if these movies were hits, you will not have any complaints … 🙂

  23. yakuza,some numbers might have to be coorected.
    OSO is 75 crores.RNBDJ is 82 crores not as low as 76 crores.Do you have any proof that RNBDJ is that low?
    And yeh lamhe judai ke can be removed I think.Its a much dleayed film.aND Bhootnath also because shahrukh has a guest appearance.
    Veer zaara is not 39 crores?
    You are right on other films.

    • Sunil, I am stick with these numbers and evidence will be given when i publish separate report on each movie, it will take time as it’s not easy to upload everything in one shot. About delayed movie, it will be included for all actors(process is same for all), even “Hum tumhare hain sanam” is included which itself was much delayed. (No entry was counted as well in salman list (which is 3.5 years delayed movie). There is no reason to exclude delayed movie because what if some of these clicked at BO ?

  24. i have nothing against SRK. but he was in bhootnath as a supporting role. about 20 mins in total. if all dese pathetic films dat Salman appears in like hello, heroes, MAMK, etc. be attributed to Sallu, den why not Bhootnath. evn in Billu he had a supporting role. plz know da facts before u complain.
    Yakuza keep up da good work man.

    and yeah Paa_dreams if dese films did well den no SRK fan would be complaining.

    • SRK was in SATHIYA for same number of scenes and got great reviews too. why did you exclude it?? because it’s a hit?? is that?? pls add it:P

  25. @Asha, there is difference between special appearance, Guest role and supporting role, i guess .. all the lists exclude special and guest appearance, but include supporting roles. Saathiya was special appearance .. so excluded.

    • what’s the line you can decide that?
      after the film was over, boothnath said thank you sharulh khan for the special appearence so as hey ram.
      what nonsense reply was that. same goes for big b and hema ji in veer zara, they are mentioned under “special appearnces”. go and check the DVD. then exclude that too. SATHIYA said the same.

    • This is a horrible justification?? Now what is the difference between a Special apperance and guest apperance??

  26. @Yakuza, am i right ?

  27. If the film crew mentioned actors under “special appearnces”, those films should be excluded. Then all is fair, they are doing those for free and sake of freinship.
    otherwise if u r not fair, as a random out siders u can decide what is SA and what’s not. It’s wrong.

    it should be fair and directly check the “titles & end titles” of the film, it’s visible. Film crew knwo better than out siders what is special appearence and what’s not.

    • Asha, appreciate your comments, you are right at some point, but credentials are most widely perceptions which can never based on what production house has given before release. just look at few examples :

      1. Sunny Deol was in special appearance in Damini(as par credentials given), but perception wise damini always remember for sunny deol power packed performance than anyone else in movie. Damini picked up in third week after spreading huge WOM about sunny. so we can’t exclude damini from sunny deol list mere based on titles.

      2. Kamal Hassan was in lead role in Geraftar, but all the claps and whistles were for Rajni and Amitabh who were in special appearances as par titles, movie was super hit based on amitabh popularity and he was scene stealer in movie, we can’t exclude geraftar from amitabh list if ever made.

      3. If you look at comments section of Amitabh career in this decade, someone told me to include “Shootout at lokhandwala” in list of amitabh, because amitabh name appears before all other lead actors, but i refuse because he was just for 10 minutes in movie and nothing to do with its success. i can’t include this hit movie in Amitabh list even if credentials mislead the role as full fledge.

      I hope you understand the importance of perception at this point.

      — Yakuza

  28. asha read my comment again.
    i said dat if all dese films which Salman did for dese last couple ov years can be called hiz films why not bhootnah and billu.

  29. why not bhootnath and billu be included as SRK films.

