London Dreams Below Par – Tuesday Update

As reported yesterday, London dreams performed way below expectations on Tuesday as well. It collects approx. 2 Crore on Tuesday. Hit Tag for London Dreams will be an uphill task as there are two new releases next week. London dreams collects 21 crore Nett in 5 Days. It require 45 Crore to get rid of flop tag. Verdict : Awaiting

Aladin saw empty houses all over on Tuesday, some shows even got cancelled due to not so sufficient audience. Aladin is rare case where Critics simply slams the movie, Word of mouth was good but failed to translate into box-office collection. Verdict : Disaster.

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~ by Yakuza on November 4, 2009.

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  1. Thanks YAK. Dissppointed about LD. So its heading towards FLOP status. Unbelievable. Such a nice movie. Remember once this maovie was bout create the record deal of INR 120 CRORES with Studio 18. Just imagine what would have been the situation if Studio 18 have done so ? anyways Salman & Ajay they worked really hard on this film, but they desreved something better. Cricket match & new big releases spoiled everything. My day is gone 😦 so sad.

    YA : Please put in your views why didnt LD take a HUGE opening in the Box office. Reasons ? as per me its Music & less promotion period of 1 week & new BIG releases & Cricket MATCHES.

    • David, in one word “Content” , i am not saying content is bad[as i have not seen the movie yet], but it’s the “content” only which fails to induce the “Must see” factor in viewers. Movie business is very creative and tricky art as well, before jumping on to materialize any script you must know in advance the key factors in screenplay which should force the viewers to plug in cinemas. If i thought of LD, despite of solid product[ i assume], it lacks the punch to strike chord in mind of viewers[i am talking about promos]. Second so many releases week after week reduces the enthu in audience.

      I will exclusively take the case of “Paa first teaser”, The level of curiosity it has generated even in 1 minute promo is way ahead of 10-20 promos of Aladdin airing round the clock on satellite channels. This is called quality promotion and key factors combined in one minute teaser.

  2. london dreams deserves to be hit atleast. If APKGK and jail do not perform well,then only LD can do good business. I hope that second week LD do well.

  3. All depends on 2nd week.

  4. Dear David and Naveed(yup u have not posted yet but this one is in advance)
    In case of LD the biggest downer is its poor music…A film with music as its background should have solid music to pull audience….DIL TO PAGAL HAI&TAAL are perfect examples…The content in case of LD is quite satisfactory but lack of any blockbuster song and very average promos were the key reasons for lack of excitement….As far as PAA is concerned the biggest advantage is its director Balki.Balki being an ADMAN know how to sell its movie to its audience…He will ensure that its movie ables to catch its target audience attention by promoting it in the most creative way….Hype about Amitabh delivering career best performance only add to the curiosity.

  5. All is not lost yet. If it runs satisfactorily in 2nd week, can come out as winner.

    • yes Rajesh, as WOM is good, even if it slows down in 2nd week, can bounce back thereafter and may hold well on lower end though.

  6. 🙂 lets hope for the best

  7. i think LD k producer ko different promos dikhana chahiye wid public excellent reviews.
    ayr kuch reality shows main aakar(like DPL,ZEE TV,ZOOM TV ETC.)movie ki publicity karni chahiye,like unke performance ki tarif k barey main,salman and asin should come together in some tv reality shows and news channels.

    • pritty, its too late now, as me and topaz explained above, LD lacks some solid punch in quality promotion, WOM always help to sustain, There are some external factors for which one can’t help like multiple releases every week, Cricket matches etc. Let’s wait for 2nd week performance before coming to any conclusion.

  8. its really sad..that a master piece movie LD didnt work at BO…i dont know what the hell wrong with audience…its really sad…its the best made movie of year…far better then LAK but what happened with it its quite undigestable…
    and yes many critics writing about the music that its not good but when earlier all of them gave the music review they gave it 3,3.5,4 stars means that music is really good…but now they changed their mind…
    if it would have been a 2-3 yr back scenerio this movie will surely be gonna blockbuster when music became popular after movie release….the criket matches has ate around 5-6 cr business for LD…and back to back biggies are going to effect it alot…
    i strongly say here there that would be a committee which allot release dates and a big movie should have 2-3 weeks for steady business there should also be budget control committee…

  9. i think if 2nd week might not be more than 12-13 cr…it would end up its theatrical at 40cr…and will get a tag of below average to average..

