Priya Rajvansh – FilmFare(1967)



Naina Sahu Interview


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~ by Yakuza on November 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Priya Rajvansh – FilmFare(1967)”

  1. Priya rajwansh is one misterious girl who i always remember for one special song “Choori nahi ye mera dil hai” from Gambler, She was once interviewed by my uncle in 70’s and once during conversation he told me that priya rajvansh was only actress whose interview he felt was not complete in some mysterious sense and few years later i heard of her death which itself is a mystery.

    • priya was in haste zakhm, heer ranjha etc.
      after sadhna i feel she was the most gorgeous hollywood actress of that time

  2. Priya Rajvansh was not the girl in “Choori nahi ye mera dil hai” it was an actress called Zahida. Priya was murdered by Chetan Anand’s (Dev Anand’s brother) sons because he had left money and/or property for her after he died. Priya and Chetan weren’t ever married but had a relationship of a married couple!

  3. dont know why i lov priya rajvansh!!!!

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