Paa – Images – Updated

~ by Yakuza on November 4, 2009.

10 Responses to “Paa – Images – Updated”

  1. Paa could be a dark horse in the box office…WOM should be good.. upward trend is expected.

  2. Agree, Ash has been working on the promotional strategy and campaign and it has worked well so far. THe BGM is awesome….and the curiosity is immense!

    • Yes .. Paa seem to be most innovative, experimental and departure yet humorous cinema .. really looking forward for Balki’s creativity.

  3. Yak..

    your prediction updates required on the upcoming big films such as

    De Dana Dan
    Tum Mile
    ROcket Singh

    Please put in your views…

  4. appreciate it. i think APKGK should open big ( all Ranbir films from Bachna onwards have taken very good box office openings ) please update those fast since only 4 days left for 2 of them to release.

  5. outstanding posters .. blockbuster coming soon ..

  6. PAA is blockbuster film,i will say from now.superb images.still i am shocked after seeing this pictures that who brought this idea and who is the director of this film.simply SALUTE to amitabh bachchan.i never saw this type of actor in the world.this film will cross the film BLACK.thanks sir.waiting for this film.

  7. oscar winning film.

  8. what creativity and innovines you talk about yakusa when it’s a ripp of a hollywood movie ” Jack” done by robin williams in 1996

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