  10. First week finishing under 25 cr
    Then second week will be about 8 cr..
    It looks hard then….

  11. @yakuza
    i think if movie did more than 35cr it will get rid of flop status…

  12. LD heading Jaan-e-mann way.. both movies according to me were well made… but yea tht extra zing factor missing.. and average openings cant really save big budget films.. and movies tht dont trend well in weekdays pretty much sums things up.. unfortunately salman popularity at ticket window has taken a beating.. gone are the 90s when almost any film he did took a good opening regardless of final outcome..

    look at akshay, he did 4 movies this year so far, all took good openings except 8×10 (poor promotion and pre release issues).. he still (dont knw for how long) has the pull regardless of the overall outcome.. even saif has gone ahead of salman now.. he trends so well overseas and in india too..

    Wanted is a superhit/blockbuster.. but it did below average business in muultiplexes and overseas.. single screens, few holidays saved the day for Wanted.yes the movie had its own merits as well so credit also has to go to salman.. but all taken away with the disaster MAMK.. no top tier actor (aamir, srk, akshay, hrithik, even saif) have had such a debacle in the recent past and dont look to have in the near future as well..

    I am a big fan of Salman Khan.. and even watched films like saawan, mamk and yuvvraaj in theater fdfs.. had to see for myself rather than believing anyone. it is true that Salman is a superstar in real life and has delivered humungous hits in past.. his popularity is unmatched.. but his box office credibility is dropping with each movie.. i mean one hit in every 7-8 films, any actor with the right script and film can do..

    i think even media should stop comparing salman films to other top level actors.. as far as BO is concerned.. aamir, ark and saif(creeping up), are in a different league altogether..

    LD was my last hope.. understood there are other factors affecting the film like cricket matches, release dates and so on, but such issues should not affect a good film..

    anyways these are my views based on whatever information i come across.. they may necessarily not reflect the true situation..

  13. *not ark.. meant srk..

  14. according to boxofficeindia it may turn out to be average not a outright flop


  16. @SID

    Who said salman has lost his boxoffice power for your kind information his last solo movie wanted become a blockbuster.

  17. Absolutely spot on Rahul. I have mentioned this before as well. Salman’s multiplex fan base has become very weak the last few years. If not, Wanted wud have turned to be a monster hit, easily grossing more than 100cr.

    Trust me guys, Salman is still very popular among the masses but the multiplex audience counts a lot these days to make a movie work at the BO. Without its support, Salman will find it tough moving forward. LD is one such example.

    • What i feel LD fate would have been similar even if it star Aamir or SRK. Partner was multiplex Hit with salman.

      What i feel masses are more towards product rather than star, otherwise London Dreams would have been good in single screens, its always genre which divide the audience between multiplex and single screen. On other side you can say salman has advantage of masses as his fan base, His movie can do wonder at box-office if it carries balance of genre loaded with excellent hype and music.

      • I do agree about the product part but I am talking more about the opening here that too considering LD to be a multiplex movie.

        If you look at LD, its a musical- romance movie, a la Rock On! LD had everything going for it- terrific hype, great music & promos, reviews were pretty much avg to good from most critics, a monday holiday in North India and minimal competition in the form of Aladin which was thrashed by the critics. Yet its hardly gonna touch 25cr the first week.

        Even if you take Wanted into account, it became a superhit mostly based on single-screen collections. Imagine if it had done similar business in multiplexes, the BO colelctions wud hv been history altogether!

        • coincidentally what you are considering key points of LD are weak links IMO … Hype was missing, Music is good but not chartbuster, reviews are good not great.

          Anyways, this is all part of movie business. As well said “unpredictable is only predictable in this business”

      • Yakuza

        Well said man !! some kids think they know everything widout using their brains for a change !!

  18. Hi Yakuza. You r doing awesome. Can only belive with the figures you provide. Can you tell how London Dreams is doing today?

  19. Any thing on Veer, Release date, news, etc…

    • Veer is releasing on 29th January, 2010.

