shahenshah Music launch


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~ by Yakuza on November 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “SHAHENSHAH Music Launch”

  1. The monster opening of shahenshah can never be imagined by any means by current generation !! I myself witness 2 KM queue and entire police force outside cinemas, Tickets were sold @100 in black when original price was mere Rs. 5. However euphoria calms down after Two weeks, but this was biggest opening ever and i don’t think this record has been smashed by any movie after that in terms of long queues and mob outside cinemas !!

  2. that why he is the shahenshah of indian flim industry

    • I do have video recording of mob outside theater playing shahenshah, But need to convert that VHS recording to CD format so as to upload here. you have to see to believe.

  3. Sir,what is the collection of amitabh great film shahenshah is big opener than film coolie.i love both these films.

    • shakir, you can call “Shahenshah” as “singh is king” of its time, It was biggest ever opener (yes bigger than coolie) but couldn’t continue the wave for long, It was 8 Crore earner in 1988 which if adjusted today will come close to 70 Crore.

  4. Dear Yakuza,Please bring that SHAHENSHAH video soon SIR.we are waiting and also bring great topic on shahenshah also.

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