All The Best – Fuck Your Worries

I was riding on high expectations looking at great WOM for All The Best. After “No Entry” this is another comedy which opened slow at boxoffice and change momentum over subsequent days. So I was expecting nothing less than “No Entry” sort of laughter riot. Whether it meet such standards? Not really, but WAIT !! “No entry” is not benchmark for ranking any comedy movie, “All The Best” is comedy of errors stamping with Rohit shetty style of film making, Yes you heard it right, rohit shetty sets his own pattern starting from Golmal followed by Sunday, Golmal Returns and now All the best. Somehow I admire this man of making fun movies with little spoof, little humor, some errors and some bone tickling moments. It was common in all of his movies excluding “Zameen” of course which was different fort altogether.

All The Best Starts off well with introduction of all leading characters but lose its grip in between with some not so funny but quite expensive moments (Car race etc), but real fun starts when big brother sanjay dutt make his entry and error creeps in the form of identity clash . From here onwards movie is edge of the seat comedy (yes you read it right) till final credit notes.

Performance wise Ajay devgan and Sanjay Dutt are show stealers; late entry of Sanjay Dutt doesn’t stop him to lead the movie with his marvelous performance, even i never mind his overweight look which suits his character as a big brother, Ajay devgan seem to be masters in comedy now after some lose attempts in past. His timing with sanjay dutt is treat to watch. Bipasha Basu delivers what was expected, she not only put glamour quotient but also did fine act. Mughda Godse looks charming but unfortunately doesn’t have much to do in the film.

Movie has lots of supporting actor, Johny Bhai is back with bang, He rocks big time in climax. Sanjay Mishra’s performance is brilliant and he provides ample moments of laughter throughout the film. Ashwini Kaleskar , Asrani, Vijay Patkar, Atul Parchure and Mukesh Tiwari contribute well. The film also stars Shraddha Musale, who plays Dr Tarika in the weekly sitcom, CID!

Movie excels in technical department, Car race scene is highly expensive with lot of VFX, Rohit shetty always put one or two songs in movie with whooping budget of filming, All The Best is no exception, Movie starts with title track which is extravagant song with lavish set, and “Martaba” song is treat to watch for VFX work. Pritam’t music is in sync with movie, Title track and “Dil Kare” are best songs.

Rohit Shetty does an excellent job to translate an ordinary script into tight slick screenplay of two hours. Rohit knows what the audience wants and delivers everything perfectly! But one department where movie lacks is “Novelty factor”, there is nothing new in comedy, No doubt movie holds you well with its excellent screenplay(Good job Rohit), But at the end,one wonders if he saw something which has not seen before? But again this movie is best product in market to fuck the worries off your head.

Rating – 3.5/5

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 25, 2009.

10 Responses to “All The Best – Fuck Your Worries”

  1. Excellent review sir, but a very bold title .. 😀

    Well done … 🙂

  2. @ Yakuza f***k your worries 🙂 APT title…should`nt we respect the women bloggers ( if any ) ? Nice review. I saw the film. It is apt.

  3. :P…please update the wednesday opening. How is it ?

  4. LOVE the title Yakuza-lol! And yeah..ALL THE BEST deserves to be a winner. Congrats to Ajay, Sanju, Fardeen and team on a well-made and clean entertainer!

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