    • IMO, Veer should be postponed to summer 2010. We have seen enough Salman movies to last for the next 6 months. That coming from a Salman fan.
      Thats also where SRK, Aamir and Hritik win while AB, Salman and Akshay lose.

  20. poor ld deserve to flop such a waste rahul ru frm nitm


    • Sids, Salman hasn’t lost his fans. His fans don’t really care about Salman the actor and his films. Its more about Salman the person and the star. Half the time we don’t watch his movies or only watch them on DVD.

      Good thing about that is Salman’s popularity doesnt reduce with his flops, bad thing is his movies don’t do well because even his fans do not watch them.

    • sids

      comon man dont compare wanted wid ghajini both r diff ( music wise , promotional strategy , time of release etc ) Ghajini was way ahead of wanted …ayesha had never got a successful film unlike asin .. sajid wajid r nt da best composers ..

      one more thig Ghajini was a solo release “jumbo was nothin”

      unlike wanted which had big competition from a YRF which promoted very very well ..

      da last thing is that wanted Got A certificate which made families prefer DBH .. Ghajini didnt get A certificate !!!

      all these facts affected Wanted business

      in ghajini there r several factors But in wanted there is only one factor that is salman )..

      wanted music is no way close to arrahman work in ghajini ..

  22. Thanks Yakuza….Do update when you have something about Veer…

  23. mr yakuza ru salman fan blue is avng whole blog is crying its flop making poor ld to hit. keep it up

  24. It is such a SHAME that LD has flopped. A real Good Movie.
    Even Vipul Shah and a Good movie also couldnt save Salman Khan

    Iam a big fan of sallu but i feel he is living in denial. His movies dont do well and doesnt even collect half of what other stars movie make.

    His next Movie is Veer directed by Anil Sharma, whose all other movies other than GADAR have tanked at BO. Again it will totally rely on Masses and Multiplex audience is again going to give this movie a miss.

    Dabang is one more from sohail and arbaaz khan, the whole family acting producing and directing. Again the movie is not going to do well

    If a good movie with good performance like LD cannot pull crowds then surely Veer and Dabang which are Big Budget movies may tank also.

    All and all i think as a fan, iam mighty disappointed. Salman’s era is on the verge

    Its a real SHAME

    Very saddened by Ld’s failure

    Sorry guys

    • Well finally people have to conclude that Salman is no more !!!
      I mean the star Salman…..that’s good for him..i feel he needs a break and that’s good for him personally..out of site and out of mind…………maybe serving a Jail sentence might not be bad idea!!!

      Things are looking good..he has stayed out of news after the LD release..knowing his reaction he doesn’t give a damn for a hit or flop..might be concerned with pay structure henceforth…every star loves money and they need loads as they have a so called high life style

      If Veer flop then even better because then his test will start…and probability is 99% flop.. imagine a script written by Salman himself..big Joke and his brother acts with him in the movie as soon they show him the promo gone…no body will go to the theater….poor Anil i am told has been given a hard time by the Khan..a movie ghos directed by the Khan ..i am sure by time movie is about to release Anil would have washed his hands..i am told he is working on his next one…

      “Does it have in him to pull up a Tere Naam ” and he will also know personally who will really stand by him because SRK will use his might to suffocate his show business u are as good as your last movie..and last two have been disaster..see how all the leading papers are writing on front headlines(entertainment section) movie has tanked..SRK magic is at work….he doesn’t want to take chances…bring down the enemy when he is down…

      Ajay has a good line up of movies, Salman doesn’t have …apart from Veer none in pipeline..Dabaang not gone on floors..who knows producers might back out…Salman sit at home and reflect on your career…all taken for granted things u have done with your fans..Hope Sony also pulls a fast one and doesn’t offer DKD season 3 no celebrity will come for a flop Khan………….

      How bad is the situation?

