All The Best Rocking, BLUE Calms Down

All The Best enjoyed solid steady second weekend with 10 Crore collection(First weekend was also 10 crore), Leads to 10 days total NETT of 33 Crore

Second weekend for BlUE settles at 7 Crore Nett Leads to 10 Days Total nett of Approx. 38.5 Crore. Blue Missed the HIT tag with 65% Drop in 2nd weekend. Now All Set to wrap under 50 Crore.

Initial reports of Aladin and London Dreams are quite very positive, if content of both movies really match with the initial reports then boxoffice is going to cheer up again next week.

Check Few words about Aladin from Amitabh bachchan from his blog :

“live with the images that last night’s trial of ‘Aladin’ have impressed upon me. I am proud to have been a part of this venture, that has certainly created a finesse and grandeur in fantasy film making much much more than what I had expected from it. It is smooth and vibrant and not in your face yet effective enough to know that it is. The characters , the settings, the music and the situations all have been blended in a most ingenious manner. For the first time in my entire career of film trial history, the audience that habitually consists of trade people, applauded after a song sequence came to an end. We in the business have become accustomed to watching films with the patent ingredients that help us assess the potential of a film. It was and is difficult for me to state whether I found those ingredients last night in ‘Aladin’ and therefore a prediction is difficult to come by. But then some of the last few releases had drummed up sufficient passion in their patent ingredients, but did not come up winners. The unpredictability of this business is the only predictability.”

And Here’s what Shekhar (from Vishal and Shekhar) had to say on Twitter –

‘Saw ALADIN on big screen. Outstanding!!! I repeat…. Outstanding.. Mindblowing!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Don’t miss it guys!!’
‘I ll be honest guys. This film has just taken a huge leap post the sound effects and background with the 5.1 mix. The performances are super’
‘The reason I praise it is because I believe its worth every single second of hard work Sujoys put in and I m extremely proud of him.’

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 26, 2009.

52 Responses to “All The Best Rocking, BLUE Calms Down”

  1. Second weekend for blue was far less than expected..
    I was expecting around 10 cr.
    What is sunday collection for blue?
    How should blue do for hit or semihit tag?

    • BLUE didn’t improve over weekend, 2.5 crore over sunday. HIT is impossible now, require atleast 55 crore for average tag.

  2. Hey thanks Yak. ATB is indeed rocking 🙂

  3. @yakuja-wats the total collections of wanted in 5 weeks?????….how is it going in this week???wat do u think how much it will earn in its entire run…plz ans..

  4. Hi,
    what is the total collection info for wake up sid after this weekend ?

    • Wake Up Sid did fair business of 80 lacs last week[Because screening was also fell by almost 75% last week, so no surprise] , With almost same number of screens this week, Wake Up SId collects approx. 30 lacs over weekend.

  5. What tag blue would get if it fails to reach 55 cr.?
    i think they should have controlled thier budget..
    It is difficult to recover the budget when you spend over 100 cr. on a movie which doesnt have story & depends only on star power…
    What you say, YAKUZA?

    • BLUE will not reach 55 Crore for sure looking at steep fall in second weekend, Movie is all set to Below average/Flop.

  6. Thank yakuja…u r very quick in answering..i apreciate it…if u dont mind can u ans this-if blue earns 50crs then will it b called a flop???

  7. what is your assumption of atb from monday to thursday (4 days), how much it is expected to collect?

    • Khalid, Today ATB saw 60% drop over morning shows, let’s see how evening shows will fare. 2nd week will be probably 14 – 15 Crore.

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  9. I think blue will finish its second week at 44 to 45 cr.!!
    Hard times!!!!

  10. as of today 26/10/200 how is the buzz of aladin and london dreams and how many screen each are going to share?

