London Dreams/Aladin Weekend Upadte

London Dreams as expected opens to slow response on Friday morning shows with 30 – 40% occupancy rate, Loaded with fair reports and great appreciation from youth, movie picked up on evening shows with 60%+ collections, Overall Friday was fair with 4.5 crore Nett, Saturday saw steady collections from opening shows but jump was not dramatic and Saw a dip at evening shows, Saturday collections  settles at 4.25 crore approx., Sunday saw best collections in line with First Sunday figure of BLUE (6.5 Crore). Overall London Dreams Weekend Nett is approx. 15.25 Crore. Monday being a holiday at North India should be steady with minimal drop (As movie is triggered by youth and School/colleges are off on Monday on eve of Guru Nanak Dev Birthday). So far collections are good but not great, Require some rock steady days to reach safety zone.

Aladin as expected opens to poor response(thanks to dull promos and weak promotion) of around 35% on Friday leading to 1.10 Crore day one(Screening fo aladin was 40% less than london dreams), Reviews were plain bad(However movie is driven by kids and general feedback is full paisa vasool for family and kids), Kids in India are not so liberal to come in bulk for the movie of their genre, With limited audience and screen space aladin manage to pick up on Saturday by approx. 50% leading to 1.5 Crore Nett collections and Sunday was inline of Saturday takes total Nett Weekend to 4.35 Crore  for Aladin.

Interesting aspect here is that Aladin and London dreams saw approx 40% and 55% Weekend respectively on an average (Collections of LD higher because of higher number of screens). Full capacity of Aladin for first weekend was approx. 15 Crore. Aladin is failure by choice, not by de-merits. Even with 100% business, it was required 4-6 steady weeks for success which is impractical and impossible scenario.

All The Best Two Week Nett Stands at 37 Crore, Third weekend collections drops to 3 crore(Due to LD/Aladin clash) leading to 40 Crore total Nett in 17 Days.

BLUE is way below expectations with 41 Crore in 17 days . movie is on verge of out of cinemas. Going to wrap up under 42 Crore. FLOP

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 2, 2009.

70 Responses to “London Dreams/Aladin Weekend Upadte”

  1. can ATB or WUS be called hits ?

  2. thaks.don’t do this again.

  3. LD best.we all expect you LD going on………

  4. Thats called the box office update.. very clear & precise one. Thanks YAK for that. Keeping fingers crossed for LD. The film was really good ..I became a good fan of Salman too after seeing the movie. He rocked the film. BTW Iam waiting for your REVIEW of London Dreams YAK… Put it as soon as you see

  5. Iam really feeling very sad for ALADIN YAK 😦 Can you tell explain what really went wrong ? poor Reitesh.. He is a very good actor. I liked him in Masti, Hey Baby & Kya kool hai hum. Nice actor he deserves good box office successses in future.

    • As i explained in report .. everything from budget to promotion to release strategy went wrong, If target audience is limited (kids) then there is no sense to keep the budget so high, Agree that fantasy genre required expensive VFX, but in that case you should incorporate the right script, Music was also just ok, Promotion lacks quality and fails to convince the audience to come up and see the movie on first day of release. Also movie was released with very limited screen space (only 3-4 shows a day, don’t know what was in head of makers, foolish enough to think that movie will be steady over 6-7 weeks), Overall it was destined to flop or as i said above it is flop by choice not by merits.

  6. this is good.. now the 15 cr weekend fig for LD mkes sense, unlike the very brief write-up on BOI.. this is real good.. keep it going, and dont keep us waiting so long for ur updates

  7. So what could be the ultimate status of All The Best ? could you predict please ?

  8. “tu kam karta gaya, maye ishq karta gaya,tera nam hota gaya ,aur may badnam hota gaya”


  9. praasss 🙂

  10. hope ure well and better now yakuza.. love ur column.. please start a full fledged site soon instead of a blog!

  11. @…yakuza…. how iz LD doing today… can u get some information abv collection till now…

  12. nice to have u back yakuza…can u predict how much LD ll earn 1st week???

  13. I think that is fair anough opening week for a 40 Crore flick. correct me guys if iam wrong.

  14. Yaukza hope yu are better now!!plz answa ma question.Can LD BE A SUPERHIT?? Is it doin gud in single screen?? If it iz hit will salman be in par with shahrukh and aamir??? If ddd is an average will akshay be out of TOP 6!