      1. Because of bad behaviour no good director wants to work with him, he has accepted in one interview with Taran Adersh
      2. None of the directors backed by him have worked for him in recent times..his only hope david dhawan, who himself doesn’t know his next will work or not….
      3. His denial to act…LD and wanted were good reflection of how good he was when he looked young also but not path breaking as actor..not sincere enough….
      4. His refusal to work hard and work on his looks..see his contempraiers how they look and how he is looking……all are in same age bracket …and compare 5 yrs ago who was the most handsome guy out there..he looks a shit now a pale shadow of his past…guess even Kat must be having nightmares on seeing him….(a below the belt comment)
      5. His untalented brothers and a father(extremly talented one of the best ever writers) whose ink has gone dry but must still be thinking he is good enough to guide his children …ghost writer who doesn’t want accoutablility..will continue

      • Dear Disapper,
        This remark is not at all called for….well i guess this blog is run and visited by passionate people,who love cinema…I guess we would be more happy reading ur opinion about your favourite movie or star..So please if possible contribute in some positive way.

        @Yakuja…Can you guide me how can i post some article on this blog.

      • @ Disapper,

        you are a hater ain’t you?

  25. YAKUJA,

  26. Nice to hear from u Topaz. Great work Yakuza and Praz keep it up. and guyz lets keep it goin. dis site iz doin it man.


  27. well i really dont know wat to say bout da state of LD.
    i thought it waz an AMAZING movie. lets wait another week and den decide.
    IMO people r goin way over board wid da condition or box office power of Salman. to say he iz finished is absurd. YES he’s box office pull power haz decreased. Multiplex and overseas haz gone down. Pakistan being an exception coz WANTED rocked dere.
    i remember very distinctly when i went to watch Chal Mere Bhai. (England). i liked da film coz am a big fan of Sallu and Lolo. dere r oder reasons azwell dat i liked it. point being dat da film didnt do too well at da box office but da hall waz packed. wen i went for LD on Fri half da cinema hall waz full, even less dan half.
    People including Salman fans have lost some faith in hiz movies.
    why oh why did he choose to be part of MAMK were he waznt even in da main role. Believe me dat film had a bearing on LD.

    Akki and Saif r da biggest examples. dey could never give a solo hit or dey couldnt give a solo hit continuously. now both r performing well especially Akki. Saif iz workin or haz worked in some real good projects. RACE, LAK and now KURBAAN (will do well). if dey attract such big audiences in India and overseas and it haz taken dem a lenghty perioed ov time, den Salman who could do it all da time post HDDCS. (i know he haz made some good films- Tere Naam, No Entery, Partner etc.) surely he can bring back dem same audeinces.
    he haz appeared or made some really bad movies in da last 4-5 years wheres Akki haz made mainly good movies. he needs to stop doing favours for producers, directors and even his own brothers and concentrate on good films and hiz fans.
    look at Amir, makes 1 film a year but it turns into such a big hit coz da audience know what to expect, dis is where Salman is unpredictable. i thought he waz great in Janemaan but wat about da films before and after dat. (SAWAAN, BABUL, SALAM E ISHQ ETC) i know most ov dem films he waz only in da film as a special appearnce, but why associate urself wid dem poor films.
    SRK, Amir, Hrithik and Akki will never do such a thing coz dey dont wana risk dere reputation of associating wid poor projects.
    i remeber when Hrithik made da blockbuster KNPH, (GREAT FILM IMO). but after dat he appeared in 6-7 poor films da exceptions being FIZA and K3G. people were writing him off. But after KMG he haz never looked back. he puts everything into 1 project at a time.
    Now Salman who is still and will remain a mega superstar coz fans like me who do care about box office results but ultimately its about Salman making a good movie. I cant complain bout WANTED and LD. and am sure dat in VEER he will also do well.


    and plz guyz lets not abuse oder stars. i know we have our favorites but dere iz a limit we shouldnt exceed. PEACE.

  28. @ Disapper u do make some valid points but da rest iz way below da belt. ur objective is nothin but to post bad commnets about Salman. Chill out man. u dont find me and oders doin dis about other stars.
    so plz either post some at good or just keep ur OPINIONS to urself.

  29. Hi Naveed..good to read u r comments but i have finish my last post…

    How bad is situation..
    6. No directors to back u , no money for home production..what can the khan do sit at home or fight………………….

    Past record says he has risen from the Ashes his career he has been written of countless time and every time he is back…but this time far too many enemies…..i don’t know which top actor will want to do a film with him ????