  30. lmao, not only is this guy an srk hater (or just not his fan) ur arguements are crap, can u plz tell me when did srk fans believe billu, boothnath, hey ram were srk movies (me being an srk fan watched billu like on 2nd week and till this day i have not even watched bhoothnath or hey ram), trust me when an srk movies comes out the whole world knows about it- so going by your logic DMG is going to be an srk movie as well, even though srk has not even talked about it and is more involved with MNIK.

    and AB hits in this decade have come from majority of srk films but the truth is that people did not flock the cinema to wacth Big B, so having Veer Zaara for AB is crap as his importance to movie was like 0 (same thing like sunny in damini)

    anywayz i more then sure your not going to attribute overseas market into your biased website (a wanabee because if you do then SRK greatness or sucess will be to much to handle for you

    i may have gone over top here but when people say srk fans will only count those spp app movies as his own if they were hits thats crap–


    • rick, i have not seen “One Two Ka four” till date and there is no plans to see even in future (even many SRK fans have not seen it), it doesn’t mean i will exclude the movie from list.
      Visibility of movie is not any logical parameter to judge weather to include in list or not.

      Thanks !!

  31. relax rick.
    and yeah dis site is fare more accurate and non- biased dan BOI.

    • @ Naveed :lmao this site just copies and past its updates after BOI, and when it does posts its updates first (before BOI) its normally wrong (collections).
      But i might be wrong 😉

      @ Yakuza: lol so what u have not seen one two ka four ( i highly doubt that srk fans i have not seen it, ive never met one as of yet), it still an srk movie as it was promoted as one- i guess the normall person on the street will say hey ram was a kamal movie as veer-zarra is srk’s (not big b). get it

      and how do u judge wheather or not sp app count or not (maybe u count them because Big B hits of late have come from doing guest app)

      errrr… ever seen i hve seen this site its made me look like a big b hater… 😦

      • RICK this is most lovable place for bollywood fans, what else i can say, even most hated comments here never get deleted, every comment is welcome by yakuza, i will not comment on this BOI VS BOLLY , all i can say bolly is only place where u get daily BO dose, even without yakuza this place was getting multi thousands visits and hundreds of comments every day, bolly is extended family now

  32. anywaz keep up the good work and i hope u soon expand ur site and knowledge outside the domestic market because as many of us know the international market will help develop bollywood and it would be good if u could show some recongnition towards srk for making a mark over there single handedly 🙂

  33. naveed,My objection is to yeh kamhe judai ke,not bhootnath.
    I havent seen bhootnath.If shahrukh had a 20 minute role then it should be included in list.
    Billu is definitely a shahurklh film.His was supporting role of 42 minutes.

    Yakuza,if your numbers are right,then RNBDJ is scam by yashraj as they claimed 86 crores net.It is indeed a revelation that it did only 76 crores.

    • Sunil , I am repeating my comment here :

      “Sunil, I am stick with these numbers and evidence will be given when i publish separate report on each movie, it will take time as it’s not easy to upload everything in one shot. About delayed movie, it will be included for all actors(process is same for all), even “Hum tumhare hain sanam” is included which itself was much delayed. (No entry was counted as well in salman list (which is 3.5 years delayed movie). There is no reason to exclude delayed movie because what if some of these clicked at BO ? ”

      I hope it works for you …. 🙂

  34. Hey ram is out and out kamal haasan film though.But adding it will not make a difference to the overall performance.

  35. Yakuza Sir,still i donot know why these srk fans are not beleiving on ur work.we saw aamir,amitabh and salman list also.and we accepted because we know this site is completly bases of real facts and also u giving proofs also.this is main doubt sir u did amazing work in less time.salute to u.and for srk fans if u people wants every srk films hit then go to the boxofficeindia,there will find srk all films are hits.but here u will face with facts.great work sir hope u will bring ajay devgan list also.please soon.

