Bheja Fry

Question : Which movie in near future is safe bet at boxoffice ?

Answer : Paa, This movie is perfect example of high quality and low budget. Paa is budgeted at around 15 Crore only (without print and publicity cost). But the curiosity factor and buzz it is carrying is way better than any 80-100 Crore budget movie in recent past (Even before any promo is out). This is called creativity blended well with business sense. Paa is sure shot winner in hand because even with 25 Crore Nett overall businesses, movie will be success [which shouldn’t be dicey task for Paa].

Question :  What are your predictions on Aajb Prem Ki Ghazab Kahan And Jail ?

Answer : I have updated My thoughts HERE

Question : Which movie is biggest hit of this decade?

Answer : Gadar, It Grossed 70 Crore in 2001 which if adjusted today will come close to 145 Crore and all these figures are from single screens which means higher distribution share. As this decade is very near to end, Breaking Gadar record is next impossible task.

Question : Is there any possibility to publish list of Rajesh khanna movies and analyze his career ?

Answer : Yes, it’s very much on cards. Will take some time, because finding evidence of old movies box-office records is quite a dicey task.

Question : Can we consider De dana dan as akshay comeback movie ?

Answer : There is no question of Akshay come back, he is very much active with 4 releases this year, If you are talking about success then recent akshay movies failed because of high price tag, otherwise all his movies are above 35 Crore earner. De Dana Dan is reasonable budgeted movie, all set to taste success. 

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~ by Yakuza on November 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “Bheja Fry”

  1. I likes the topic Bheja Fry. First I thought that you have put your review on the film Bheja Fry. Then I read its Q & A.

    Paa prediction is perfect i think. I should open and run well.APKGK I dont know depends. Jail should make long run.

  2. Paa’s budget is only 15 cr?? I cant believe that…

    • sanjay, Amitabh confirms this budget in today’s blog. According to him

      “I think we set out to make this film with certain definite plans. It would not be a penny over the 15 cr budget we had decided upon ; indeed it is nominally better than that – its 14.75 cr.”

      Check this statement here :

  3. […] Read Rest HERE […]

  4. Paa will be a hit because of the right commerce involved…

    Hype forger it’s only on paper..nobody even gives a damn to Amitabh movie any more !!(fans no offences)

    Khiladi Kumar…he is the smart guy..typical Delhi guy who knows his with the right actors.(must say talented actors)..keeps his ego in check ….with little bit of luck and who can forget the wicked smile he has made it in the last 5 years… must say all the opening you are mentioning is more to do with the publicity content like foreign stars and sharks..had it been the Kumar then Tasveer would not be a MAMK.(another word for disaster..heeeheeh)…but yes he can claim it his star power after all in bollywood it is actor who call the shot and his vision has been right..unfortunately for him not found right talent in any of the directors so far except may the overrated Vipul shah who has worked for him..and i never believed in luck until I saw the paring of a Kumar and kaif…

  5. Dear Disapper,
    Paa definitely have a huge curiosity build up…This will ensure good opening at multiplexes….
    As far as ur comment on Akshay is concerned they seems to be quite influenced by Shailender Singh(MD percept pictures)Interview on Indiatimes.I guess he should have thought so before taking Akshay on board for his films(Tasveer and Jumbo)….Akshay is only delivering hits because of talented actors then why don’t the film featuring these talented actors without akshay takes big opening…..Luck also had sharks and publicised it hugely but failed to take a decent start….Over the years he has build his reputation as an entertainer…His body of work speaks for itself….People enjoy his movies thats why they go and watch it…All these stories of luck and surrounding yourself with talent is only a false say.
    @Yakuja…Looking forward to contribute in which ever way possible to make this into a full fledged site….If can be of some help then please let me know.

  6. If I had a dollar for each time I came here.. Amazing read.

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