    So people his last and only hope is Daabang… and get READY BECAUSE INSTICT SAYS U WILL NEVER SEE SALMAN LIKE BEFORE….

    Either it will be big one or it will last one..the DEATH OF A hole…
    YAKUZA keep up the good work so far your updates are good and impartial …like them…. and i know you don’t like to comment on points i have mentioned …….but they are true points i feel from what ever i have seen in media and heard..we all form perception on what we see… and that is why minus this khan all other will smile pose..even fake and go the extra half mile to get you to love them…and friends like it or not that is show business.. u always like pleasing personality not people who make nasty comments on others ………………

    • u motherfucker……go and suck ur srk’s ass…..dont talk shit here

    • @ Siraj — +1

      Dude, Salman khan doesn’t need a hit or a flop, such is his star power … whether it be mulriplex audience or single screen … there are masses of people who love him … to mention i dont love or hate any actor but there perfomance..

      I loved Srk in CDI & Devdasm, etc … i hated him in RNBDJ & OSO – it was stupid movie IMO
      I loved Aamir in Ghajni, TZP and hell lotta movies.
      I loved hrithik in KMG, D2 and hated him in some.
      I loved Salman in Wanted & LD … and i dont like some movies of him.

      And was Wanted a blockbuster coz of Ayesha Takia ??? Kuch bhi bolta hai tu yaar…

    • wow so directerz dont want to work wid him ??

      for ur info Salman was da first choice for CDI , First choice
      for JA . he rejected action replay & kal ho na ho as well too!!!

      then how da hell directers does nt want to work wid him ..

      Veer wid anil sharma
      Be positive wid anees bazme
      most wanted wid boney kapoor
      Sanke & judua 2 wid sajid nadiwala

  30. ok Disapper. which directors dont wanna work wid him
    i can only think ov dese.
    1. SLB he backstabbed Sallu couple ov times anywayz.
    2. Karan Johar (obvious)
    3. Ravi Chopra?
    plz let me know guyz who else dere could be
    1. its directors dat wanna work wid him
    if dat wasnt da case den why does Nadiadwala whoz been makin all hiz recent films wid Akki wanna work wid him again.
    2. why haz RKS allowed him to appear in hiz upcoming APKGK- climax.
    wid all due respect Disapper ur da only 1 sayin dis stuff and most of it r assumptions.

  31. disappear, salman will be in top for next 25 years atleast, i advise u to disappear

  32. guyz relax and vote here

  33. has ld shown any sign of improvement on tuesday? or is it all over??

  34. i mean on wednesday… my mistake!!

  35. I don’t why people keep bringing up Wanted as an example of Sallu’s BO power. Wanted would have been a huge hit WHOEVER was the star of the movie. THe movie just works, that’s all. It was a HUGE blockbuster when it was made first in Telugu and then Tamil. All three versions had different leading actors…didn’t matter. The script and style of the movie has a huge appeal to the masses. Sure Salman acted well. But he is being given more credit than he deserves for the success of that movie.

    • Wow whoever was the star of the movie it will be a hit ??

      Going by ur Logic ..then whoever star in a Flop movie it will be a flop any way …!!!

      or this theory only apply when sallu got a Hit ..But wid flops only sallu shud get da Blame !!! nt da producers , directers , promotional strategy etc

      • oh Tell me ..Partner was a BB and opened huge in india & overseas well ..who did dat ?? Govinda ?

        or u want salman to make all those Guest appearance films a success at Bo ..??

        Grow up PPl ..

  36. Naveed…..

    I want him to do only one movie a year..or may be at the most 2 and stay out of the news other than his movies..nd he will back where he belongs…

  37. dont worry guyz,salman will bounce back like a wounded tiger.he needs 2 b selective like amir.nd rock again which he used 2 do for very long.he still rules

  38. disappear .. i think srk last film flopped disastrously billu(pussy) barber .. so mind ur tongue even big stars films will flop ..its part and parcel of the career.

