Aladin VS London Dreams – Your Preference? – Results

Thanks for such a huge votes (890), This is unique voting system, it means every single vote is from unique audience.

Interestingly Result of this poll is just reflection of box-office outcome of both movies,  London Dreams got preference from 83% audience (750), Aladin got mere 13% votes (113), 2% each goes to None and Both. Does i need to say that bollybusiness Poll is most authentic one? [Box-office outcome is evidence]

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~ by Yakuza on November 2, 2009.

68 Responses to “Aladin VS London Dreams – Your Preference? – Results”

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  2. some good number of votes(91) overnight, however depressing results for Aladin, just 16% went for aladin, London dreams ahead with 76% result, this is clear indication of how the box-office opening for both movies would be?

    Aladin is children movie and i don’t believe any vote here would have been from minor, but again kids movie generally don’t do well in India.

    Aladin Need very strong WOM to survive. But again London dreams getting more votes here never means it would open big, LD till date fails to generate big hype so huge opening is unlikely.

  3. The vote for aladin shows lack of popularity of Amitabh now a days..Its a trend which some try to ignore…

    • Ha .. this is nothing to do with Amitabh, this is genre issue, Fantasy movies never gain much favor in India, so is aladin.

      Even if poll would have been about MAMK VS Aladin, results would have been same.

      And if Poll would have been about Rann VS London Dreams, you would have find real popularity of amitabh. Big Boss is evident of his popularity by getting double of TRP than previous ones.

    • I find it funny when u make such silly comparisons. wasn’t it enough when Akki’s Blue\ Ajay’s ATB totally butchered Salman’s MAMK at the BO? don’t u guys still get the hunch that it all depends on the genre?

    • Sanjay, u look like such a small kid by connecting amitabh popularity with this poll, failure of MAMK never mean salman is less popular, but u seem to be pretending here

  4. BTW 200 votes here in 2 days i guess.. this site is getting much traffic .. kudos ..

  5. relax nadiya
    London Dreams is gonna smash Aladdin

  6. Aladin will be the best film.

  7. london dream going 2 b a blockbuster,blue is fails on box office,just average

  8. LD dreams obviously… i waz othr movie to do well…

  9. London dreams is goona get great start and it would be a big hit and would kick the ass of Aladin as it is a children’s movie.Failure of Salman’s MAMK would not affect LD as it is well prometed and among the majority of youth has much craze for the film compared to aladin.

  10. You can’t say mamk is salman’s movie. His character in the movie was merely 11 minutes.

  11. yes rohAn Agree with u,salman also not promoted t,thats why it got failed,but london dream is going to rule,like wanted even more

  12. 100% agree. on Times of India it said dat Salman waz only in MAMK for 11 mins. so u can’t call it hiz film.
    i know for a fact dat LD is gonna be big, bigger dan WANTED.

  13. Few lines from Amitabh bachchan from his blog about “Aladin”

    “I live with the images that last night’s trial of ‘Aladin’ have impressed upon me. I am proud to have been a part of this venture, that has certainly created a finesse and grandeur in fantasy film making much much more than what I had expected from it. It is smooth and vibrant and not in your face yet effective enough to know that it is. The characters , the settings, the music and the situations all have been blended in a most ingenious manner. For the first time in my entire career of film trial history, the audience that habitually consists of trade people, applauded after a song sequence came to an end. We in the business have become accustomed to watching films with the patent ingredients that help us assess the potential of a film. It was and is difficult for me to state whether I found those ingredients last night in ‘Aladin’ and therefore a prediction is difficult to come by. But then some of the last few releases had drummed up sufficient passion in their patent ingredients, but did not come up winners. The unpredictability of this business is the only predictability.”

  14. i think aladin is a childarn movie but london dreams is good movie salman & ajay combination.

  15. LONDON DREAMS will be the best film

  16. london dreams will be biggest hit of the history.

  17. aladin will be biggest flop like sharukh khans billu.

  18. london dreams is a fantastic film.

  19. london dreams will be dream to watch for the audience.

  20. LD is all time blokbastar

  21. london dreams good report will be a super hit

  22. guys just got feedback about LD from a frnd at dubai, he said awsome movie, salman and ajay rocks, tremendous repeat value

  23. Both LD and Aladin seem to be well made movies. LD is all set for a monster opening, not too sure about Aladin though.

    But I really have a feeling that Aladin might surprise us. The movie looks technically fantastic for a fantasy movie. Its good to see people in Bollywood try out new stuff like Aladin, Blue, etc irrespective of the content and BO collections.

