Please Note

Hello Folks,

Regret to say that i will be less active for new posts and queries response for next three days, Please apologies me for this bad news. However i will give you important update randomly.

Thanks for your support !!

— Yakuza

~ by Yakuza on October 26, 2009.

73 Responses to “Please Note”

  1. Noted….
    Yakuza you are simply great…
    You have got the sixth sense…
    3 days will not be too long…
    Expecting a lot from you after3 days…

  2. You will miss us Yakuza 😛

  3. yes yakuza, you simply rocks, will miss u

  4. How much WANTED needs to become Blockbuster?

    • wikipedia said that wanted collected 75 cr net after 5 weeks with a distributor share of 38.5 cr its biggest grosser of 2009 and have broken records set by ghajini

  5. You have said wanted crossed 63 crore

    BOI says only 59

  6. Yakuza…all the best ;)!

  7. Yu hav sed u’ll b bak aftr 3 days but itz over!wer r u?

  8. Yakuza, You need to come back ASAP lol …
    its been more then three days now.

  9. Mannnn … Waiting for you …

  10. its time to update us now cz two biggies are clashing today…..
    finger crossed for LONDON DREAMS…update us about its opening…

  11. London Dreams has shown improvement in business at multiplexes. The afternoon and early evening shows are are around 50-55% while late evening and night shows should be even better at around 65-70%.

  12. A few multiplexes in Bangalore : Started slow, morning shows were poor (20%).. but has picked up for the afternoon shows (40 – 50%). The word of mouth is good.

    Mumbai : In Mumbai too the start was slow (30%) afternoon shows were better. But lower than expected for a big budget film starring Salman Khan.

    4:00 PM IST update – Single screens are poor, business has picked up after a slow start this morning. Advance booking for evening shows are good. Critic reviews and audience reactions are pretty positive.

    7:15 PM IST update – Business has doubled for the evening and night shows. Few screens at select multiplexes in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai are sold out (shows are 9PM). For those curious, Aladin looks almost certain to be a disaster, unless it picks up on Saturday and Sunday.

  13. Rohan where are you getting these updates.

    Please keep it up.

  14. Can LD BE A HIT?? Plz tell me

  15. 11:00 PM IST update – Day 1 at multiplexes was mixed for London Dreams. Collections improved drastically during the later half of the day at multiplexes. Not doing too well on single screens.

  16. 11:00 PM IST update – Day 1 at multiplexes was mixed for London Dreams. Collections improved drastically during the later half of the day at multiplexes. Not doing too well on single screens. More updates tomorrow, stay tuned.

  17. sir,three days are not too much but we miss u too much.come on soon.aladin and london dreams came out,some websites say its good and some say not good.please sir bring real updates soon.

  18. Guyz ive just come back from watchin LD.
    it waz absolutely amazing, 1 ov da best films ive ever seen.
    Everything waz perfect, maybe da last song was not neccessary but da film certainly makes up for it.
    Salman, Ajay and Asin were fantastic especially Salman.
    he waz so funny and da scenes which required emotion wre also very good.
    da chemistry between him and Ajay was rocking way better dan HDDCS.
    he also looked very good wid da beautiful Asin.
    guyz watch it and ull know wat am on about.

    btw people in England r loving it

  19. London dreams is a total waste..
    Screenplay is bad.
    Story is weak & nothing new.
    Music is not as good as it should be.
    It goes too slow after interval,tends to drag, with disappointing ending..
    Ajay devgan is the showstealer..
    Dont go for it unless u wanna waste ur money…

  20. I disagree with Farhan. Its not total waste. The film is an emotional intense drama & not a typical bollywood masala type. Perfomances are very ggod and so background score. Film has already got a decent opening, i feel that this film will become a HIT due to strong WOM like All The Best. Ajay Devgans acting was stupendous as you said, but pre climax outburst on stage was an OVERACTING. Just my suggetion.

    @ YAKUZA, we miss you, where are you, its 6 days you are away. This will affect your site Iam telling you. Come back soon and update the box office status for all the playing hindi films.

    @ MASTERPRAZ, Where are you guys ????????????

  21. This is a bachchan site ..these ppl ran away cuz they knew that LD gonna EAT aladin at box office ..pity u guys

  22. I heard that LD has taken a good opening in UAE, UK & USA. Is it true guys ? can anyone update ? If so then it will help in the overall collections of the movie.

  23. First day collections of LONDON DREAMS are nett 4.25 crs which is descent.
    After slow start in the morning it picked up during evening & night shows.
    It is running good in multiplexes while single screen response is not as good as expected.
    1st weekend may end around 14 crs becoz of good WOM…

    Whereas ALADIN got very poor start with just 90 lacs on day 1. Its going to be disaster if not picked up on next two days…

    All the best has grossed 13 crs in second week leading its total to 35 crs. Above average.
    Blue is in safe zone after 2nd week..Average

  24. Saturday updates

    Bangalore – Good business at multiplexes throughout the day, especially INOX and PVR Cinemas. Single screens aren’t too great in Bangalore.