  39. Hi Guys, i am a big salman fan. I even watch wanted alone. I dont think salman’s power has decreased. Just imagine an actors films releasing back to back..that to three…will surely not work..i mean how much can his fans spend money on??..mainly fans of middle class..???..guess its salman’s fault.he got to be selective in not only choosing his films…but also releasing them wisely. veer zara and swades released back to back….swades being a good film tonked…so all is not lost…

  40. to be honest, i think salman acting in films like heroes (8 min appearance), hello (6 min), sawariyaan (4 min) and now MAMK (12 min) are a salman khan film…then why not billu and bhootnath are called SRK film?? critics are very harsh against salman..but its salman’s fault as well..guess his friends were misusing him..but who is going to loose?? salman..!!!..

  41. @ naveed,

    nice comments dude.. i know sallu is not finished.. he can never be.. uve made comparisons with likes of hrithik. how he came back after 6-7 flops.. i must add here.. he is still young.. mid 30s.. he can come back. but salman age factor is also there. he cant play young main leads forever.. needs to select projects accordingly as well.. all other stars have upward trends.. their each films are grossing bigger and better collections.. except for akki recently.. thts the issue as well. salman’s career track record is different altogether..

  42. @ Manoj. can u plz explain wat u mean by Salman career track record.
    Am enjoyin reading da comments of Salman fans, a lot of common sense guyz.
    @ Gokul completely agree wid ur comments. Many people have misused him, partly hiz own fault.
    @ Julie love ur comment tellin Mr Disapper to DISAPPEAR. (funny az heck) am sorry Disapper had to say dat.

    Also guyz Salman waz written off before Tere Naam- we know wat happened. Same thing wid WANTED- we know wat happened. I agree age is not on hiz side but i can clearly see him around for at least 10 years. (will explain later) he haz not looked in da best of shape for dese last couple ov years, especially hiz eyes. hurts me to say dat. But recently he iz lookin better and he haz got rid of hiz long hair since VEER haz been complete.

    but for da time bein lets see how oder stars fair in dese next couple ov months. BIG FILMS R RELEASIN EVERY WEEK OR SO.

    P.S also we can add Priyanka Chopra to da list. Extremely beautiful and talented actress (not my personal favorite) but she waz also written off. she delivered 4-5 poor films before Fashion (some were disasters- CHAMKU, DRONA, LS50) look at her now shez in da top 3 actress list.
    guyz it can all change very quickly every industry iz very FICKLE.

  43. well said truth teller. WELL SAID!


    Which Of The Following Salman KHAN releases in 2008 Deserve To Get big Opening OR Hit Statue at BO ???
    Name only one !?

    1-outdated GTGH ?
    2-Hello “it got good opening thanx to sallu star power wid dat rock song” .. Billu & LBC ..Both had Srk & HR but both couldnt help da opening day.
    3- Heroes ..salman in Guest role again .
    4- yuvrraj ..subhash Ghai film .. do i need to explain ? 2 disasters before 1 wid HR & 1 wid vivek ..

    naveed@ i cant believe dat Hate could reach this Level man !

  45. i agree wid u Truth Teller.
    Believe me he will bounce back coz he haz to. he looks better so dats a start. His upcoming projects also look very good.
    1. VEER
    2. DABBANG
    5. PARIS?

    also wat do u reckon truth teller bout APKGK. i think da film will do well. if it does well den da praises r gonna go to Ka–Ranbir-Santoshi. if it fails den people r gonna say dat coz Sallu waz init. dats another flop film for him.

  46. LOL man ..

    Have u noticed when Wanted went houseful .. all losers were silent but when mamk happened they start their tamasha again LOL