  36. @shakir i can remember BOI calling swades a hit, lol, plz ur arguements stink 😉

    we srk fans dont agree with some of the spp app roles that have been added to the list (so his numbers can be reduced)

    also why dont BOLLY include the overseas markert

  37. Well I will like to quote on some of the oficial website giving boxoffice numbers.
    a)IndiaFm—I always believe that it should have been the mecca of Bollywood movies site…But alas content is limited to latest news and reviews only…No analysis and accurate boxoffice updates…Here Taran is doing the updates and he generally gives very vague statements in verdicts….Best part of him is that he tries to minimize the damage for all big budget movies by delaying the verdict.
    2)Ibosnetwork-Its a hardcore Big B site…too bias towards Mr.Bachchan…Random updates and inconsistency is a big downer.
    3)Indicine-Still at a nascent stage…The content is decent but methodology not transparent…
    5)Glamsham&Planet Bollywood–here the updates are by similar guy and generally give weekly updates and which are pretty good.
    6)BOI-well the most consistent of all.No bias.I have been following this site for long and i Believe they are very solid with numbers.

    Now to all who are asking why overseas boxoffice nos. can’t be taken into consideration.
    1)No source other than the distributor to get the nos.Most of the time they give absurd figures to create hype.
    2)No way you can find out at what price the overseas rights have been sold.
    3)No Clarity on revenue sharing model(distributors and exhibitors) and taxes in different countries to determine/analyze the success…
    So I Guess now we can give Yakuza some breather…

    • With due respect to all other portals, will not like to comment.

      About overseas, thanks topaz for cool breath. The only reason not to include overseas box-office is because box-office verdicts are separate for different nations, and I am stick for domestic box-office only.

      • is a reliable source atleast for US and UK figures. Don’t think about movies from way back in the past but they have data for movies released from 2007 onwards.
        But i also don’t think it is wise to include overseas numbers as it will only complicate things.

  38. Yakuza, keep doing the great work you are doing. There’s a lot of vile that is flying around here from some fans (same with salman page) but kudos to u for keeping your cool and answering all criticisms with straight facts and unbiased opinions.

  39. This site is full of most exciting work and harsh realities( being a SRK fan i am hurt), but any ways has to accept the facts, wil not do any foolish argument, but really appreciate your hard work

  40. THANK YOU. KiranSawhney.
    dis site really iz fabulous.
    Yakuza Praz and oders r contributing in a great way.
    ur nore dan welcome to argue as long as its not abusive or offensive.

  41. where can i find the score from Don pls ??

  42. MOST AUTHENTIC WORK EVER DONE, guys i want to tell u all that i am sleeping fan of this site, i mean i comment very rare, but visit here 100 times a day, i am addicted to this place, YAKUZA one request, never ever make this site down or close, we happily accept ur leaves for few days but never dare to shut it down, otherwise all fans of bollybusiness will kill u 🙂

  43. Good joke that Devdas is Above Average. Except Komal Nahta every Trade Rated Devdas Hit & Komal Nahta Rated it Semi-Hit. Great to see someone trying to create his own classification. Veer – Zaara, Kal Ho Naa Ho & Main Hoon Naa is Super Hits, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna & Don – The Chase Begins Again are Hits, Hum Tumhare Hain Sana, Josh & Chalte Chalte are Semi – Hits.

    • Everyone has their own classification !! Nothing new !! But one big difference is that we have openly display our methodology and process. With such an open and standard process there is least chances of any discrepancies. This is beauty of bollybusiness.

    • Apart from this bollybusiness is welcome place for any creative suggestion, i request you to analyze the bollybusiness models and methodology and put in your thoughts for betterment. This is your place and you can make it even better.

  44. Yakuza, please do an Akshay career graph for this decade too. I think he has a lower success ratio (but greater hit ratio) than Salman but want to confirm with you.

    Thanks for the great work.

  45. Yakuza: plz have look at Leon post (excellent one) not because its supports srk but because he is correct in that your site has made up its own classifications !! Can you plz tell me where i can find out where Devdas, KANK, Don where given those classification by yourself, because everyone else has them hits who are creditable trade analysis in India.


    • DON is average by TARAN, devdas is average by Komal Nahta … Both are india’s most creditable trade analyst.

    • sorry for this uwanted/interrupted reply .. 🙂

    • yakuza had looked above comment of leon and reply very adequately, aprt from this Devdas and DON are not declared clean HITS by Many trade analysr as i stated above.