    Mangalore (Karnataka) – Fantastic collections at Big Cinemas (Bharat Mall). When we contacted the Manager of the multiplex he said “London Dreams is doing well, family audiences are loving it, collections should improve further on Sunday. Aladin opened very poorly, around 10% occupancy for the Morning show on Saturday. Its targeted at the kids and Sunday being a holiday, we expect a better response.”

    Mumbai – Much like Bangalore, Business has picked up after a slow start on Friday. Sunday is expected to be even better.

    Overall, all India business for the first 2 days should be around Rs 100 million (10 crores – nett gross).

  25. thanx jony bhai i was wating for it ! i saw london dreams its a tremdous work done by hole team of London dreams especially by Sallu bhai ! it had a averege start but this film is emotional with deep moments ! that make u cry ! so hail london dreams once more thanx to jony bhai !

  26. guys………i hd never seen any heart touching film like london dreams in bollywood till date………it my new favorite film beside kkhh,hddcs,hahk,mpk…..

  27. well said mehdi it is now my joint favorite film with PKTDK. i also love the oder films uve mentioned above.
    guyz dont listen to Farhan he probably hasnt even seen da film. to say da screenplay iz bad is laughable and dat it goes too slow after da interval is absurd.
    just watch da film and decide for urself it is not your regular bollywood type masala movie.

  28. yes guys I saw london dreams in USA AMC theatre and believe me the crowd was just clapping on salman’s antics. It was really a good movie worth a watch, it has defined how jealousy overcomes relations be it career or family. kudos to vipul shah for his direction.


    • Dear brother .. Thanks for this update .. Love to see you here in future as well [i know you are not bolly freak, but here you can be encouraged to have your own cricket blog … :)].

  30. thankx swapnil
    we all fans from bollybusiness wish yakuza a healty recovery.
    and yeas u have posted ur comment in an appropiate place.
    thankx once again.

  31. Good luck to Yakuza, hopefully he recovers quickly.

  32. @naveed
    Naveed i think you are salman khans huge fan..
    Thats why you think movie was brilliant…
    Now Thats da problem…
    You overlook the minus points of that film & praise it anyhow…
    Same situation with wanted & many others…
    Grow up man & try to digest the truth…
    Salmans role was good because he has got some good dialogues in movie otherwise his acting wasnt good (as usual)…


  34. @ Farhan am an open minded person wen it comes to watchin films.
    wen a movie iz bad i say it iz bad like MAMK.
    also wat iz da purpose of a movie it is to entertain and also have logic. i know LD had flaws and i would post dem but i aint got da time. IMO i loved it and people in Engalnd r also lovin it.
    btw u say hiz actin wasnt good den dat iz ur opinion i dont know why u dont like da guy. i like avery actor/actress wen dey do good work. so bro u need to chill and by u replyin back to my comment shows dat ur insecure bout Sallu and da potential success of da movie.
    i sincerely hope u aint taken offence to anything ive said bro.

  35. Well said naveed

  36. i agree with naveed, however i still consider NL as vipul best work todate(excellent music), but unfortunately vipul never got huge success, at the same time fortunately he never fail

  37. @Naveed
    I appreciate your comment man!!
    We all should be open minded with all these movies !!

    London dreams is going to be hit !!
    Mark my words !!!

  38. thankx Zakir, Julie and Sam. its a relief to know dat am not talkin nonsense.

  39. yeah Sam, am also sure dat da least LD will do is emerge a hit.
    lets just wait and see.

  40. London dreams has good content & especially starpower with salman & ajay..
    It is thousands time better than aladin..
    Also it is different from next two releases. .
    Dats da reason it will be hit..
    What u say naveed?

  41. i agree. APKGK has a promising jodi but Salman is gonna come in da climax. eager to see dat.
    being completely neutral how can people criticize LD. no film iz perfect. i was so impressed wid 3 particular scenes in LD.
    1. Salman plain scenes- HILARIOUS
    2. When Salman performs dat song in 4 different ways in the Royal Albert Hall
    3. When Ajay meets Salman and tells him to forgive him ebven though he is planning to destroy him. AMAZING.

    i can understand people r sayin dat dere waz no need for dat final song, i agree to some extent. BUT it waz mindblowing to see Salman and Ajay jumping into the audience. ICING ON DA CAKE FOR ME.

    wat do u think Sam?
    oh yeah i remember wen i saw da trailor of LD i said dat dis film will beat WANTED. lets wait and see.

  42. the last song was beautiful…
    And three scenes you mentioned are really superb..
    Also though Ajay was rockstar, it was salman who looked like a real rockstar without any efforts.. Hats off…
    His onstage energy was just amazing….

  43. eagerly waiting to know london dream’s saturday collection… it seems it has got mixed reviews.. hopefully the film works well at the box office… keeping my fingers crossed. But it was really gr8 to see salman receving adulatuon frm all the reviewers….indeed a very refreshing thing…salman khan very seldom receives much deserved appreciation frm the critics . Salman rocks… wish he finally wins the filmfare award(though it really won’t make any difference to his stardum… as he’s the only true undisputed superstar of bollywood).