  11. All the best is gonna hit 40 cr.mark by the end of second week.
    It will be interesting to see how it will survive on 3rd weekend with full-hype LONDON DREAMS & ALADIN..
    Becoz its all hopes for to-be-hit are depending on its 3rd week or just weekend…

  12. Producers of Blue has not sold it to any distributor for any said amount other than the U.P/DELHI Territory to PVR Pictures.In that case also the amount is not very obscene.Rest of India it is on MG Basis.As the trend shows blue will most likely have nett collection of around 47-50 crores and distributor share of around 23-25 crores.Producers are likely to earn any where between 25-30 crores depending upon the PVR Deal.
    so if we look at the likely inflow for producers

    Indian theatrical earnings—- 25-27 crores
    overseas theatrical earning- 8-10 crores
    music rights—- 3-5 crores
    Television rights— 15-20 crores
    DVD Rights— 3-5 crores
    endorsement Tieups-3-5 crores
    others(DTH,Merchandise etc)—2-3 crores.

    The expected lower and upper limit is 59-75 crores.If the budget is around 80 crores plus add print and publicity cost of 7-8 crs.Then the producers have invested close to 88 crores and as of now recovering that seems to be a very tough call.Whats ur pick on this Yakuja?

    • With each possible mathematics, Blue is gonna lose, It will be kind consolation if given below average tag. Any ways, Tough time of akshay should end with De dana dan.

  13. Good article topaz…
    @ YAKUZA Whats your take on topaz’s article..?

  14. dear topaz that was very good calculation, can u give the same calculation all the best, thanks in advance

  15. All the best bad comedy.all set to be average

  16. My take on all the bset.

    Indian theatrical earnings—- 20-22 crores(if gross touches 44-46 cr mark,which it should.)
    overseas theatrical earning- 4-6crores
    music rights—- 2-3 crores
    Television rights— 18-20 crores(golmaal+golmaal returns both are huge hit on sattelite thus ATB Will also be lapped by channels)
    DVD Rights— 5-7 crores(as generally hit comedies get fancy prices )
    endorsement Tieups-2-3 crores
    others(DTH,Merchandise etc)—2-3 crores

    Total min-53crores and max-66 crores.

    Producer ajay devgn should make a neat profit of 8-15 crores as reporetd budget is close to 40 crores plus add another 5-6 crores for publicity..Can’t say same for distributors.They will loose money in C.I and Nizam for sure.Likely to loose in East Punjab also.

  17. topaz u looks expert in calculation, anyhow thanks,


  19. @ Yakuza
    u said dat AK bad times should end wid DE DHANA DAN
    i have a feelin dat dey wont

  20. @Naveed
    In absence of yakuja i am trying to justify his hunch.
    a)In last 3 years almost all of akshay movies has taken excellent start at ticket window.
    b)Irrespective of content his movies has done a net business in a range of 30(CCTC) crs to 76 crores(WELCOME).I m excluding Tasveer(very poorely promoted) and Jumbo(animation genre is still in nascent stage in India).
    c)All his comedy movies has done more than 45 crores net.

    a)DE DANA DAN has been co produced by akshay and venus films that means probably akshay has let forgo his remuneration and taken a share in the film.This now actually works in favour of the film.Majority of akshay’s film has gone overbudget offlate because of his high fee only.
    2)Estimated Budget of this movie is about 35-40 crores and that won’t be tough to recover.In my conservative estimate they should recover atleast double of that amount.
    3)Prime reason for my saying so is that they have already sold the indian theatrical rights to BABA FILMS for approx 30 Crores.
    then you have overseas rights,satelite rigts,DVD Rights etc.So its going to be a huge money generator for its producers.

    Now the key thing recovery of distributors.
    BABA FILMS to make profit on this movie needs to have a net collection of approx 55 crores-58 crores.This is possible because a the curiosity for movie is quite huge.Being akshay’s home production he will ensure that his film gets maximum publicity and footage. Solo release on EID day(27th Nov.)and with fantastic starcast it is bound to get a bumper opening.
    No Major release on 4th Dec Except radio will help it to sustain for another week.
    Therefore if the content is decent ,say even at par with Bhool Bhulaiya it should be a win-win film for all its stake holders.

  21. dear topaz i don’t know whether u work in bollywood trade cirle or not?, but where ever u work u are no less than trade expert. u deserve applause, can u please update the collection of monday on atb and blue and how is the reponse on tuesday?