  46. surya Devdas was rated Hit by Taran, Boi, Vinod Virani, Amod Mehra & Indu Mirani what more Trade you came to know who told Devdas was not Hit but Average. As for Don Boi rated it Hit, Taran, Amod Mehra, Vinod Mirani Rated it Semi-Hit & Komal Nahta & Ibos Rated it Above Average.

  47. Komal Nahta rated Devdas as Average. about DON .. you are accepting yourself that apart from BOI others have rated it semi-hit or above average. yakuza also rated DON as semihit(and he is in majority) .. what else you want ????

    • very well said shruti, DON was above average by majority of trade analyst. @leon … what you want to say ?? yakuza should change its verdict to HIT and should come in monority (BOI) ????? what a big joke ???

  48. surya first of all yakuza should join majority for Devdas & you didn’t told me which are the Trade who told Devdas Above Average, even Komal Rated it semi-Hit. As for Don Hit & Semi-Hit are mostly same in the end semi-Hit is counted as Hit. Again here also only Komalhas less rating.

  49. also yakuza is wrong for Chalte Chalte as well. Taran Rated it Super Hit, Vinod Mirani & Abid Hit, Boi & Amod Mehra Semi – Hit & Komal Above Average. As for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna except Komal Above Average no one Rated it less than Hit.

  50. You use Statistics to find the Hit Ratio, Success Ratio, etc.. right?

  51. Looks like movies with special appearances are included and net gross showing lower numbers just to lower the overall impact of SRK’s performance…so that it can be compared to other bollywood actors….

    No overseas performance as it would show SRK ahead of everyone……

    I think this whole think need to be reworked for BO performance as below
    1. Include movies where the actor is in lead role (give 100% BO) or in supporting role that is 50% role (appears as if lead actor) not like 30-40 minutes or so (give 50% BO)….
    2. Don’t include movies with special appearances
    3. collections – may be an average (don’t go for lower end or higher end)
    4. include overseas even if it complicates thing

    I think this should be included to make this effort worthwhile!


    • Bhai Rohan, Teri har query ka answer Yakuza upar comments mein 50 baar de chuka hai, please make sense before commenting, don’t make it ridiculous.

      @Yakuza, please don’t reply for this query, If rohan has any issue , he can make point at above comments. His every point is covered in comments above. Please this is request yakuza.

  52. Lolzzz jeevan, you are right. Rohan sorry to say but please check all comments above before making any statemnt or query. Think if you answer same question for 25 – 50 times in same page ?? how you will feel ?

    • shruti, thing is that these SRK morons are not able to digest the facts, ask them why they don’t come up in salman, Ajay, Hritik list for similar queries, because it hardly matters for them. Yakuza is maintaining same standard for every list, there is no question of doubt remain now.

      @Yakuza, please publish RNBDJ boxoffice operation soon .. this will tight lip these morons.

  53. Movies that should not be included to figure out SRK’s BO performance this decade – Bhootnath, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Billu, Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke, Hey Ram

    The same can be done for other actors as well!

    – Rohan

  54. Jeevan/Shruti/Jasmine – It make sense if you think before replying! If you don’t understand, don’t even bother to read or reply

    May be the person who is compiling this whole thing can incorporate some of the things in my earlier post if he wants to make it fair and balanced for all the actors not only SRK

  55. @Rohan,
    1. Special appearances are excluded from all lists, BILU is supporting role, same for Bhootnath and Hey Ram. And same rule is applied for all other actor lists. Please check my reply to Asha’s comment above for more details. And don’t worry, New performance calculation technique(which will be applied in few days) will keep track of all supporting role and balance the weightage. so Relax !!

    2. Hum tumhare hain sanam ?? It was full fledge role? if you are talking about delay movie then what if these movies become HIT at box-office (Mughl-e-azam was 8 years delayed but blockbuster, you can’t exclude it from dilip kumar’s list).

    3. Verdicts are based on bollybusiness methodology which you can check here ->

    All verdicts at BollyBusiness are based on same process and model for every actor. I hope it works for you. Thanks for coming !!

