Boxoffice Update – Wednesday

There is no significant change in collections of new releases. Another 1.5 Crore for London Dreams and scary collections(30 lacs) for Aladin. London dreams is all set for 24 Crore first week, Aladin should wrap up under 7 Crore.

All The Best Should add another 5-6 Crore in third week taking its total to 43 – 44 Crore.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 5, 2009.

33 Responses to “Boxoffice Update – Wednesday”

  1. thanks… very low chances for LD… feeling very bad for LD.. strange, like Dostana film can be hit.. but LD… audience just need fun.

  2. LD should be 11-12 crore on 2nd week for safe zone.

    • it will be hard for LD to gain 11-12 crore on 2nd week, because of two new movies ( APKGK and Jail ).

      • yes, LD is in trouble, but can earn with stable business on low end for few weeks, second week will be in 7-8 crore range.

        • so is there any chances for LD to get status of Average? and please let me know what is budget of LD? I am new here. and you really rock!

          • All depends on further performance, as i have said earlier, LD should do 45 Crore NETT to get rid of flop tag.

  3. 😦 NO words to say about LD, same time HAPPY for ATB 🙂

  4. i’m scoked.LD should big jump.all the best

  5. By the end of 6th week, Wanted earned approx. Rs. 70 crore NET excluding tax while approx. Rs.130 crore GROSS including entertainment tax. [4] It is 2009’s biggest hit so far with approx Rs. 38 crore distribution share and first blockbuster of 2009.The film is the biggest hit of 2009 .

  6. Dear Admin i also desperately want to know how much collections london dreams need to be average atleast. Good movie deserves to be atleast average. but unfortunately so many movies are releasing in 1 week time. making difficult for previous week releases collection

  7. Well atleast is rocking even in 6th week….

  8. Well atleast wanted is rocking even in 6th week….

  9. vipul says budget of london dreams is 35cr .. salman,ajay took only 10% of their fee ..

    The promos of LONDON DREAMS have everyone talking about the film’s lavish scale, grandeur and never seen before locations in the UK, France and Punjab. But a severe recession hit the global markets when LONDON DREAMS, one of the costliest projects had already gone on floor. Producer-director Vipul Shah immediately took stock of the situation to see if his Production should cut corners and trim the film’s massive budget. That would mean compromising the inherent scale and look of the film. Reluctant to do so, he convened a meeting with Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and other senior technicians to @#$%& the crisis. The film’s leading men graciously decided to take a pay cut so that Vipul would not have to compromise the scale that he had envisioned. Confirms Vipul, “We bonded at the meeting that night and LONDONDREAMS was made without any restrictions. The final product is for all to see!” LONDON DREAMS releases worldwide on 30th October 2009 and will be distributed internationally by Studio 18.

    • Thanks !!

      • i knw this may have been discussed before.. but i dont think it matters what budget is.. at boxoffice, what matters is how much distributors paid for it.. and how much they got back.. overall success for producer obviously lies in other stuff like home video sales, satellite rights, music etc.. so if we can know the exact details of how much distributors buy the movies for, we can work out whats happening as these days distribution share is mentioned in few sites.. but we dont get distribution price tht easily..

        yakuza, do you knw how much ld was sold for to the distributors??

  10. looks like ATB is the best trended movie of the year!!

  11. YAKUJA,
    I THINK LD k stars salman,ajay and asin sony tv k show DPL main to aa saktey hain aur unkey performances,movie k barey main baat kaein,asin and salman sath main dance karien,movie ki publicity kar hi saktey hain becoz salman DPL se juda hai.
    promos different dikhayein,wid public excellent reviews as all the best.itna to kar hi saktey hain.
    ajay devgan release k baad bhi film ka bahut promotion kiya hai thts y movie is running gud…….
    ye baat aap movie k director tak pahuncha saktey ho kya????

  12. Yakuja,
    a little out of the topik but what is the advence booking status of apkgk and jail.

    • Rajesh, Advance booking in general not very encouraging unless hype is immense and viewers in bulk are ready to lap up on first weekend.

  13. im sory about lD What wrong with indian audience !!!!!

    Yakuza :
    plz tell me about all the best is hit or wat ??

  14. Yakuza

    thaaaaaaaanksssss u to make happy

    I wil pray TO GOD 4 LD to do something I wish this movie get what the AJAY AND SALAMN Deserves }_ Great success )..its very sad to see in nowdays the audience didNt exspt LIKE this KIND OF moviesE ! )=

  15. yakuja,
    wt is the response of today abt LD in theaters.?????

  16. I didn’t know quite where to ask this question. So here it is: I wanted to know more about film’s life post the box office (I enjoyed reading your summary of the various “rights”). Is there a website or blog that would include monies made from DVD, music, TV etc. sales of Hindi films. I’m particularly interested in DDLJ. Thanks.

  17. who knows guyz. maybe lifetime run for LD can make it upto 45 crores.
    lets just wait and see.
    i think people r missing something. if a good film like LD can have such collections den who knows how AJPKGK and JAIL will do.

  18. YAKUJA,
    salman ko katrina n ranbeer se kuch seekhna chahiye.they r doing mindblowing,intresting,entertaining promotion together.
    APKGK ki opening gr8 hogi.

  19. why does it happen to salman i mean a film like LD is getting such a cold responce

    • its sheer bad luck dude… too many movies are getting released these days… every Friday sees atleast one huge movie.. People are tired of watching movies… this is all bcos of the strike during the summer earlier this year!

  20. i know Salman haz a lot of fans, am 1 ov dem. but do u know dose dat dont like him really hate him.
    i dont undersatnd why dat iz. give every star hiz due. da media in India really tick me off. i dont know wat dat goes on dere but going by da sites dis being an exception and da tv channels Sallu gets bashed left right and center.
    here in England if ur 1 ov da biggest stars dey love u and respect u dey dont go around showing incorrect rubbish bout dat certain star.

    dey say he had a fight wid Asin, prove it.
    dey say he hit Ash, prove it. (she haz never said it)
    dey say he haz done dis and dat.
    i know dis haz got nowt to do wid da topic or anything but people need to back off coz at da end of day film stars r dere to entertain uz. ders no need from our side to go personal or anything.

  21. i totally agree with Mr Naveed
    after all Salman is the bigest superstar not only bcoz of his acting bt his attitude and personality

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