  24. We will find both the movies on DTH in couple of weeks…cheers

  25. Heyman GET A LIFE
    hopefully both movies will do well, especially LD.

  26. hey got good feedback for aladin too from same frnd who was raving about LD, in one word ‘ALADIN’ is OUTSTANDING

  27. MAMK big mistak wrong time is not bad good movie ovr ***

  28. i hope My mame is khan biggest flop of 2010

  29. London Dreams will be new generations sholay between salman khan’s & ajay devgan’s. thank you.

  30. In London Dreams salman & ajay’s chemistry willbe treat to watch. thank you.

  31. In london dreams every song is a blockbuster song.

  32. I think LOndon Dreams HANUMAN song’s performence from salman , ajay & shankar & ropkumar rathod’s will create history. thank you.

  33. My name is khan will be biggest flop of 2010.

  34. LD has all the ingredients to be a great great film.
    gonna go watch it on fri wid me friends.

  35. aladin has no chance to watch.

  36. aladin will be boring film.

  37. aladin will be boring film like rab ne bana di jodi.

  38. London Dreams will be lavish & yuoth based film.

  39. guys ALADIN is very entertaining, never seen before entertainment

  40. vipul shah done a fantastic job in London Dreams to create a historic ventuer.

  41. asin & salman create a magical chemistry in LONDON DREAMS.

  42. I think LONDON DREAMS will be smashes ALADIN at the box office.

  43. ASIN , SALMAN & ajay,s bonding looks extraordinary in LONDON DREAMS.

  44. I think 2009 belongs to salman khan,s WANTED & LONDON DREAMS.

  45. Very good report about london dreams salman khan nad ajay rocks . Salman khan best performance to date.

  46. Just herd dat LD is a realy a gud film.guys i knw wat da climax iz.should i tell u guys?but remember 1thing da climax is 1 ov da best in dis decade comparable 2 DDLJ

  47. no dnt tell us Almagir. but waz da film really good.
    i knew it would be

  48. London Dreams has shown improvement in business at multiplexes. The afternoon and early evening shows are are around 50-55% while late evening and night shows should be even better at around 65-70%.

  49. london dreams is a great movie salman khan is such a rock star …




  52. Guyz ive just come back from watchin LD.
    it waz absolutely amazing, 1 ov da best films ive ever seen.
    Everything waz perfect, maybe da last song was not neccessary but da film certainly makes up for it.
    Salman, Ajay and Asin were fantastic especially Salman.
    he waz so funny and da scenes which required emotion wre also very good.
    da chemistry between him and Ajay was rocking way better dan HDDCS.
    he also looked very good wid da beautiful Asin.
    guyz watch it and ull know wat am on about.

  53. i dont wanna keep goin on bout da film but wat i do wanna say iz dat all da chracters complment each other extremely well and r beautifull directed by Vipul Shah.
    i realised before da film dat Salman meant business in dis film like in WANTED after watchin da film my thoughts wre proved correct 100%.
    As a Salman fan i hope he haz dis same attitude in all hiz projects. Coz he really waz dat good.

  54. London Dreams has grossed 4.25 crore nett approx on day one. The first day figures are decent thanks to pick up yesterday evening at multiplexes. Further improvement over the weekend will mean a good Monday also as it is a holiday. Aladin has grossed an extremely poor 90 lakhs nett approx on day one. Collections are very dull all over with circuits like Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan grossing just 12 lakhs between them.

  55. We hereby DECLARE that Bollybusiness Poll is really AUTHENTIC & UPTODATE 🙂 more polls like this in future most welcome.

  56. You know yakuza, thil poll gets vote from all over net .. Orkut/facebook and many more references .. i familiar with this blog from facebook wall scrap .. 🙂

  57. London dreams -bad .aladin -v v bad

  58. well soni u got bad taste. plz let me know wat u call a good film.

  59. hello naveed we understand u hate ritesh why u go 2 see aladin.nadiya is right.u hate ritesh so why u blame the movie aladin.

  60. mumu i dont know were u got dat from. i promise u dat i dont hate ritesh deshmukh. infact i went to see Do Knot Disturb on first day. i thought da film waz OK. so plz dont say such things.

  61. Hi naved! U r 100percent right. London dreams is best movie ever made in bollywood. Hi, soni u r wrng. Plz tell me ur favourite movie.

  62. Hi naved! U r 100percent right. London dreams is best movie ever made in bollywood. Hi, soni u r wrng. Plz tell me ur favourite movie. Best movie of the year.



    JAIL FILM GOT very poor opening from single screens (10-15)% which is very shocking .

    ALSO APKGK FILM GOT very poor opening from single screens (10-15)% which is very shocking .

    APKGK FILM GOT very poor reviews from critics AVERAGE & BELOW AVERAGE like 2 & 1.5 stars

    • relax seju .. will appreciate if you summarize your comments in single post only !! i am doing for all above comments right away !! thanks !!

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