    Please keep patience for few more days to have a look at Performance calculation new technique which will incorporate Blockbuster/disaster/supporting roles/Awards management.

  56. Thanks Yakuza…

    1. Hope your new performance calculation for supporting role make things better!

    2. for hum tumhare hain sanam – I thought it was Salman Khan in the lead and he should get the credit… I may be wrong!

    3. will check the link..


  57. Hey Ram/Bhootnath is NOT SRK movie. He is guest in the movie. It’s like saying Hum Kaun Hai is AB movie.

  58. Yakuza,

    checked the link…looks good however since this is BO performance more emphasis should be given to things that are quantifiable. ROI should be 75% and the rest needs to be tweaked. Anything based on perception that varies from person to person should not be more than 10-15%.

    IMHO this should give a better picture of BO performance for all the BW actors.

  59. Rohan, thanks for taking time, Taking ROI on higher side will give disastrous results to most of movies(ROI is very less these days for most of biggies), it is just other factors which balance the things. You will wonder if we consider ROI alone then Bheja Fry will come out as Biggest HIT of indian cinema as it was 700% ROI (1 crore DP, 7 Crore DS), but due to relative performance and other factors Bheja Fry verdict gets balance with respect to other biggies of 2007 (CDI,OSO, Welcome etc).

    from previous comment : – >

    let me explain you how some other factors play an important role :

    1. Recall value : Aaj Ka Arjun was Super Hit at the time of release, but due to NULL recall value this movie is consider just HIT(means today it lost its weightage at box-office).

    2. WOM : Jo Jita wohi Sikandar due to Strong WOM termed as Average today, otherwise it was declared flop at that time.

    3. Trending : It’s just due to trending that All the Best is considered as Average at box-office, otherwise if it would have opened as big as blue and fizzle out thereafter, would have been declared flop/below outright.

    These are such an important factor which never ever ignored in trade while giving verdict.

    Rohan i suggest you to look at box-office operations i have DONE for few movies like Black, Partner, Jo jeeta wohi sikandar for more understanding.

    I am giving you few more links :

    Boxoffice oerations :

    Performance calculation :

    Thanks !!

  60. who can me help find to “DON” score ?

  61. Yakuza – Thanks for the links

    no…I am not saying use ROI alone. You are right when you say bheja fry will come out as biggest hit…

    however, it would be interesting to know if your 65% ROI weightage really balances things or may be it’s giving unfair advantage to the movies with better perception theory!

    I’ve no problem with trade using other factors to give fact they should …however, how much we should use to figure out BO performance is the question!

    why not ROI weightage 75%? How about tweaking this and other factors to see what kind of results you would get to validate if 65% or 75% is the right weightage for ROI?


    • Rohan, This model is result of much workout around all variations and parameters, This model is applied to more than 200 movies till date and result is very much inline of general perceptions around. Thanks !!

  62. Please somebody tell me the collections of wanted,love aajkal,ajab prem ki ghajab kahani

  63. everybody knows sharukh is a can u give sharukh 68 out of 100.and by the way hum tumhare hain sanam was a hit and sharukh had done about 60 movies in total

  64. dissapointing songs from MY NAME IS KHAN. sounds like another Kurban sound track. i cannot understand how SRK not focusing upon the songs of his movies. atleast VEER is much better. i’m upset. C’mon the movie shot in the US give some western touch for the audio. god damn the makers. hope movie will stand tall based on its script like 3idiots.

  65. Yakuza, question on why BOI has changed so much verdicts on SRK movies. KKHH was never an ATBB till 2003.

    Why have they changed it suddenly?

  66. even Devdas was a Semi Hit then, why does BOI have it as a Hit now?

    • BOI’s vverdict system is deeply flawed .. Devdas and MNIK are both declared hits there simply because of high nett collections.

      They don’t consider costs in giving verdicts.

      • Cant say anything about the changes they make on the verdicts .. maybe just to align to popular belief?

