PRAZ GOLD : DON (Hindi, 2006)

Note, this review first appeared HERE. On the whole I’ve liked DON less on consecutive viewings as it comes across as a rather souless film….

Right from the moment Farhan Akhtar announced the idea of a DON remake, the movie was the talk of the movie. Once the promos started hitting the air the talk turned to hype-and be it negative or positive everyone awaiting for one reason or another the new DON. There was a lot of speculation about Shahrukh Khan being signed for the title role enacted by Amitabh Bachchan in the original. While some felt Shahrukh Khan would ruin the movie others felt he would add his own touch and flavour to the new version. Finally Don hit the marquee…..does the movie live up to expectations? NO…not quiet however it is defiantly not a bad movie by any means. However remaking (or reviewing for that matter) DON was never going to be a simple task as comparisons were always inevitable and compared to the original this DON pales in comparison by a long shot, however the movie still makes for a relatively interesting watch all the same and has enough in there to keep viewers happy on the whole.

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~ by prazzero00000 on November 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “PRAZ GOLD : DON (Hindi, 2006)”

  1. I remember watching it after 2 days of re-viewing orignal DON, This is glossy remake, but i was wondering why remake ??? I never digest this concept of remaking of any successful movie, Sequel – i appreciate, but remake ???

    But one thing i realized after watching DON that how great was original DON, I became much bigger fan of Old DON after watching this new gloss version, as i realized how great was the original script, how great was the tunes, BGM of movie, how great was the performance of Amitabh. I love to thank farhan for making Don which serve the purpose to bring back that old nostalgia of 70’s back in memories and realized us the great fellows of that era by re-making this shoddy piece. No more comments !!

  2. DON is one of my favorite movies. I think making a remake is a very big challenge. It can easily go the way RGV ki Aag went because of high expectations. Thank you Farhan for such a nice movie.

    “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin….’ actually suits this movie more because DON is never caught.

    • “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin….” This dialog was more suitable in old DON because DON was never caught by police and he got dead (so he keeps his promise, never caught), While in new DON he is still alive and has full chances to be caught any time … 🙂

  3. it should’ve never been called DON!

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