  22. Thank you Tpoaz for the article on DDD. Please update the bo status on monday and today for ATB & Blue ?



  23. Thankx Topaz
    u really know wat ur on about.
    u see before even Blue had released people wre sayin Blockbuster
    now we all know da position ov BLUE.
    I like AK but people need to realise dat he iz not in da league of Mr Bachan, Amir, Salman and SRK.
    i base my view upon success over a period ov time. AK haz only been doin well for dese last couple ov years.
    A lot of his succes is down to Kat eventhough she iz not da best actress.

  24. Btw am lookin forward to DDD.

  25. @khalid & David
    Thanks for the compliment…sorry i am not in the trade circle and thus won’t be able to update u on the collection….lets wait for Yakuja to do the needful.
    Although Akshay has grown phenomenally as a star in last 4-5 years but he is definitely a big draw at box office right now…His pull is at par with say Salman’s in 1998-99(when he made an ordinary movie like Bandhan a Semi-hit or say Amitabh’s during late 70’s and early 80’s).
    As far as film’s success is concerned then the budget and content is a deciding factor.

    None of the star is immune to these factors.
    Let me elaborate this by taking example of 2 of the biggest stars of current decade:
    Well we say he has the best success rate and the reason to it is his being very particular about the content and presentation of his movies.In this decade he has given only two flops Mela and Mangal Pandey and in both case the content was plain mediocre.
    He has the pull to bring in audience for first weekend but then its the content and eventually WOM that helps movie to sustain.

    Similarly in his case all his movie that bombed say Phir bhi dil hai hindustani,One two ka four,Ashoka,paheli and swadesh suffered on either of the two factors. while in case of PBDHH,OTKF AND ASHOKA it was content that was not satisfactory, SWADESH and PAHELI Suffered on budget. The genre of this kind of movie(As audience base shrinks for this genre in comparison to wholesome entertainers) does not permit to have budget more than 15-18 crs to be on a safer side.

    In case of both the stars the story is similar…..The only difference between them and say AKSHAY and SALMAN is that they do less no. of movies and ensure a basic quality check.

    SALMAN has suffered a lot because of his doing films for friends and for his brother Sohail and Arbaaz. Amir categorically refused to work with Faisal after MELA and became very particular while selecting his films because of sheer criticism he received for MELA. Where as Akshay feels that all the stars do very few films so he has a scope of doing 3-4 movies a year with good success.

    So if we have to judge stars on their pull power my ranking will be
    6)SAIF ALI KHAN(Huge fan base in multiplex audience)

    • Great going Topaz. You should work with Yakuza & masterPraz to make this site even better.

      You are right on the spot about akshay. He has starred in some of the crappiest movies in the last 1.5 years yet his BO opening pull is really remarkable. Even Aamir\SRK\Hrithik cant pull off badly made movies. I feel Aamir\SRK\ Hrithik have the best opening pull. Akshay lags only bcos he has 3-4 releases a year and his choice is scripts is pathetic.

      Salman doesn’t have a strong fan base among multiplex audience, else Wanted would have grossed more than 100cr and a mega project like Yuvraaj wouldn’t have been such a disaster at the BO.

  26. how much blue total earn along with overseas

  27. well done topaz, u deserve to be trade circle, u are too good, choose it as your profession

  28. i m a big salman fan…..and i know his power of pulling audience………..but i highly appreciate topaz bcoz he is bang on…….u r too good man…….u treated every superstar in same manner that is somehow missing 4m some so called critics nd trade ppl who have all praise 4 some sp’s nd all ***** 4 others……i think every body 4m 1-6 has their own style and strong fan base……..but among masses no other like THE MOST WANTED SALMAN KHAN

  29. advance booking report of london dreams

  30. salman khan is the god gifted person in the universe,,,,,,no one can compare with him,,,,,,if u compare salman khan with brad pitt his personality \sem nothing in frnt of salman khan,,,,,i knw that if salman khan delivered 100 or 1000 flop flim,,,,,,he wll be there,,,,he is the real rock star,,superstar,,,,,,i respect all star,,,,,but i am big fan of salman khan,,,,

  31. thankx again Topaz
    really appreciate da info
    wat r ur expectations from LONDON DREAMS?
    i firmly believe dat it will surpass WANTED collections coz it will also rock at multiplexes and also overseas.
    he iz startin to make better decisions bout da movies he chooses startin wid LD.
    gonna go watch it wid me friends on fri. (UK).

    btw 2morrow am gonna post a comment about all da stupid and patehtic movies Salman should not have been in.