  67. YAKUJA,
    what is this???????
    if bhootnath is shahrukh film
    thn baghban,kkhh n hum tumhare hain sanam,is salman film
    plzz consider it

  68. Jeevcy if you will go with others verdicts that year with other Trade you will find boi much low for SRK. Taran and Vinod had KHNH as Super Hit, Taran and AbId had OSO as ATBB, Komal had Mohabbatein as Super Hit, Devdas and MHN was hit by every Trade which Boi changed later. KANK was Super Hit by Vinod, MNIK is Super Hit by Amod, Don was clean Hit which Trade was playing with it. VZ had no issues same for K3G. CC was Super Hit by Taran Hit by Vinod semi-Hit by Amod.

    • the check from SRK arrived late, that’s why

    • it’s clear bollybusiness has given fair verdicts unlike the paid trade analysts. now that those people are exposed, you are feeling the heat. more power to bb.

  69. First go read Trade Journals of those times and then question what happened with BOI.They were wrong which they corrected themselves still their Verdicts are low. The problem with blind people is that you will not question how Darr from Super Hit became Hit, but will question how KHNH from Semi-Hit became Hit.

    • hahaha … one movie in 10 movies goes from SH to Hit and other 9 jump on an average 2 levels and you want us to question Darr?

  70. bollybusiness and fair verdicts. good joke.

    • too bad for you, you can stick to your fake BOI, or better call all SRK movies ATBB. That aint gonna make it the truth, hahaha

  71. Read Trade Journals of those times and then argue. Believing one person blindly shows stupidity. Because to come to a conclusion first you need to understand all sources logic and then come to conclusion.

    • i dont believe one person blindly. you do. you go blindly by BOI verdicts. Case in point – MNIK. Only Taran and BOI have called it hit while Vinod, Amod, Komal have all given it average. Also BB. And IBOS has called it a flop.

      Yakuza, keep up the good work and dont let haters like right demoralize you from giving the truth

  72. Jeevcy did you read Trade Journals of those times or you following it blindly until billybusiness happened.

  73. 10 Sources say Hit and 1 Source says Average or flop whatever for SRK aamir Fans will follow that. Great going Aamir Fans.

    • hahaha 10 sources? in your dreams. Unless u call FOX, glamsham and BOC as sources. Shows how flop SRK is making a perception of being a hit with these sources

    • IBOS, BollyBusiness, rediff, Filmfare, Times of india, Hisdustan times, ThefilmStreetJournal, Boxoffice magazine all have given either flop verdict or Average ……..

  74. But jeevcy you were calling MNIK flop i didn’t. A movie doing 73 Corers is Flop okay or Average. But it doesn’t make sense for you it makes follow it.

  75. And jeevcy for your information Amod writes Box Office for Filmfare and their he had it Super Hit. As for Vinod he said Ghajini Hit not ATBB if it is okay for you no problems. For Komal very rare cases he gives Movies Hit Status.

  76. jeevcy can you explain how mnik is not Hit?

  77. Movie doing 73 Corers Bussiness and is All Time 6th or 7th Highest Grosser is Flop for Jeevcy. Now this demands. Haaaaaaa

    • You have given the exact reason of MNIK being flop. MNIK is highest ever costly movie , but in terms of collections it comes to 7th position. You need any more reason why it shouldn’t term as flop ?

    • 65-70 crore to aajkal Saif/ranbir ki movies bhi kama leti hain … Jinki cost 30-40 crore se upar nahi hai, 100 crore ki movie utna hi business kare jo 40 crore ki movie kar rahi hai to use kaun hit kahega ?

  78. Kites is not MNIK and when Overseas and India is combined no ways it becomes Flop. In India it is Hit and Overseas ATBB. Net Gross of Movie counts which is 73 Corers. Clear cut Hit.

    • Why you follow double standards ??? Release se pahle every one including TANGO was saying that MNIK will have only one worldwide verdict as movie sold for worldwide rights …… Now Why two different verdicts .. And on what basis ???? ATBB ka matlab pata hai ??? MNIK ka pura business mila ke bhi world wide loss hai … Kam se kam 10-15 crore ka ….. Loss hone pe movie Hit ya ATBB kaise hoti hai .. Bhagwan hi jane ..