  47. APKGK will start good but i feel the movie ill be bad dono man ranbir & kat r overacting ..esp ranbir ..

  48. were overacting*

  49. Why everybody is talking of Salman only, Ajay was also there in ld. Everbody is talking of salman only, is that not power of salman that he is being talked of even when there are other stars involved.
    Salman has made a mistake of appearing in spacial roles in many films, but you can not associate box office fate of these films with salman. Billu flopped this year but nobody is taking srk name even when that film was his home production. And what about Swadesh and paheli, may be critically acclaimed but box office flops.
    Saying that some one of the stature of salman is finished is totally wrong.
    I read one comment that nobody is at salman’s side and srk is using his might to spoil the career of salman. Dont you know what happened in recent fashion week where almost all bollywood top stars were on ramp for salman and nobody with srk. and on top of it, have you seen the crowd when salman appeared in supprt of some candidate in recent polls.
    srk is big star and perhaps a better actor than salman but he always try to make it out that he is the biggest star of bollywood. I was a great srk fan one time and still I like his many films but his proudy attitude is something which i dont like. if box office success is a measure than amir is definately ahead of srk and amir is on salman’s side.
    wanted is super hit and ld will also atleast be an average movie, so how can salman be written off. All big stars including amir, srk, hritik have gone through bad phases, akshay kumar is right now going through that phase and they always bounced back, slamn with wanted.

  50. Only poor acting doesn’t produce a flop a lot of other things can also go wrong. Poor script, poor direction, poor publicity, strong competition, cricket matches, wrong time of release/overall box office slump.

    Although I am a huge fan of Salman and like him better than other Khans but sorry to say he is not as hard working or professional as other Khans, gone are the days when his mere presence in the movie would make it a hit, he should realize that he is facing stiff competition. His acting has become monotonous and his eyes look like those of a coke addict, always half closed and puffy. His acting was good in heroes it sucked in Yuvraj it seemed as if he didnt gave a fuck about the movie, he did a good job in Wanted but the movie became a hit because of it’s direction and action choreography and a good climax.
    He again didn’t worked hard in Main Aur Mrs Khanna it wasn’t his fault completely as the script was poor and everybody worked in that movie half heartedly but he should be a bit more paranoid and quality concious about his role and the script otherwise the fans feel as if they have been cheated.

    London dreams had very poor promos they tried to highlight the music which was below average, on top of that people were already disappointed at Main Aur Mrs Khanna and that too must have had an affect on LD opening.

    Salman is not done yet, his DUS Ka Dum is a hit all he needs is to work hard and be selective and smart about the roles he picks and the people he works with he should cut down on guest appearances.

    But those who think that he is done are just fools and have no idea of the movie business.

  51. Guys, Salman, Ajay, Akshay, Aamir or any other top star’s career can’t easily finish unless wish of their own, All these actors spent years of hard work in acting and will always be taken by production houses for any principal role which suits them despite of any number of flops behind, Now all these actors are in such a safety zone where each can tolerate multiple flops in a row and still can have hands full of solid products, bollywood always in dearth of good and saleable actors, once you come in top bracket, you are in loophole of good opportunities always. Take the best case of Abhishek, after 17 flops in row he got his first success in dhoom, With only one solo hit(guru) and tons of flops, he is still leading all other actors in terms of quality products (Raavan, Paa, Rohan sippy next, Rakesh om prakash mehra’s next etc). So chill guys !! show must go on!!

    • So true bro 🙂

    • yakuza dont you think Ajay may not belong to the league of akshay, amir , salman, srk and so on..

      i feel he’s probably with the likes of sanjay dutt, suniel shetty, etc etc. veteran with years of experience but never quite the superstar… but yes, definitely bankable..

      • Yeah, Ajay doesn’t come under same league of Aamir, SRK or Salman. But his pull is definetly much better than sunil shetty given right kind of roles, and off late Ajay proved his BO pull in some golmal series stuff.

      • that’s a different story that golmal series were success more because of genre than ajay, but again success is success. His upcoming projects are promising as well like Rajniti, GR3, with RKS etc.

  52. @ Director

    You are totally wrong about wanted. wanted is superhit not because of direction climax and choreography just only because of salman khan and only salman khan.

  53. Hi Yakuza any update on LD. How did is fair on Wednesday????

  54. @ naveed,

    by Salman career record i meant the box office graph for his movies.. while all other top actors (srk, amir, hrithik, saif) have only been piling up bigger numbers since the new decade and increasing their success ratios, salman’s has gone down..

    but if you look at it from another perspective and look at last 5-6 years, even salman delivers a ton every 2-3 years.. no entry 2005, partner 2007, wanted 2009.. and semi hit films like tere naam, lucky, msk, garv, mpkk etc.. so he does spin around a lot of money.. other actors do one film a year.. sometimes 2 years so number of successes would be less only.. but just the flops in between for salman are too many..

    i think he should do only male leads, and stick to certain genres like comedy and action.. drama, i dont think people like seeing him in.. although his fans wud.. and romance, he’s too old for it now..

    as his fan, I will go and watch any movie he does and would still like to see 3-4 salman movies a year.. but atleast be decently spaced (producers please wake up).. in 2008 it happened (altho heroes and hello were not salman films.. they promoted as if he was main lead) and same thing 2009..