    • Thanks Alamgir, i am good .. 🙂

      LD can be HIT if sustains well in subsequent weeks … LD require 55 Crore to get Hit Status, all depends on 2nd week performance .. But looking at performance so far LD is a sure success. Salman need some more solid hits like “wanted” to get in bracket of Aamir, However salman itself is not small name to get out of top 5. He is and will remain in top 5 for next 5 years at least. Same is for Akshay, however if somehow DDD fail, it will effect Akshay position in top spot, but All these top actors has already in safe bracket of top positions that someone really will have to generate 5-6 back to back blockbusters to replace them. because perception of someone in top slot is not easy for anyone to rule out.

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  16. Great answer yakuza to alamgir….i think u wont b able 2 say this after veer release…if veer succeeds then u must ve to accept that salman is par with srk n aamir.,…wat say yakuza??

  17. Did Wanted finally beat Love aaj Kal ?? or des it still have a change to do so

  18. please include the VEER prediction also in your list. I forgot to add.

  19. DEAR DAVID profit wise WANTED 2009’s biggest hit.

  20. YAKUZA, london dreams doing well at the box office weekends collections about nearly 17 CRORES . 1st weeks collection will be nearly about 40 CRORES.LONDON DREAMS is a fantastic film improvement of collections says that . thanks.

  21. London Dreams was an amazing movie – deserves to be a Super Hit … to mention an award winning performance from Salman and Ajay … 🙂

    BTW can Wanted be considered as a Blockbuster of 2009 yet? What are the collections until Novemeber 1st?


  22. london dreams is a fantastic,wonderful,superbbbbbbbb movie..i saw it yesterday and wanted to see it more..salman rocked in the film and ajay is also too good….plz give us the exact boxoffice report for all days of london dreams……

  23. can anyone know the overseas response………….

  24. Saju Dey
    November 1st, 2009 at 10:48 am
    I watch LONDON DREAMS again the film is really fabulas. EVERY principal character done a fantastic job . THIS films emotion breathtaking. VIPUL SHAH’s best direction till date. HANUMAN CHALISA song getting historic response. SALMAN KHAN’s performece on this song going to a another level. LONDON DREAMS is a huge lavish film never watch in INDIAN cinema . SEJAL SHAH’s camera work just outstanding. PARIS CITY’S IFEL TOWER very beautiful never see in INDIAN cinema. DON’T miss it guys . THANKS.

  25. IN LONDON DREAMS naughtyness of salman, intensity of ajay & charming performence from ASIN makes you very satisfied .

  26. Combination of SALMAN , AJAY & ASIN’ s chemistry make the film is a blockbuster hit.

  27. In LONDON DREAMS SALMAN & AJAY performed their careers best performences

  28. SALMAN & ASINS chemistry is treat to watch for the audience

  29. LONDON DREAMS music is backbone of the film.

  30. SALMAN & ASINS chemistry is treat to watch for the audience.

  31. The film is all about friendship , jealousy between friends career ambitions. It wasa awesome film to watch.

  32. I saw LONDON DREAMS yesterday it was a fantastic film to watch.

  33. MY rating for LONDON DREAMS 4.5 out of 5 .

  34. hey YAK thanks for coming, i know its not easy to work or even sit properly after back surgery, hats off to u, but please take proper rest , we need u forever

  35. i think LD may fall coz overdose of salman movie

  36. Despite London Dreams getting good reviews and being marketed well? Why has it opened average? I have seen the movie. It is the best movie of year 2009, better then wanted also. What do you think about the future box office of ‘London Dreams’?

  37. welcome back sir,i was saying for 3 days but took more.we missed u too much in that days.sir i have one question that how much need for film aladin to get averge position.and another question is that,i received email from ur site about film cheeni kum and shootout…and answer was hit both but where is that topic.

  38. welcome back sir,u was saying for 3 days but u took morea.we missed u too much in that days.sir i have one question that how much need for film aladin to get average position.and another question is that,i received email from ur site about film cheeni kum and shootout…and answer was hit both but where is that topic.

  39. London Dreams would have done much better if it was released next year in summer. That is why I am concerned about VEER. That movie is coming out in 2.5 months. Salman should ask his producers to move that to summer or eid time.

  40. Btw I am glad you are back Yakuza.

    Superb site.

  41. welcome back Yakuza.
    u r rite JoJo. even though am eager to watch Veer it should get put back to summer. too many films from a star also have disadvantages.
    I think LD will comforatbly make bout 55 crores.
    its doin well in Engalnd.