  79. which ranbir movie did 60 corers?

  80. The diference is that Movie not liked did 73 Corers and So Called 60 was liked. This is the big difference. Now say haaaaaaaaa.

    • MNIK not liked ?????? 4-5 stars from all critics …. Audience reaction was excellent to Awsome ……. What else you want ???

  81. 100 Corers worldwide not India alone beta. 73 Corers India and 73 Corers Overseas. 146 Corers. 46 Corers ko to profit ho gaya beta. Relax and chill.

    • Boxoffice ka kuch pata hai ???? 146 crore NETT figure hai …. DS to sirf 70-72 Crore hi hai …. 27-29 Crore ka Loss Ho gaya .. NOW CHILL ….

    • shows how much you know about box office that you have calculated a 46 cr profit. Ever heard the term Distributor Share?

    • hahah .. 73 cr india and 73 cr overseas .. what a joke .. even fox didnt make such absurd claims

  82. even if we make India 50 and Overseas 50 then also 23 Corers profit in India and 23 Corers profit in Overseas. Enjoy beta and relax. I know your Blood pressure is increasing.

    • ignore is bliss… hahaha. don’t know what distributor share is and calculating Box Office profits… hahahaha

    • “even if we make India 50 and Overseas 50”

      HA HA .. To ab khud se hi Making start kar di ……. LMAOOOO

      India DS 32 Crore hai ….. Overseas ka 35 Crore …. 67 Crore total DS .. Kam Se kam 20-25 Crore ka loss hai even if we take revenues from other sources.

  83. distributor share per beta boi ne hit ause kaha hai. beta chill.

    • BOI is SRK ass licker .. Are you same ?? Phir thik hai .. tera Koi fault nahi hai …. Sorry bhai .. Ass licker ko aisi galti maaf hai … You continue licking … We will not disturb now .. 🙂

    • BOI gives hit tag to any movie with more than 30 cr share .. even the normal srk fanatics dont follow such verdicts .. u must be a special case

  84. increase your box office knowledge and then talk. distributors ke liya to bumper Hit hai.

    • right, can u tell me in your opinion who the distributors for MNIK are? And how much DS have they got? hahaha 46 cr profit !!!

  85. hahaha … 46 cr profit?!! FOX will come and get it from right

  86. don’t cry jeevcy mnik is bumper hit, jeevcy ka agenda flop ho gaya. haaaaa

  87. hahaha …u dont even know who the distributors for MNIK are and how much thier share is from theatrical revenues? Moron

  88. hahaha .. this guy right is such a moron …

    “even if we make India 50 and Overseas 50 then also 23 Corers profit in India and 23 Corers profit in Overseas.”

    so not only r u saying it got 100 cr DS but also cost is 54 cr? rofl

  89. bollybusiness y u included boothnath,amitabh was lead role
    srk role was small,n if included
    thn y u didnt include baghban 4 sallu,amitji lead role,sallu
    role was small,dis is nt fare.
    u all media r enemy of sallu n lier.

  90. Yakuza idiot or crying baby when did HTHS became Below Average. It was in range of Above Average to Semi-Hit. Chalte Chalte was Hit by every Trade except Komal who had it Above Average from where you created new category for it. Veer – Zaara was clean Super Hit stop fooling people it was Hit. Plus neither Billu, Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke nor Hey Ram, Bhootnath were SRK movie. He had special Appearance in those Movie. Again you are fooling people calling KANK Semi-Hit as every Trade had it Hit or Super Hit except Komal. For Don I understand you cann’t accept the fact it was Hit as you Amitabh fans think any actor does Amitabh remake will flop.