  44. London Dreams has grossed 4.25 crore nett approx on day one. The first day figures are decent thanks to pick up yesterday evening at multiplexes. Further improvement over the weekend will mean a good Monday also as it is a holiday. The approx first day territory breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai – 1.50 crore

    Delhi/UP – 90 lakhs

    East Punjab – 35 lakhs

    West Bengal – 18 lakhs

    Bihar – 8 lakhs

    CP Berar – 20 lakhs

    CI – 16 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 25 lakhs

    Nizam – 26 lakhs

    Musore – 16 lakhs

    Others – 20 lakhs

  45. Saturday Update:
    London Dreams = 5Cr TOTAL = 9.5 Cr
    Aladin = 2Cr TOTAL = 3 CR

  46. overseas update plz

  47. Get well soon Yakuza. Health is more imp than anything else. We will keenly wait for your arrival.

  48. overseas =
    ALADIn @ $54,000
    London dreams not known yet

  49. India total weekend

    London dreams @ 15 Cr
    Aladin @ 5 Cr

  50. BOI is bloody biased site, According to BOI Blue will finish at around 42 crore and their verdict is average, 80 crore movie with week collections in overseas too and 42 crore in india is average while Dostana with less than 1/3rd price of Blue and 45 crore colelctions in india and Hit business overseas is just above average ? ??? What a Joke ???

  51. I am sure aladin is not doing well, but not as bad as comment by BOI … 90 lacs on day one is impossible … should be more than 1.5 crore …

  52. Yakuza .. please come soon .. we are eagerly waiting for you …

  53. can any1 plz give me and every1 da correct box office figures for LD in India and overseas.

  54. London Dreams collected a decent 15 crore nett approx over its first weekend. The approx breakdowns were 4.25 crore on Friday, 3.75 crore on Saturday and a very good 7 crore on Sunday.

    The collections showed a slight dip on Saturday as there was a big cricket match going on. The collections should be good on Monday as it is a holiday but there is also opposition from another big cricket match which will make collections lower than they normally would be on a holiday.

    London Dreams will probably do around 25-30 crore nett business over its first week depending on how strong the holiday Monday is and how collections fare afterwards.

    The other release of the week Aladin is a huge disaster with around 3.50 crore nett collections over first weekend. The first week should finish in the 5-6 crore nett range.

  55. Hey guys, Thanks a lot for such an overwhelming support and faith you have shown towards me, I am wondering this blog now can run even in my absence, You guys are so expert in bollywood trade(Thanks to Topaz, Naveed, Sam, Zakir, David and all others for all box-office updates you put in here), You guys proved that this blog has solid base now and can run even better without any administration( 🙂 ).

    Well about me, By grace of god and all of your wishes and support, i am in best of my health now, feeling fit and fine, Recovering very quickly from complex surgery i have undergone. Thanks guys for being here with me.

    So guys, I am charge now to update this site with lot of material. Get set to bang again.

    For Salman and Ajay fans, Good news for you guys, London Dreams is going to see good Monday … 🙂 [5 Crore expected, depends on evening shows]

  56. Thanks alot YAK. But really we missed your updates tellin you…Welcome back friend 🙂 Good to see you back in action. Hope you r fine now….

  57. Welcome Back Yakuza 🙂 I missed a few posts on here which I will backtrack later and post!

  58. u & all urs followers in this all r anti akki bt it doesnt big worry for akshy coz we support aksay. i follow this site quite a while concluded two things, u r big fan of salman & anti akshay. blue is average coz ashtavinayak is distributors also making distributor share avg.secondly all akki movies doing avg coz content is not good imagine when content is good. see urs salu good movie ld getting avg response coz pupl like u & urs followers need to know one thing if degrade akki or any other star in return u get the same. hope u continue urs good work. akki rocks

  59. Jayant, i think you misunderstood this site owners. As per me they are completely Non biased. They are Real Bollywood fans like me & not particular Salman or any other actor fans.You just observe few days more youll come to know.

  60. how much is atb total after 2 weeks?

  61. first of all i would like to wish you a speedy recovery and thank you yakuza for atb collection, can u also further tell me how much is the collection atb 3rd week weekend friday to monday? and collection of london dreams from friday to monday as well and how is reponse of tuesday?

  62. SAJAL you got wrong informations dude LONDON DREAMS net collections is about FRI- 4.25 crore , SAT- 5.75 crore, SUN – 6.5 crores ,& MON- 5.15 crores. thanks.

  63. @ Jayant. i advise u to visit dis site more often and u will come to know dat it iz nto a Salman and anti-Akki site.

  64. Hey guys .. what abt AjayD .. He seems to b quite underrated star these days .. but he has many good films on his name .. His last 5 movies are all average to hit (non flops) – Sunday,U me aur Hum(Though it was tremed flop many places bit it was average),GR,ATB and now LD ..IF you see BOI he will have equal number of sucessful movies as Salman .

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