    3 movies within 2 months i dont think any actor can make blockbuster..which makes me ask our bollywood specialist yakuza an interesting questio .. has any bollywood actor ever given 3 successful films that were released within 50 days??

  55. yakuza, how is the hype of apkgk and jail and with how many prints are they going to release and how many screen are they taking away from london dreams? if accepted and rejected how much are they are going to effect ld in second week?
    are per me i may be wrong, ld release date was not correct and secondly they were having no option, new release date of all films are full for the next three to four months, might be luck factor which did not work? u may say unavaoidable circumstances, now vipul shah has said in an interview that ajay and salman and not time to promote london dreams, oops

  56. vipul shah interview on bollywood hungama

  57. are yr phele wednesday ki collection dekho phir kuch kaho

  58. kisi ne collection dekhi ya mai guess lagau

  59. well said Manoj. Truth Teller u r 100% rite.
    i remember very clearly wen Eid waz comin up WANTED v DBH. SALMAN v SHAHID. almost evry1 waz sayin DBH/SHAHID r gonna smash WANTED/SALMAN. i didnt reply but kept smiling. when WANTED SMASHED DBH AND SLAMAN PROVED HIS STRENGTH AT DA BOX OFFICE AGAIN EVRY1 SHUP UP. NO1 SAID ANYTHING.
    ive said it before ill say it agin MAMK waz not Salman’s film.
    he’ll bounce back 100%. i think he now knows dat evry project he does he will have to be more committed. coz when i went to watch Yuvraaj i also felt bad coz i knew he really didnt care much bout da movie. totally seemed disinterested.

    and yeah i agree wid every1 dat its only Salman really dat gets targeted when a movie which he appears for a special appearance gets criticized by every1. FACT.

  60. @Naveed

    DBH got tanked because it deserved to be tanked just like MAMK, the movie had no plot no music.

    @ Lucky

    You must have seen a different film.

  61. directer @ wow so this time its da movie which was bad ..what da heck ???


    DBH was promoted way way better than Wanted esp in overseas ( boney didnt promote wanted in overseas )

    _dbh remix song was way popular than wanted whole album ..

    -DBH was a family movie unlike Wanted ..

    -DBH got Yrf banner name where wanted had only Salman ..

    – DBH didnt get A certificate like Wanted ..

    still Wanted won first day & first weekend collections !!

  62. i remember how ppl used to trash wanted promos & music ..

    they said it looked like a z grade film from 80s .. even da music were hated by ppl ..only love me was popular ..

  63. 100% agree. not many films achieve da success WANTED did just by da star alone.
    am not being funny but Salman carried da film single handedly.
    go to youtube da DBH remix has got way more views den all da songs of WANTED put together. da promotion of DBH was way better and bigger dan WANTED.
    only on Eid was WANTED packed in England. every oder day da shows were way below DBH. i would know coz i live here and i personally rang up odeon and cineworld to find out.
    so plz SALMAN destroyed Rani( who i like very much) and Shahid and YRF.

  64. btw DBH wasnt a bad movie. Rani excelled like she always does. Shahid was also ok. (poor script was its biggest letdown)
    being a Salman fan am always gonna post positive stuff bout him. but when he makes or appears in bad movies am da first to criticize. and i always talk good ov oder stars.

  65. any updated on the friday london dreams collection…. what abt the latest overeas collection for London Dreams…

  66. m one of salman’s biggest fans…i see evry salman movie more than once…LD ws a superb movie…MAMK ws a big let down..though i strongly feel it ws a sohail khan like always ppl target salman n say its his movie…lyk in d case of hello,heroes,saawan etc…he needs to b a bit careful abt the project he choses i strongly feel he’s nt over yet..he still has lots of blockbusters to give in d near future…

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