  32. Thanks Naveed,Khalid,jai and jacky.
    Definitely planning to enter entertainment sector and would love to work with Yakuja and Masterpraz. It is up to them to decide I am game for it.
    London Dreams will take a decent start as buzz is quite positive.But It will be very critical for London Dreams to have strong content. Needs to pick up strongly from Saturday onwards and do well throughout the weekdays to reach safety margin as next week 2 very exciting movies in form of JAIL and AJAB PREM KI GAZAB KHANI will hit theatres.
    Both movies carry good report and will definitely give strong competition to LD next week onwards. One of the most positive thing about LD is Vipul shah .To me he is a very fine story teller from his teleserial making days and knows how to hold audience attention. All of his movies in past Ankhein,Waqt and Namaste London were good on content and did well at boxoffice. Infact Waqt and NM started slowly but did well over the period. I am also keeping fingers crossed lets hope it does well.

  33. does anyone has the collection of atb and blue from monday to wednesday?

  34. thankx again Topaz
    il let u know as soon az ive seen da film on fri
    first thing ill do is post my views
    btw am not worried at all bout APKGK and JAIL
    people also said dat DBH would beat WANTED i.e. Shahid would beat Salman, we all know wat happened

  35. dese r his recent movies, films he should not hve assocaited himself wid. i know oder actors also do favours for producers, directors etc but Salman has become prominent in appearing in poor movies. any1 plz let me know wat u think

    1. HEROES
    2. HELLO
    4. SAWAAN
    plz note ive written associated instead ove starred.
    what puzzles me bout Salman coz he iz my favourite actor, iz dat oder top stars Amir,SRK,Hrithik,Akshay would not have even contemplated appearing in the movies mentioned above.

    anywayz let me know wat u guyz think

  36. how stupid ov me
    da most recent example iz da disastorous MAMK.
    even though da film wasnt dat bad it ceratinly wasnt dat good considering the success ov WANTED.
    I personally dont think dat MAMK can be regarded as a Salman film
    he was hardly in it da main lead waz his brother.
    dats my point would oder top stars act in a film wre dere not in da lead.
    1 example being dat wen Janemaan was being made da role ove Akshay was first given to SRK, but he refused coz it wasnt da main role even though it was a substantive role.

  37. Guys wat eva! Im a huge fan of aamir,salman, akshay,hrithik!!! I must say akshay is nt in 3rd position nemore coz blue,cc2c,ki,8XT,all r flop 2 below average!!aamir nd hrithik’s films arent released yet so their position remains unchangd!!salman has a blockbuster nd a flop….so hiz position has gone upward!!Srk remains No2 still!! FOR AKKI FANS, NOBODY IS TARGETIN HIM!! CC2P WAS A CRAP SO WAS KI,BLUE,8XT!!BUT THEY HAD 1 THING IN COMMON! Their promos were rockin!!ITS NOT UR FAULT! Its TARAN ADARSH WHO IS SUPPORTIN AK!! For me the top5 :1) Aamir.2) SRK.3)SALMAN.4)AKSHAY.5)HRITHIK

  38. Guys review of london dreams is out! Salman khans best perfomance eva! All salman fans lets hav a party

  39. @ Jai
    wat i mean to say iz dat SRK refused to be part of a film wre he iz not da main character.
    u also got to remember dat Akshay was not dat big a star back den even though it was 3-4 years ago.

  40. when is yakuza coming back, do anyone have the update of atb and blue collections?

  41. Hi Topaz, i am big fan of akshay, i just want you to tell me the last verdict of blue i will accept it and we know this world are kabhi kushi kabhi they bring blue 3 weeks total about 40cr, distributers share over 20cr and verdict of average. Another question is in india wich collection are you using to indicate the last verdict of movies, distributers share or producers profit? pls answer this question, my regard.

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