  91. This is the latest one.

  92. What means latest ??? Ye koi bhaji tarkari hai kya .. Pahle 2/- ki thi ab 5/- ki ho gayi hai ??? Now don’t tell me that SRK movies are still running in amazon jungles and is launching on Mars and Moon, thats why BOI changed his verdicts ……

    Old verdicts of BOI was purely unbiased because that time site owner was not Bollywood fan .. not SRK fan …

    After 2003 its owner become SRK fan and you can sense it by gradually changing verdicts of all movies with in 4-5 years …

  93. Yakuza bro , u know y belief of the people on u is going down day by day .

    bcoz u r partial

    Srk – rab ne bna di jodi netted 74 crore and u showing 82 crore .

    being u an site owner , i want awnser from u

  94. Yakuza , u know y belief of the people on u is going down day by day .

    bcoz u r partial

    Srk – rab ne bna di jodi netted 74 crore and u showing 82 crore .

    being u an site owner , i want awnser from u

    • I recently changed final Nett of few movies after working on conversion rate of single screen earnings. RNBDJ was earned heavily from SS, so changed it too. But 74 was never in picture. Toss was between 78 to 82 based on variance of SS shares.

  95. Yakuza! Your ratings for SRK Movies is always low compared to BOI, Taran Adarsh & Vinod Mirani prime example been Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Devdas, Chalte Chalte, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna & My Name Is Khan. Why is that? You are losing trust of many people because of that.

    • Then what ? Even Komal Nahta Ratings are less than mine. Ratings should be consistent as per your standard. We need to judge the ratings comparing our own benchmark, not others. Anyways, thanks for suggestion.

      • But the thing is for other actors your rating is consistent and mostly similar with BOI, Taran Adarsh & Vinod Mirani. While for SRK Movies this is not the case.

        • jeevcy, the thing is you need to judge if ratings are actually lower based on business volume ? I know Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam was Semi hit by some, But look at losses, producer lost good amount of money as he unable to sold it at price of even breakeven, Some distributors also lost money (despite low cost). How can i rate it semi hit ?

          My ratings are mine, based on business volume against money involved, and are correct to the degree of collection information i have.

  96. yakuza ppl at IFM are accusing u of changing verdicts on srk movies, were old BOI verdicts upto 2003/04 given by u at IFM,please clarify this,coz this is becoming an issue.also please clarify ur stand on KHNH,in my opinion it is not a clean hit ,it was flop/disaster in 3 circuits,was clean hit only in mumbai,delhi/up,mysore,in other 7 circuits it was less than hit,Old BOI pages have KHNH as above average i tend to agree with that verdict

    • No, I never give any verdicts. I just provide them collection of trade magazines, Initially they put numbers and verdicts straight from filminformation (Only genuine trade magazine approved by distributors). But later on BOI horribly changed numbers and verdicts for many movies (Specially Bachchans). My association with BOI was just to extent of helping hand of providing trade material. Final authority and publisher were BOI only, 2004 onwards ownership of BOI changed, At the moment it is owned by some punjab distributors (harminder singh and more).

  97. yakuza is AAA alltime biggest hit ever in mumbai circuit.also can u please tell circuitwise collns for SHOLAY if not for all ,atleast for 3 major Mumbai,delhi/up,east punjab,also for AAA if possible and verdicts of AAA in Available circuits,it wld be able to help to know abt universal appeal of big b as compared to say srk whose many big hits r flop in bihar circuits.,though i m sure sholay wld have been ATBB in all 10 circuits

    • Give me some time. I will come up with all details in separate posts. But AAA was not biggest Hit in Mumbai, It was second biggest grosser after sholay. without any shred of doubt Sholay is biggest earner in all circuits ever.

  98. i knew this was tricky,so please come up with this detail,didn’t u told AAA holds record im mumnbai for jubilees ,also sbt 3I position in mumbai i believe it is also too monsterous in mumbai circuits more than entire business of BB’s like D2,OSO in mumbai circuit,also abt RH in bihR DOING 3 CR IN 96 is way too monsterous i feel coz even noe biggies even 3I,Ghajini failed to do 3 cr nett in bihar circuit

  99. yakuza also what abt all time earners thread and rating of ATBB’s from strong to weak,u told u wld be coming up by weekend

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