  42. I agree wiv naveed and jojo.naveed wat iz box office collection of ld in UK ND USA?

  43. london dreams , must to watch.. good work by salman and ajay.. not sure how this movie got a grave review…. wts the onshore collection for this movie, am sure they have good enough audiences especially in uk

  44. yeah Almagir i cant really say at da moment. Yakuza and oders will fill uz in. but 2morrow ill find out for defo da state of LD in England.
    da audeince were lovin it wen i went on Fri. dre were laughs and tears. i dont know whether dis happened anywere else but wen da intermission came da film restartd after 10 secs. SERIOUSLY. no 1 barely moved so engrossed in da film. (3 hour film azwell)
    am slightly surprised by views ov people sayin da songs wernt dat good. i agree to some extent, and even da last song lot ov people stayed coz da endin was simply amazin were dey both jump in da crowd.

    u see if love aaj kal made bout 30 crores overseas. (correct me if am wrong) den so should LD.
    da problem iz APKGK. Kat has a huge fan following here. all my friends, people who dont really like Bollywood films watch her films. Whether its RACE or WELCOME. most ov em tell me dat she cant really act to save her life, even though i think she iz improvin wid every film.
    BUT people just want to see her.
    SO APKGK will pose a threat to LD but i hope and am confident dat overall in India and overseas da film will emerge a huge success.

  45. Keep up the good work.

    I think it would be helpful to have a page that has a list of the status of all the movies you have written about – so one can quickly see if a a movie is a flop, hit, etc. Also, long term a site like this would be great: – it is the gold standard in Hollywood reporting and nothing like this exists for bollywood

  46. London Dreams has had a poor start in International markets. United Kingdom is best with 1.05 crore. North America grossed around 95 lakhs and UAE was 85 lakhs. The three day total for London Dreams is 3.50 crore.

    well am surprised. honestly thought it would be higher. BUT who knows maybe da collections can improve.

  47. say if da film haz earned 5 crores on Mon. dats approx 21-22 crores.
    surely da film should comfortably make 30 crores by da time APKGK and JAIL arrive.
    wat do u guyz think

  48. Iam sorry to break the bad news guys. LD is heading for a flop in Overseas. Poor response to this movie in International market everywhere. Such a SHAME

  49. Dear Naveed,

    The occupancy of LD went down drastically on Monday. The collections would sum up to approx 3.75cr to 4 cr. 4 Days collections would be around 18 to 20 Crs. Highly unlikely that it will make 30 crores by the time APKGK and Jail Arrive. Probably 25 crs. But Tuesdays to Thursdays could be bad based on Monday’s Figures. Its not a good sign. Hope this movie is able to recover its Cost

    It was such a good movie. But negative publicity by shameless critics has contributed to much damage

  50. What negative publicity are u talking about? LD has got mostly avg to good reviews.. almost as good as ‘All the best’

  51. PRACHIE you are totally wrong dude mondays collections is about 5.75 crores . 1st 4days net collections nearly 22.5 crores . EVEN though monday was INDIA’s cricket match. LONDON DREAMS doing well at the box office . WHY are you taking about negative things.thanks.

  52. PRACHIE you are totally wrong dude I AM agree with JAI that LONDON DREAMS got good & very good reviews from critics except one or two’s that would be negligible. dear PRRACHIE don’t do this . thanks.

  53. Its 4 crores monday collections yaar. Dont take me wrong guys but iam correct. ppl who are claiming that monday collections is 5.5 cr are wrong

    Iam a big fan of Salman and LD. But facts are facts.

    LD as a movie is super with stupendous performance from the main leads

    However the negative publicity is mainly from all the leading news channels who have given 2 star rating to LD. With that foolish Rajeev Masand claiming LD is a foolish film

    I think he himself is a fool.

  54. PRACHIE why are you giving wrong informations LONDON DREAMS MONDAYS collections is about 5.75 crores little drop bcoz of india- australia cricket match. don’t do this dude . thanks.

  55. Dear Saju,

    Look at Bollybusiness.wordpress latest update and also see BOI update of LD. Iam not faking yaar. Dont get me wrong

  56. dont fight
    parachi and saju paste the link here for monday collection.
    by the way taran adarsh mention about monday collection it was strong.

  57. IN overseas markets LONDON DREAMS doing well at the box office 1st 3 days net USA- 1.53 crores , UK- 2.11 crores , UAE – 1.03 crors & others – o.99 crores . total net collections is about nearly 5.66 crores which is very good till date in indian cinema. thanks.




  61. Prachie is right…

  62. gr8 job

  63. 2maro go first ajpkgk.then we will talk on topic.good nite munish and amish.

  64. Just got the news from Bigoye that Main aur Mrs Khanna has done business of 21 Crores in DTH market.. Cheets Sallus fans.. and thanks Sallu for giving such a good movie to us

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