First Exclusive Teaser – Paa (Updated with Dialog Promo)

~ by Yakuza on November 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “First Exclusive Teaser – Paa (Updated with Dialog Promo)”

  1. No words to say 🙂 None to match AB Sr. OUTSTANDING. Make up men deserves special mention & applause HERE.

  2. I was expecting nothing less than this much, Even if you check my predictions i was never Skeptical about this movie, smelling something great since the day it was announce and now i am glad that my sense was right about it.

  3. promo looks classy.. but i dont think it can appeal to the masses.. specially single screens..dont think theres much to offer for them in PAA.. i cud be wrong. just my initial reactions.. but as yakuza said earlier… if budget is indeed so low, this movie cant make losses..

  4. the trailer left me speechless…! …too good..!

  5. follow up site for more info …

  6. Good promo. Gets me a feeling of TZP.


  8. It looks good to me … Who gave the background score? It sounds like the one in Hollywood historic movies 🙂

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